A New Proposal Suggests Adding ‘X’ Category to New York City Birth Certificates

(NEW YORK) — People born in New York City who do not identify their gender as either male or female would have the option of choosing a third category for their birth certificates under a new proposal.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said the new category of “X” would be available through the proposal, which is expected to be introduced by Johnson on Thursday with public hearings to be held later this month.

Currently, if parents of a newborn do not want to identify a sex, they can say the sex of the child is undetermined or unknown. The “X” category would be something adults could choose for their own birth certificate.

If it passes, New York City would join California, Oregon and Washington in having the third category on birth certificates, while Washington, D.C. allows it on driver’s licenses.

Both elected officials noted that June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.

“Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight for equality, and re-affirm our commitment to protecting all New Yorkers from discrimination,” de Blasio, a Democrat said. “This proposal will allow transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve, and make our City fairer.”

Johnson said, “This is about making it easier for people to be who they truly are and letting them know that New York City understands them and has their backs.”

The change also is expected to be considered on June 5 at a meeting of the Board of Health, with a hearing in July and a vote in September if the board agrees. The legislation in the City Council will match the language of the proposal that the Board of Health is considering.

“Transgender New Yorkers, like everyone else, should have birth certificates that reflect their true gender identity,” said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner. “We know that being able to live your authentic gender and gender expression is critical to physical and mental health. Now more than ever, we must ensure that all people can live their best and healthiest lives.”

Johnson, a Democrat, also introduced legislation in 2014 that removed a requirement for a person looking to change his or her gender designation on a birth certificate to have undergone sex reassignment surgery.

But even after that, the process still required a medical or mental health professional to fill out an affidavit or affirmation saying the applicant’s gender identity was more accurately reflected by changing the gender designation.

The legislation being introduced this week also would remove that requirement, and allow people filing for the change to submit their own affidavit saying it was to affirm their gender identity.


Miranda Kerr Gives Birth To Another Son — Find Out His Sweet Name HERE!

Congratulations to Miranda Kerr!

The supermodel has welcomed her second child, her first with new hubby Evan Spiegel (her 7-year-old Flynn is from her previous marriage to Orlando Bloom)!

Photos: Miranda’s Fairytale Wedding Dress!

TMZ reports her Miranda gave birth late Tuesday night to a boy named Hart.

The inneresting name is reportedly in honor of his Snapchat cofounder poppa’s grandfather. So sweet!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]


Khloe Kardashian Birth: Actually Captured on Camera!

Let us be clear:

We feel very sorry for Khloe Kardashian.

How can we not, right?

The reality star has seen her entire world shattered, having discovered just one day before giving birth that Tristan Thompson slept with numerous other women while she was pregnant.

Things cannot be easy for Khloe right now.

But here’s the thing.

And this is always the thing when it comes to the Kardashian:

It’s hard to know when real emotions end and scripted emotions begin.

We make this statement because we just learned that E! cameras were on hand when Khloe gave birth early on the morning of April 12.

A Keeping Up with the Kardashians insider has confirmed as much to People Magazine, telling the publication:

Khloe labored with [mom Kris Jenner] yesterday at the hospital. Tristan was there for the birth.

“He has practice today, but will spend as much time at the hospital as possible.”

It’s not news that Thompson was in the room when Khloe gave birth.

Nor is it news that Kim was on hand and, according to her own Twitter account, held Khloe’s legs open for the blessed event.

But it is definitely news that footage of Khloe’s birth will air at some point on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15.

Odds are strong that Khloe had agreed to this in a contract a long time ago.

It’s safe to assume she had no idea the awful personal twist that would occur the same week she welcomed her first kid into the world.

But still.

A development such as this causes us to wonder just how much of what we’re reading is legitimate and how much is fake.

(For the record, Entertainment Tonight writes that no actual cameramen were in the delivery room; two small cameras were simply installed inside of it.)

Prior to Khloe officially becoming a mother, multiple production sources told ET that E! producers were trying to decide how Thompson’s cheating scandal would play out on television.

They were wondering whether it would become a storyline on future episodes of the show.

Come on, though.

Is there any doubt this will be a major arc whenever the long-running reality show returns?

Months from now, E! commercials will tease the birth and the drama surrounding it as if the whole thing was conjured up by a team of writers.

Which we’re not saying is the case.

We don’t doubt that Thompson really has been cheating on Kardashian and that she is very broken up about it.

But can you blame us for looking at the scandal differently when we know that Khloe and her loved ones will eventually profit from the multiple affairs?

While we ponder this question, we wait for many others to be answered:

What will Khloe name her daughter?

Will she forgive Tristan?

Will she raise the child in Cleveland or Los Angeles?

Will the Cavaliers make it back to the NBA Finals?

Will Lamar Odom make a play for his ex-wife?

Darn it. Now we sound like TV producers previewing what’s to come, don’t we?

The Hollywood Gossip

Kylie Jenner Kongratulates Khloe Kardashian on Giving Birth!

On Thursday, April 12, Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her baby girl. It’s wonderful news in some … complicated circumstances.

Baby sister Kylie had her hands full with her own baby, so she couldn’t witness the birth in person.

But that hasn’t stopped her from giving her big sis a shout-out, despite the chaos.

