Fox News Reportedly ‘Killed’ Story Of Trump’s Affair With Porn Star Before Election!

As Donald Trump continues his war on the free press with his Fake News Awards, once again the highest honors (or LIE-est honors) go to the President and his favorite TV channel. Recently we were shocked (ish) to hear reports in the Wall Street Journal that Trump had his lawyer pay off porn actress Stormy(…)

Grab Your Sexy Nutcrackers & Read Twas The Night Before Christmas — Told Through Celebrity GIFs!

Some traditions never get old, like watching Mariah Carey be hoisted up by sexy nutcrackers as she hits the high note in All I Want for Christmas is You! Other traditions include having your sexy nutcrackers read you classic Christmas poetry while you soak in a bubble bath as your own holiday album plays in(…)

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Episode 2 – Brave New World Review

As a prequel story, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is surprisingly relaxed about filling in gaps of time. Instead, it focuses on the ways one small decision can set off a devastating ripple effect. Even something seemingly benign, like Rachel Amber bringing Chloe along to play hooky, kickstarts the chain of events we know(…)