International Olympic Committee Bans Russia From The 2018 Winter Games Over The Country’s Doping Scandal!

Andddd no medals for Vladimir Putin. Russia has been barred from the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea in response to the widespread doping among the country’s athletes. The International Olympic Committee made the ruling on Tuesday, announcing Russian government officials are forbidden to attend next year’s global sporting event. Not only that, its(…)

Are pit bull bans ethical?

A picture of a man and his newly adopted pit bull went viral because of the dog’s big smile, but the attention brought local police to the man’s door demanding he return the dog as pit bulls are prohibited in the town.  Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

Wicked Composer Stephen Schwartz Bans North Carolina Performances Over Anti-LGBT Law!

Good for Stephen Schwartz! The legendary Tony Award-winning Broadway composer and his collaborators are halting ALL productions of Wicked and all his other works in the state of North Carolina to protest the passing of the state’s very controversial anti-LGBT bill! Related: Disney Channel Introduces Its First Gay Male Couple The composer shared a very(…)