Farrah Abraham: STILL In Jail After Telling Cops to Go F–k Themselves!

Oh, Farrah.

When you got fired from Teen Mom OG for generally being an awful person, we thought your days of entertaining/depressing us with your bonkers bad behavior had come to an end.

In retrospect, we should’ve known a day like today was coming.

In case you missed it, Farrah was arrested on charges of battery and trespassing last night after allegedly assaulting a male staff member at the famed Beverly Hills Hotel.

According to the police report, she was booked at 1:48 AM.

As of right now, she’s still being held on $ 500 bail.

We still don’t know what set Farrah off (although we do know that booze was involved), but TMZ has obtained video of Farrah’s arrest, and as you may have guessed — it ain’t pretty.

At one point, one of the arresting officers begins searching Farrah’s purse, and the former reality star demonstrates that even in her state of inebriation, she’s well aware of the reality of her situation:

“Do you want to do that on camera so that everyone at TMZ can see?” Farrah asks.

Further proving that her diva-like attitude remains intact, Farrah tells one of the officers, “I don’t want to be arrested.”

She then repeats the phrase “I am not going to be provoked to be arrested” several times.

Then things really take a turn for the worse, as Abraham screams, “I am not resisting you!” before breaking down in tears (a classic Farrah tactic) and accusing one of the officers of hurting her.

A spokesperson for Farrah issued a statement today in which she thanked fans for their “concern” and urged them to “remember there are two sides to every story.”

Meanwhile, police have issued their own statement, in which they state the painfully obvious and confirm that Farrah has hammered at the time of her arrest.

“Officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation,” stated Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese with the Beverly Hills Police Department this afternoon.

It may be hard to believe, given her many years of batsh-t behavior, but this is only Farrah’s second arrest.

The first took place in 2013, when she was hauled in on DUI charges.

Back then, she pled guilty and was sentenced to six months probation.

This time, Farrah might find herself facing a stiffer penalty.

For one thing, she’s no longer a first offender.

On top of that, there’s a legal precedent in this case, as it was just last year that Farrah’s fellow reality star Kim Richards was arrested for a drunken assault at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Richards very narrowly avoided jail time, but even if Farrah proves equally lucky, she’s got another problem on her hands:

Sources have indicated that Farrah’s 9-year-old daughter Sophia was with her in the hotel on the night of the incident.

Sophia is currently in the care of a nanny, but Farrah might soon be facing a custody challenge from her mother, Debra Danielsen:

“She needs to be with her family, not about strangers and volatility and her mother being arrested,” Danielsen told Radar when asked about Sophia.

“It’s very disgusting. She needs to go to school… She needs to not be dragged on a party all over the world.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing situation as more information becomes available.

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Farrah Abraham Shares Disturbing Photos on Daughter’s Instagram

Sometimes you look at Farrah Abraham, at all the things she says and does, and you just think “What is wrong with this woman?”

And unfortunately, you never, ever get any answers.

Farrah and Sophia

Farrah’s been … well, we’ll say “off” ever since we first saw her on 16 and Pregnant.

She was oddly confrontational even back then, and she was super dramatic and lacked the ability to communicate in any kind of intelligent way.

Over the years, things have only gotten worse, especially when it comes to her parenting skills.

In the past few months, Farrah has gotten a whole lot of criticism for statements she’s made about her daughter, Sophia, and for things we’ve seen on social media.

Who could forget the time that she admitted that she and Sophia have nude photos of each other on their phones?

(And if you did manage to forget it, please share your secrets, because that twisted little tidbit just will not stop haunting us.)

On another occasion, Farrah hopped onto Sophia’s Twitter account to share an adult video she starred in, which is so messed up it’s almost hard to believe.

More recently, we saw the former Teen Mom OG star getting butt injections with her daughter behind her, filming the whole thing.

It’s just been a whole bunch of weirdness, and it’s been uncomfortable and scary and bad.

It’s even worse when you remember that Farrah pulled Sophia out of school so she could educate her herself.

As part of this education — or just for fun, let’s not pretend that Farrah has any kind of actual plan for homeschooling Sophia — this dynamic mother-daughter duo has been traveling the world recently.

