Fox Renewed Bill O’Reilly’s Contract Despite Knowing of Sexual Harassment Allegations

(NEW YORK) — The Fox News Channel says the company knew a news analyst planned to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly when it renewed the popular personality’s contract in February. The New York Times reported Saturday the company renewed the TV host’s contract after he reached a $ 32 million settlement with(…)

Bachelor In Paradise’s DeMario Jackson: I Will Be ‘Taking Swift and Appropriate Legal Action’ Over Allegations of Misconduct

DeMario Jackson is breaking his silence after Bachelor In Paradise season 4 castmate Corinne Olympios revealed she’s hired a high-power attorney amid the ongoing investigation into alleged sexual misconduct. In a statement to Us This article originally appeared on Bachelor In Paradise’s DeMario Jackson: I Will Be ‘Taking Swift and Appropriate Legal Action’ Over(…)

DeMario Jackson Responds to Bachelor in Paradise Allegations: The Footage Will Set Me Free!

Two weeks ago, DeMario Jackson got eliminated from The Bachelorette after Rachel Lindsay learned he had a girlfriend. It seemed like a big scandal at the time. Then, DeMario flew down to Mexico and started filming scenes for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4… … and ended up at the center of a far bigger controversy.(…)

Casey Affleck Arrogantly Addresses Those Sexual Assault Allegations After His Controversial Oscar Win

Casey Affleck is WELL aware people are pissed about his Oscar win. As you may recall, Ben Affleck‘s brother took home the Best Actor statue on Sunday for his role in the independent film Manchester By The Sea. However, as it was throughout most of awards season, the 41-year-old’s big win was met with quite(…)

Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations After Best Actor Oscars 2017 Win

Casey Affleck may have won the best actor Oscar for his performance in Manchester By the Sea, but he knows not everyone was happy about it. In the run up to the Academy Awards the 41-year-old star was plagued with This article originally appeared on Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Assault Allegations After Best Actor(…)

Women Are Boycotting Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Amid Donald Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Standing up for their beliefs. People are boycotting Ivanka Trump's fashion line (and the department stores carrying the clothing) amid the recent sexual misconduct allegations surrounding her father, Donald Trump. A group of women are This article originally appeared on Women Are Boycotting Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line Amid Donald Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations Us(…)

Donald Trump BLAMES Hillary Clinton For His Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations! WATCH HERE!

This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! It’s no secret that Donald Trump has made several derogatory remarks against women. As we saw in a leaked 2005 tape with Billy Bush, the businessman thinks it’s okay to grab women by the “p*ssy” just because he’s famous! Photo: This Melania Trump Costume Has Already Won Halloween However, things got(…)

California Passes Measure Inspired By Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations

This is a big step in the right direction! On Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill — called SB813 — that will end the 10-year statute of limitations for prosecuting certain rape and child molestation cases. Related: Bill Cosby Is Reportedly Now ‘Completely Blind’ The measure was inspired by Bill Cosby‘s alleged attacks,(…)

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Spark Landmark Change to California’s Statute of Limitations

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — The emotional stories of women who say they were sexually assaulted more than a decade ago by Bill Cosby prompted California state lawmakers to approve a bill to eliminate the state’s 10-year limit on filing rape and related charges. On Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he has approved the legislation to(…)

Jim Carrey Accused of Giving Cathriona White STDs By Husband; Star Denies Allegations

Jim Carrey’s late former girlfriend, Cathriona White, took her own life last year, a sad and tragic turn of events by any definition. The actor has faced numerous allegations regarding it, however. Recently, Carrey was accused of supplying White with fatal drugs, and now, her estranged husband has made an even more outrageous claim: Cathriona was(…)