Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show: Grade It!

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Say this about Super Bowl 50: it successfully lowered the bar on our expectations for its halftime show.

Unlike past halftime performers such as Madonna, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars, Coldplay isn’t exactly known for bringing the house down with any loud, raucous, dance-filled anthems.

So… did Chris Martin and company surprise viewers with their set of Super Bowl songs?

Or was this halftime performance more boring than the wishbone offense?

Well… Coldplay didn’t exactly blow us away. They’re a perfectly acceptable band that plays perfectly chill music. But that isn’t exactly what the Super Bowl stage is for.

But then Bruno Mars showed up! And he sang Uptown Funk! And of course it was amazing!

And then Beyonce showed up! And she sang her new song Formation!

And then she stared down Mars and the two danced together to Uptown Funk! And it was awesome!

Martin was then brought back in to sing a tribute to the previous 49 Super Bowl halftime performers, belting out a medley of their tracks while viewers watched highlights from those performances.

And that was pretty darn cool.

So this wasn’t really a Coldplay halftime show.

It was a Chris Martin, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars halftime show, with the latter two artists doing their crazy talented and entertaining thing and Martin chiming in on the piano to honor those who came before him.

And it all worked out pretty well in the end.

Do you agree? Did it seem sort of like Chris Martin had been given a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to join two of the world’s best performers on the world’s grandest stage?

Chime in below.


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