They were just in Fiji, then they moved on to France, where Farrah is terrorizing Cannes.

She took a break from flashing her crotch on red carpets to go to the beach, and Sophia shared a series of pictures from their fun day.

Most of them were cute, but one … well, take a look for yourself:

Farrah booty

Yep, that photo was posted on Sophia’s Instagram, and in the caption, she wrote “I love my mamas booty!”


Her bio says the account is managed by Farrah, but she’s definitely made her own social media posts before, so it’s hard to tell who actually wrote this.

The odds are that Farrah did it, obviously — we doubt Sophia would ever say something like that herself — but either way, it’s pretty bizarre, right?

And Sophia’s followers had lots of words to say about it.

“Well that’s not absolutely disturbing at all,” one person commented. “Jesus Christ there is so much wrong with this…..”

“Always showing your ass…literally and figuratively,” another wrote. “Pathetic!!!”

Someone told her that it was “real classy showing your giant fake butt on your ‘child’s’ insta page…smh. Anything for attention…”

One person suggested that “Dr. Drew needs to have this chick commited,” and several people asked about Sophia’s schooling.

“Lol what in the child protective services is going on here,” another follower asked, pretty much summing this entire situation up perfectly.

It’s just … why do things like this happen?

Is Farrah really so desperate for any attention at all that she feels comfortable posting this kind of stuff?

And what unbearably awkward and/or completely inappropriate moment are we going to see next?

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Farrah Abraham to Film Movie Based on Her Life: Yes, Really

Brace yourself, because we’ve got some great news here.

Some really wonderful, just truly terrific news about our girl Farrah Abraham.

No, she’s not coming back to Teen Mom OG to terrorize producers and provide us with weekly dramatic nonsense, and no, she didn’t miraculously become a reasonable, somewhat normal human being.

This is actually way better than any of that.

What Farrah is doing, believe it or not, is turning her life story into a feature film.

“Uh, wait,” you may be thinking. “We already saw her life story on the screen, it was called Teen Mom and it was amazing.”

Good point, friend, but you’re missing a few key facts here.

One, she’s not just making a movie out of her life story, she’s making a movie out of her life story as described in her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Two, it’s not going to be Farrah herself being awful on TV, it’s going to be a dramatized version of Farrah on … well, probably TV still.

We can’t imagine this would ever get a theatrical release, if she even follows through with making it at all.

Nope, this definitely feels like a made for TV movie, more specifically a Lifetime movie.

Honestly, this project has Lifetime movie written all over it. So much that if this was the 90s, Tori Spelling would be starring as Farrah.

Oh, and the third reason this is much different (and obviously way better) than Teen Mom is that Farrah put a whole lot of stuff in her book that never made it on that lovely reality show.

For instance, did you know that when she was dating Derek Underwood, Sophia’s late father, he snuck into her bedroom one night after her family had gone to bed?

And that her father, Michael, caught them having sex, and he chased Derek out of the house with a knife?

She wrote that the whole thing “was really all his fault for trying to have sex with me in my house,” so she tried to make him bail her dad out of jail.

He wouldn’t do it, so to compromise, she had him buy her $ 50 worth of makeup.

That’s just a tiny example of the kind of ups and downs that made up their relationship.

They frequently broke up and got back together, and she wrote that before his death, he’d started shoplifting and doing drugs.

She said that she never even told him that she was pregnant, that she’d meet up with him to chat but kept deciding that it wasn’t the right time.

He passed away in a car accident when she was eight months pregnant.

She really struggled with his death — that’s something we definitely saw on Teen Mom — and that’s the whole meaning behind the title of her book.

Farrah claimed that she and Derek had always planned to get married and have kids, and that even though they were dealing with all that teenage drama, she held onto the dream that when she had the baby, everything would work out.

Obviously it did not.

Anyway, we first heard the news about the movie version of all this when Farrah posted a little flyer on Instagram.

Farrah movie casting

It’s a casting notice for a movie “based off a true story, New York Times Best selling book and international sensation, Farrah Abraham.”

She calls it “a memoir and international story that has touched many lives world wide.”

In a quick statement to In Touch, she confirms that “I’m currently doing private castings and getting ready to make a memorable feature film.”

