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Taylor Swift On Alert As Police Investigate Potential Gun-Wielding Stalker Posing As Boyfriend

It is always SO horrifying whenever stuff like this happens… A 58-year-old man is going around claiming he’s Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend, and that he needs a gun to protect her, and he’s apparently done enough with his bizarre antics that it’s drawing the attention of the police. Related: Get The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor’s Squad!(…)

What If Hawaii’s False Missile Alert Had Been Real? Here’s What Would Happen Next

Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert was the latest reminder of the nuclear threat that North Korea poses to the U.S. amid the rising tensions and war of words between the two nation’s leaders. “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” said the emergency system alert pushed to people’s(…)

Alert About Missile Bound for Hawaii Was Sent in Error, Officials Say – New York Times

New York Times Alert About Missile Bound for Hawaii Was Sent in Error, Officials SayNew York TimesAn early-morning emergency alert mistakenly warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack was dispatched to cellphones across Hawaii early Saturday morning, setting off widespread panic in a state that was already extremely anxious because of …Hawaii officials say 'NO(…)

California’s Winds and Wildfires Have Pushed the Alert System Into Uncharted Territory: Purple

(VENTURA, Calif.) — Southern California has felt yellow wind, orange wind, and red wind. But never purple wind. Until now. The color-coded system showing the expected strength of the winds driving the region’s fierce wildfires has reached uncharted territory, pushing past red, which means “high” into the color that means “extreme.” “The forecast for tomorrow(…)

Scheana Marie vs. Rest of Vanderpump Rules Cast: Ongoing Feud Alert!

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know that the show’s past season wasn’t particularly kind to SUR hostess/aspiring pop singer/fake eyelash enthusiast Scheana Marie. In addition to chronicling her divorce from Mike Shay, VPR Season 5 featured a storyline about Scheana being booted out of the chick clique that’s since dubbed itself the Witches of WeHo.(…)

Feud Alert! Katy Perry Reveals What Swish Swish Is About — Watch The Awkward Moment HERE!

Last night opposite host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Katy Perry dished some dirt — without naming names — about something that’s been on ALL of our minds this week… Like, who exactly might her new song Swish Swish be about??? Related: Kris Told The Kardashians To Cut Ties With Monica Rose Of course,(…)

Farrah Abraham vs. Kendra Wilkinson: Unexpected Feud Alert!

When we first learned that Farrah Abraham would appear on Marriage Boot Camp, our initial reaction could be summed up with the letters “W,” “T,” and “F.” After all, Farrah’s not married, and she’s currently not even in a relationship (though the fact that she was single didn’t stop her from appearing on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy). Then(…)