Farrah Abraham Shares Disturbing Photos on Daughter’s Instagram

Sometimes you look at Farrah Abraham, at all the things she says and does, and you just think “What is wrong with this woman?” And unfortunately, you never, ever get any answers. Farrah’s been … well, we’ll say “off” ever since we first saw her on 16 and Pregnant. She was oddly confrontational even back(…)

Farrah Abraham to Film Movie Based on Her Life: Yes, Really

Brace yourself, because we’ve got some great news here. Some really wonderful, just truly terrific news about our girl Farrah Abraham. No, she’s not coming back to Teen Mom OG to terrorize producers and provide us with weekly dramatic nonsense, and no, she didn’t miraculously become a reasonable, somewhat normal human being. This is actually(…)

Farrah Abraham Gets Butt Injections, Has Daughter Film It, Is Still the Worst

Warning: this is weird. This is really, really weird. But we’re talking about Farrah Abraham, so hey, you probably figure that out already. And if you happened to read the headline before mindlessly clicking on the photo of Farrah because you knew that whatever the story was about, it would be entertaining and ridiculous? Well, then(…)

Farrah Abraham Gets Butt Injections As Daughter Sophia Records It

A new kind of mother-daughter activity. Farrah Abraham got butt injections while her little girl watched, and shared the experience in an Instagram post on Friday, April 13. In the clip, her 9-year-old daughter Sophia can be seen standing in the background holding up her phone and appearing to record the procedure. Farrah Abraham: Through the Years The(…)

Farrah Abraham: Dating Zac Efron?!

If you know anything about Farrah Abraham, then you know that she’s very possibly the hottest mess to ever live. Like, among ladies that have been arrested for domestic violence, neglected their children, and done heroin on national television, Farrah is widely considered to be the worst cast member in Teen Mom history. Not only(…)