“I look forward to have many fans who supported me through Teen Mom be part of the film.”

According to the flyer, at this point, she’s only looking for actors who already have IMDb pages, so if you were hoping to break into the business by acting in Farrah’s life story, sorry about that.

But if you’re a young actress who’s already got her foot in the door and who thinks she can pull off dialogue about how your water breaking smells like your late boyfriend’s semen …

Well, you just may be in luck.

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Farrah Abraham Gets Butt Injections, Has Daughter Film It, Is Still the Worst

Warning: this is weird. This is really, really weird.

But we’re talking about Farrah Abraham, so hey, you probably figure that out already.

And if you happened to read the headline before mindlessly clicking on the photo of Farrah because you knew that whatever the story was about, it would be entertaining and ridiculous?

Well, then you know that we’re in for a wild and crazy time.

Before we get into it though, it feels important to note that Farrah has never really understood that Sophia is a child and not a tiny adult.

She was waxing Sophia’s eyebrows when she was three years old, and when she was four, she spent a lot of time away from her promoting her sex tape and getting heavy into the adult industry.

At the time, she explained that it was OK because Sophia “has her own life and is doing her own thing,” and “it’s healthy that we have a break” from each other.

Again, Sophia was four.

Farrah often has very adult conversations with her daughter present, and she pulled her out of school so she could “homeschool” her, which seems to have meant getting her into modeling and bringing her along to places she has no business being.

And that’s what we’re talking about now.

Farrah gets lots of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, just in case you missed the memo or if you haven’t seen her face in the past few years.

She gets vaginal rejuvenation, she’s had a few boob jobs, that sort of thing.

But this week, she decided to get some butt injections, you know, since summer is coming up and all.

Which would have been fine, but she went and brought poor Sophia along for her appointment.

And she brought her in there when she was actually getting the injections. And made her stand behind her. And film it.

As you can see in the video above, Sophia was right there to witness the whole thing, which is just not great.

The whole thing is basically an ad, so we won’t bother transcribing the video — it’s just information about the injections, pretty boring stuff.

She did use a “mom life” hashtag in her caption though, which is pretty precious.

But obviously the thing everyone is zeroing in on with this video isn’t the injections or the details about the procedure or anything like that — it’s long-suffering Sophia there in the back.

Farrah injections

And boy, do people have a lot of feelings about it.

“Your daughter should not think she has to do this stuff to her body,” one person told her. “Keep her mind like a child as long as you can which u don’t.”

Can’t argue that.

Someone told her that she’s “the most disgraceful role model to that little girl,” and another said that “teaching your daughter about ruining her body at such a young age is very improper.”

“She doesn’t see the damage she’s causing to her child, consumed by money and greed,” one of Farrah’s followers wrote. “Sad.”

Believe it or not — just kidding, you’ll definitely believe it — there were several, several comments about how someone should call child protective services over this video.

Don’t worry though, Farrah herself jumped in the comments to explain everything.

“This is non-invasive just like blood work or getting shots,” the former Teen Mom OG star said.

She added that the person doing the injections “did an amazing job and our children our curious so more power to Sophia learning about aesthetics and health.”

Does she … does she think that this is part of educating Sophia? Is this one of her homeschool activities?

Also, let’s take a moment to consider the fact that the woman who wrote “our children our curious” is in charge of this kid’s entire education.

As for Sophia herself, she commented on the video as well, writing “This was weird. I would do squats my momma.”

Is this not the most bizarre story you’ve ever heard?

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Farrah Abraham Gets Butt Injections As Daughter Sophia Records It

A new kind of mother-daughter activity. Farrah Abraham got butt injections while her little girl watched, and shared the experience in an Instagram post on Friday, April 13. In the clip, her 9-year-old daughter Sophia can be seen standing in the background holding up her phone and appearing to record the procedure.

The Teen Mom OG alum, 26, explained the butt injection process to the camera as the doctor injected the filler into her behind with a giant needle.

“We’re putting sculpture in there. And we are just smoothing it out, keeping it normal, keeping it natural with our regular collagen, not any extra fillers,” Abraham said in a Snapchat filter that gave her a baby voice. “So this is really nice, easy, simple and it lasts for two years. I love this booty secret for summer.”

Abraham also shared photos of the procedure on her Instagram Story and tagged her daughter’s account.

The reality TV personality received backlash from fans in the comments of her Instagram for Sophia’s presence at the appointment.

“This is the weirdest video ever…she’s teaching her child that she needs to get work done to feel normal,” one person wrote. “Plus her dogs are in a room where she is getting shots…cringe.”

“So disappointed 👎🏻 all new low having your daughter record it and watch it. Sad. Come on Farrah. You are teaching her the wrong things in life,” another commented.

Fans have followed Abraham’s journey with her daughter since the young mother appeared on the first season of 16 & Pregnant in 2009. The My Teenage Dream Ended author starred on Teen Mom, later renamed Teen Mom OG, for seven seasons before quitting the series to pursue a career in adult entertainment.

“Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things — all that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that, regardless if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore,” Abraham told executive producer Morgan J. Freeman on the March 12 episode of Teen Mom OG. “There are so many paths for me in my life. Hell, I’m only 26.”

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Matt Baier to MTV: Let Farrah Abraham Do Porn!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Farrah Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom OG for her continued involvement in the world of adult entertainment.

Many have defended the controversial star’s right to supplement her income however she sees fit.

Many more, however, have applauded MTV for the decision.

Of course, that seems to have less to do with porn and more to do with the fact that Farrah is just generally not very well-liked.

Abraham is not without allies on social media but her castmates seem to have generally adopted a “good riddance” stance.

That’s why word of Farrah’s new ally is so unexpected.

It’s been almost a year since Amber Portwood and Matt Baier called off their engagement, but the disgraced former fiancee is still questioned about his feelings regarding the show.

Baier recently appeared on Radar Online’s Teen Mom podcast, where he was asked for his thoughts about MTV’s decision to cut ties with Farrah.

“I think it’s wrong,” Baier said bluntly.

He went on to make a valid (if somewhat naïve) point about MTV’s hypocrisy:

“Farrah was originally taken off the show for doing porn. Then she was brought back onto the show. It’s not like the porn was a new thing,” he said.

“Is the message: We’re going to bring her back because we had potentially dipping ratings? Now that we feel our ratings are strong, we no longer approve of how she lives her life? I don’t think that’s right.”

Baier wasn’t on the show very long, but certainly long enough to get an understanding of how reality TV works.

Obviously, Farrah was brought back to assist with declining ratings and kicked to the curb when producers began to feel she was more of a liability than an asset.

That’s how it always works, Matt!

Farrah is obviously a nightmare to work with. 

She was only brought back because her insanity made her a ratings magnet.

With time, however, viewers started to get as sick of her schtick as producers always were.

Farrah’s been doing porn for years.

MTV and Viacom only started objecting to it when they needed a reason to fire her.

Now, Farrah is suing her former bosses, but she probably doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

All they have to do is convince the judge that her live-stream sex shows were a detriment to the show’s reputation (which shouldn’t be hard to do), and it’s case closed.

We understand what Matt is saying, but he’s delusional if he thinks MTV will ever regret giving Farrah the boot.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive Farrah’s highlights and many, many lowlights from her time on the show.

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Farrah Abraham: Dating Zac Efron?!

If you know anything about Farrah Abraham, then you know that she’s very possibly the hottest mess to ever live.

Like, among ladies that have been arrested for domestic violence, neglected their children, and done heroin on national television, Farrah is widely considered to be the worst cast member in Teen Mom history.

Not only is she considered to be the worst cast member, but she’s also the first person to ever be fired from the show.

The only other person who’s been cut loose from the Teen Mom money train has been David Eason, after his horrific homophobic rant.

That really says something, you know, that Farrah’s right there with David as the only people to be fired from Teen Mom.

And what it says is not good.

While Farrah is just about as messy as they come, she’s actually had a somewhat normal dating history.

She’s the only person on Teen Mom that hasn’t gone on to have a second baby, which is commendable, and honestly, she really hasn’t dated around all that much, either.

There were a few boyfriends in early seasons, and Simon Saran managed to stick around for a couple of years.

After breaking up with Simon for good last year, she remained single for a while, though we did find out recently that she’d made herself a profile on Bumble.

Oh, and she did date that guy, Aden Stay, for about three seconds earlier this month.

A few days ago, she made a statement about that breakup, explaining that she needs “to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success.”

“I’m focused on work right now, between TV and film projects.”

“I wish him well,” she added, “but I’m not rushing into relationships. I like to take my time to do it right for myself and for my daughter.”

“Being the best parent I can be is my priority.”

So it sounds like she thinks Aden used her for her fame and debatable fortune, right?

If that’s a problem for her while looking for love, there’s an easy solution: date men who already have fame and fortune.

Enter Zac Efron!

Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, did an interview with In Touch this week, and she had a whole lot of thoughts about what her daughter’s next move should be.

“I kind of sit down and put together a list of who I thought would be cool people for Farrah to try to date or connect with, even as just friends,” she explained.

“I like Zac Efron, I think he’s more Farrah’s vibe, and Jef Holm. She needs somebody young and fun who has a career and potential — someone who can relate to her better.”

It kind of would make sense for Farrah to go after another reality star, so someone like The Bachelorette’s Jef Holm might not be too crazy, but Zac Efron?!

It only gets wilder though, because Deb also thinks that Kenny Chesney and Jake Gyllenhaal could be good matches for Farrah.

“These four guys are all kind of guys that I think with their personalities, interests in life, and careers, have commonalities there with Farrah’s background and where she’s going, what she’s doing,” she said.

“These are guys that can be a blessing in her life instead of a ball and chain in her life.”

Well, at least now we know we’re Farrah gets her delusional side from!

(Just kidding, we’ve known for years where she got it from — Debra has never exactly been stable.)

To think that Zac Efron or Kenny Chesney or Jake Gyllenhaal would date Farrah Abraham is just … is there even a word for how wild of a thought that is?

Could you imagine? Like, could you honestly even sit down and imagine it?

Have fun with your fan fiction, Deb. Hope to see you over here in reality some day.

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Farrah Abraham Splits From Stuntman Aden Stay

Farrah Abraham Splits from Boyfriend Aden Stay
Aden Stay and Farrah Abraham. MEGA

Over and out. Farrah Abraham and stuntman Aden Stay have called it quits after a brief romance, Us Weekly can confirm.

“I need to watch who I date as many men target me for my success,” the Teen Mom OG star, 26, said in a statement to Us on Wednesday, March 7. “I’m focused on work right now, between TV and film projects. I wish him well but I’m not rushing into relationships. I take my time to do it right for myself and for my daughter. Being the best parent I can be is my priority.”

Radar Online was the first to report the breakup.

Us Weekly broke the news on Thursday, March 1, that Abraham and Stay were seeing each other. “Aden is amazing. I’m a lucky woman and I feel blessed,” the reality star gushed at the time. “We have just started our relationship and I feel like I met someone who is amazing.”

Abraham, who was first seen with Stay on a lunch date in Los Angeles late last month, added: “I love that he’s Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities. I can’t say enough great things about him. I’m a lucky woman.”

The businessman previously dated Rebel Wilson and has two daughters from a past relationship. Meanwhile, Abraham previously dated Simon Saran for two years before splitting in April 2017. “Status is single and I’m super happy to be Farrah again,” the MTV star told Us at the time. “I just think I deserve somebody who is … like myself and maybe that’s an entrepreneur or whatever. That’s all I’m really look for — no drama, honest and has some integrity and I think that’s great.”

Abraham and Saran showcased their romance on Teen Mom OG. He was the TV star’s first serious relationship since her high school ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood, tragically died in a car crash two months before their daughter Sophia, now 9, was born.

Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham BOTH Bail on Teen Mom OG Reunion!

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Another Teen Mom OG reunion special is upon us, but it’s looking like things will be very different this time around.

For instance, if you’re looking forward to another Amber Portwood-Farrah Abraham fight, it seems you’re out of luck for the simple reason that neither party will be in attendance this year.

Although to be fair, both women have very good reasons for staying home.

As you may recall, Farrah was recently fired from Teen Mom OG due to her refusal to stop performing in live online sex shows.

For her part, Amber is pregnant with her second child and is reportedly too far along to fly.

Sources say she was able to participate in the reunion from afar using Skype.

Believe it or not, Farrah was also represented on set … in a way.

Sources say Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, sat down with Dr. Drew for a surprise interview.

And when we say “surprise,” we mean pretty much no one saw it coming, as Deb had previously gone on record as saying she would not participate in the reunion.

As for the other ladies, it seems both Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout were able to attend.

Maci reportedly spent much of her segment updating fans on her increasingly tumultuous relationship with Ryan Edwards.

No word on what Cate discussed, but the fact that she attended the taping at all is already creating controversy.

Sources say Lowell left rehab early in order to prepare for the reunion.

“Cate got permission to come home a few days early,” a source tells Radar Online.

“She wants to be home for a while before getting ready for the reunion.” 

Given that this is the third time Lowell has left treatment ahead of schedule in the past year, fans are understandably concerned that she’s prioritizing her role on the show over her mental health.

Obviously, no one other than Cate knows if that’s true, but we can certainly see why she may have felt pressured to attend.

A one-hour interview with Maci wouldn’t make for much of a reunion show.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to get caught up in time for the season-capping special.

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Farrah Abraham Sends Final Message to Teen Mom Cast

As many adult entertainment fans know well, Farrah Abraham has no problem with the backdoor.

But the long-time MTV personality has now been shown a door of a very different kind:

She’s been fired from Teen Mom OG.

Not only has the controversial parent been let go from this franchise, she’s already been replaced.

Sources tell The Hollywood Gossip that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is already shooting episodes as the latest OG series regular.

How does Abraham feel about this development?

She previously told Us Weekly that the show will miss its “biggest star” and that she’s content to focus now on “scripted opportunities, taking a pretty high road for someone who has never been afraid to hurl some serious shade at producers and colleagues over the years.

And now Farrah has spoken out again about her departure.

Did she slam the living heck out of McKee or any of her veteran co-stars?

Not really, we’re very sad to report.

“I wish all the women of Teen Mom the best as their jealousy, hatred, and women-hating should stop and more so lift up and empower women,” Abraham told PopCulture.com on Friday, adding:

“This show lacks [confidence], [security], honesty and integrity, which is why the adults of this show must be controlled and puppeteered by producers and staff.”

Not exactly a sweet parting shot.

But nothing like what Abraham has said in past about the series, either.

Speaking specifically to Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood, Farrah said she hopes these women really take a long look in the mirror.

If not for themselves, then for their kids.

“The effect on their children is concerning,” she says. “I deeply hope the mothers and fathers take their children’s development and safety more serious.”

As someone who keeps nude photos of her young daughter on her phone, Farrah does know a thing or two about proper child development and treatment.

“As I start a new chapter, I wish all the families the best in safety and health,” she concluded in this interview, ending on as mature a note as she could muster.

Having seemingly accepted her fate, Farrah also sent a message to her haters and critics.

She knows they are out there. She knows they are waiting to jump on her every word and action.

But they can talk all the walk they want, she taunts; she’s out here walking the damn walk!

“To make a change in society, ‘see something say something,'” she explained here.

“Many [trolls] aren’t leaders and making world changes. I chose this life, I will always continue to make this world a better place above all the lies and attacks against me.”

What kind of legacy does Farrah think she has left?

Where does she rank herself among all time villains or favorites on MTV or even on other networks?

She didn’t say, exactly.

However, just like the erect penises of men who view her sex tape are pointing toward the ceiling, she is holding her head up high:

“I think I’ve done this better than most in reality TV.”

The Hollywood Gossip

Farrah Abraham: Dating Stuntman Named Aden Stay!

When Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom OG, she didn’t seem terribly concerned about her future career prospects.

The reasons for this are fairly obvious – for one thing, Farrah has a number of lucrative side projects.

She’s a children’s boutique owner, an online sex show performer, and just about everything in between.

On top of that, Farrah’s massive social media followers remain as interested as ever in the developments of her endlessly dramatic personal life.

Today’s Farrah news comes to us straight from the source, as the reality star informs Us Weekly that she recently entered a new relationship.

Ms. Abraham tells the tabloid that her new beau is a 40-year-old stuntman with the unusual name of Aden Stay.

“Aden is amazing,” she told Us.

“I’m a lucky woman and feel blessed. We have just started our relationship and I feel like I met someone who is amazing.”

Farrah went on to gush about the qualities she most admires in Aden:

“I love that he’s Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities,” she said.

“I can’t say enough great things about him. I’m a lucky woman.”

That entrepreneur part is important, as Farrah stated after her latest breakup that she’s seeking out a man who’s business-savvy.

After Abraham and Simon Saran went their separate ways last year, she had this to say about her plans for the future:

“I just think I deserve somebody who is … like myself and maybe that’s an entrepreneur or whatever.”

She added:

“That’s all I’m really looking for — no drama, honest and has some integrity, and I think that’s great.”

Aden has performed stunts in films such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Legal Action, The Gifted, The Boundaries and Den of Thieves.

But something tells Aden just took on his most dangerous gig yet.

Watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself of just what poor Aden has in store.

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Farrah Abraham: My Daughter and I Take Nude Photos of Each Other!

Farrah Abraham … look, she’s not the brightest, OK?

Not by a very, very long shot.

Ever since Farrah became famous for being a Teen Mom, she’s made one questionable decision after another.

Sometimes those decisions are the result of harmless ignorance, like the time she got ripped off trying to sell a car online, or all the random, dumb things that fall out of her mouth on a daily basis.

But other times those decisions come from … we don’t even know what to call it, but it’s a real bad place.

For example, her choice to pull her daughter Sophia out of school so she could homeschool her when we’re a little doubtful that she technically understands the English language herself?

That’s a next-level bad decision.

And wouldn’t you know it, Farrah went and made ANOTHER one of those terrible choices this week — and we’re not even talking about the ridiculous idea she had to try and sue Viacom for being fired from Teen Mom OG.

Nope, this one is way, way worse. In many ways.

On Thursday night, Farrah did a quick little interview with TMZ, and she did kick things off by talking about her lawsuit.

She was asked how she felt about being fired for doing adult films — which we know is just part of the reason she was let go — and she said “Every celebrity has a celebrity sex tape so … that just means you’re more famous, I guess.”

That didn’t answer the question at all, and it’s also definitely not true, but of course we never expect Farrah to make sense, so that’s fine.

When asked if that was a double standard (we really have no idea already what’s happening in this interview), she said “There’s a lot of double standards and discrimination, women aren’t treated equally, so I just do what’s right.”

“If nobody else wants to change the world for better, that’s fine, but I want to, and that’s my prerogative, I guess.”

Sure thing, girl.

Next she was asked about her feelings about the lawsuit, if she was nervous at all.

“I mean, I’ve never lost any lawsuit I’ve ever been in,” she answered.

She also said “My legal team is read, Viacom’s not ready.”

Whatever you say, Farrah.

Lastly, and this is the thing we really want to get into, the subject of Kim Kardashian’s most recent scandal came up for some reason — the scandal where she posted that topless photo that she said North took for her.

“You know, there’s a lot of other celebrities who are nude all over the place on social media, but they’re not called porn stars,” she laughed.

And then she dropped this uncomfortable bombshell:

“My daughter and I run around the house naked, and we just live life free. I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew.”

Farrah. Farrah, no.

That first part isn’t so much the issue. Some families are more comfortable with nudity than others, and that’s OK.

But is there any reason at all, any conceivable reason, for Sophia to have naked pictures of her mother on her phone?


Is there any reason at all for Farrah to have naked pictures of her nine-year-old daughter on her phone?

No. Nope. Nope nope nope.

This is just a truly bizarre, upsetting … just bad thing for Farrah to admit.

And Twitter agrees.

“Ummm I don’t know just a wild guess but….. Something tells me cps & the cops will be visiting her soon because of this interview,” one person predicted. “This is just very sad!”

“Another level of crazy I tell you,” another person wrote. “Nothing wrong with being naked in front of your child if that’s what you want, but to have naked photos of each other on their phones is a little disgusting and by a little I mean a lot.”

A whole, whole lot.

Yet another outraged tweeter wrote that this is “beyond the pale,” and that “it’s too late for that kid, she’s seen and heard too much. So so sad. 3 generations of SCREWED up women.”

It is sad, but perhaps the saddest thing is that no one is shocked about this at all.

… Actually, on second thought, no — the nude mother-daughter photo shoots are definitely sadder.

Get it together, Farrah. Or at least try.

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Mackenzie McKee: Replacing Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG?!

As far as we know, Farrah Abraham is still fired from Teen Mom OG.

She still appears on the show's current season, but it seems she won't continue to participate going forward.

Which means the hunt for Farrah's replacement is on.

Sources have confirmed that two frontrunners emerged early on – Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee, and Mackenzie Standifer, wife of Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

At first, it looked as though producers were favoring Standifer, but new information seems to indicate McKee might be the one to land the gig…


1. A Familiar Face

Mackenzie mckee baby
Longtime fans of the Teen Mom franchise will recognize Mackenzie as one of the stars of the short-lived Teen Mom 3. If social media is any indication, fans remained interested in her life in the years since the show was canceled.

2. A Married Mom

Mackenzie and josh mckee
A mother of three from Oklahoma, Mackenzie married longtime boyfriend Josh McKee in 2013. Her story was featured on the first and only season of Teen Mom 3.

3. Beat By Briana

Briana dejesus on teen mom 2
When producers decided to add a fifth member to the Teen Mom 2 cast, they reportedly considered Mackenzie, but decided to go with Briana DeJesus instead. McKee was apparently crushed by the decision.

4. A Second Chance

Mackenzie douthit josh mckee picture
With Farrah being fired, Mackenzie may finally get a second shot at stardom. But she’ll have to beat out yet another rival to earn a spot on one of TV’s most popular reality shows.

5. Battle of the Mackenzies

Kenzie standifer
Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is also being considered as Farrah’s replacement. There was a time when insiders claimed she had the upper hand, due to the fact that she had already appeared on the show, and thus, did not need to be introduced to viewers.

6. McKee Takes the Lead

Mackenzie mckee josh mckee photo
But now, Mackenzie is the front-runner, and she recently dropped two clues that have fans thinking she’s already got the job…

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Farrah Abraham: Who Will Replace Her on Teen Mom OG?

There's still some doubt as to whether or not Farrah Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom OG.

But whatever the case, it doesn't seem that Ms. Abraham will be with the show for much longer.

Farrah has quit multiple times in the past, and producers are reportedly fed up with her nonsense.

In fact, it seems they've already taken steps to find a replacement mom to take Farrah's place.

Here's the latest on who they're considering.

(Fun Fact: It doubles as a comprehensive list of Farrah's newest enemies!)

1. Farrah Forever

Farrah abraham attends 2017 vmas
Casting Farrah on a reality show creates a real catch-22 situation: the same flare for drama that makes her so great on camera also makes her a nightmare to work with. Fortunately, Teen Mom OG producers have finally come to their senses and realized that she just ain’t worth it.

2. Big Shoes to Fill

Farrah abraham a picture
The problem is, who could possibly hope to fill the gaping chasm that will be left by the absence of such a large personality as Farrah’s? Well, it seems MTV has been pondering this dilemma for quite some time …

3. The Abrahams

Farrah abraham and soph
Farrah brings drama, sure, but she’s far from the only lunatic under the moon. In fact, it seems producers didn’t even have to look outside of her immediate family to find more high-strung women capable of incessantly stirring the pot.

4. Can Deb Deliver?

Debra danielsen on instagram
Producers reportedly considered hiring Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, to replace her daughter as a full-time cast member. It would really be stretching the limits of the “Teen Mom” title, but hey, the cast of Jersey Shore almost never went to the beach, right?

5. Introducing Ashley!

Ashley danielsen photo
Longtime Teen Mom OG fans will recognize Farrah’s sister, Ashley Danielsen. She, too, was reportedly considered as Farrah’s replacement, but it seems producers ultimately decided against continuing their relationship with the Danielsen-Abraham clan.

6. Narrowing It Down

Farrah abraham pushes pultrain lingerie
According to The Ashley’s Reality Round Up, Teen Mom OG showrunners have reached the end of their search process, and they have two candidates in mind to fill in for the inimitable Farrah Abraham…

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