Although initially it looked like Kylie Jenner would just keep posting but pics despite Khloe’s cheating drama and news that she’d gone into labor, it’s clear that Kylie loves Khloe.

(Of course she does — even at the time, we pointed out that the two of them have always been especially close, despite their age difference)

Kylie obviously couldn’t fly out to see Khloe because she’s a first time mother with a two-month-old baby of her own.

But that does not mean that she doesn’t care.

Kylie has now taken to social media to congratulate Khloe.

Kylie Kongratulates Khloe

Sorry, make that Kongratulate Khloe.

It’s worth noting that this is just the public message.

Do you ever forget to post “happy birthday!” to a significant other or a close friend on social media because you’ve been too busy celebrating their birthday with them, in real life?

It’s important to remember that celebrities can do the same thing.

The social media shout-out is often an afterthought for people who are truly close with each other.

So when you see a celebrity like Kylie posting selfies instead of talking about her sister’s life event, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s heartless. She just … didn’t think to post publicly yet.

Poor Khloe.

(Yes, unlike Wendy Williams, we do feel sorry for her)

Having her first child, at last, is wonderful news.

But there’s a cloud over this happy occasion, and it’s in the shape of a tall, handsome man whose penis has an adventurous spirit.

Just two days before this sweet little girl was born, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe.

Multiple photos and videos surfaced, from different months, showing different women.

All during Khloe’s pregnancy.

Remember when Kylie’s pregnancy and circumstances was the scandalous situation?

Kylie was only 19 when she got pregnant, and she’d been dating Travis Scott for maybe a month.

But since the birth of precious little Stormi Webster, we’ve learned that Travis was there for every appointment, every ultrasound.

And he and Kylie take Stormi on walks in her stroller together and seem to be living as a family, despite his career.

In the mean time, Khloe and Tristan seemed like a solid, age-appropriate couple.

Only now, Khloe’s reportedly moving back to California and it’s not even clear if Travis will be part of her life.

There have been reports that Khloe totally forgives Tristan for cheating, but nothing close to confirmation.

Three different news sources came up with three different videos. Tristan seeming to make out with a woman in a bar. Tristan fooling around with two women in a hookah lounge. Tristan taking a woman back to his room.

That’s a lot of evidence, and there might not be enough denial in the world for Khloe to overlook that.

Considering that one woman has come forward and claimed that Tristan impregnated her, these videos may just be the tip of the cheating iceberg.

Khloe deserves better, and we hope that she finds the peace and happiness that she had believed was hers already.

Like Kylie, we congratulate her on the birth of her daughter.

The Hollywood Gossip

Pregnant Khloe Will Still Give Birth in Ohio Amid Tristan Cheating Reports

Staying put. Khloé Kardashian will remain in Cleveland, Ohio, to give birth to her daughter despite reports that boyfriend Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on her during her pregnancy.

“It’s too late in the pregnancy for Khloé to fly back to L.A. right now,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly. “Even on a private jet with a doctor on board.”

Dr. Sheila Loanzon, an OBGYN based in San Jose, California, exclusively told Us that “most airlines allow women to fly up to 37 weeks of pregnancy.” She added that, although every pregnancy is different, “Radiation received during airline travel is below the level of concern to cause harm to a fetus. Some frequent fliers may exceed this level, so women should be aware of how much they fly.”

Khloe Kardashian RAAK / BACKGRID

Mom Kris Jenner has made preparations to travel to Cleveland to be with the 33-year-old Good American designer, who is nine months pregnant and expecting her first child, a girl, with the 27-year-old basketball pro.

Thompson made headlines on Tuesday, April 10, when the Daily Mail published photos of him and a mystery brunette seemingly locking lips at a club in New York City on Saturday, April 7. The Shade Room then posted additional photos of the Cleveland Cavaliers player and what appears to be the same woman walking into the Four Seasons hotel in NYC. She was photographed leaving the hotel on Sunday, April 8, carrying a Louis Vuitton overnight bag. Kardashian’s fans took to Twitter to seemingly identify the woman as Lani Blair.

TMZ also posted a surveillance tape on Tuesday of the NBA star kissing two women at a Washington, D.C. hookah lounge in October 2017, when Kardashian was three months pregnant.

Although the Strong Looks Better Naked author has not yet commented on the reports, her fans have taken to social media to offer their support and encourage her to focus on her pregnancy. More followers pointed out that Thompson allegedly broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig, in mid-2016, when she was pregnant with the former couple’s now 15-month-old son, Prince Oliver.

Us Weekly exclusively revealed in September 2017 that the E! personality and Thompson are expecting their first child together. Kardashian confirmed the news via Instagram in December and revealed the baby’s gender the following March.

Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are ‘In A Very Good Place’ Following Little Stormi’s Birth!

Kylie Jenner has quite the support system in baby daddy Travis Scott.

As we previously reported, the KUWTK starlet is working hard at getting super fit following the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster. And it sounds like Miz Jenner is doing all of this for her own well being and happiness.

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Apparently, the Goosebumps rapper has been SUPER supportive of Kylie, and has assured her that there’s “no need” to hide her curves. An insider spilled to Us Weekly:

“She looks and feels great! Travis reassures her there’s no need to hide her body.”

Glad to hear it!

Still, the reality TV vet isn’t rushing to wear form-fitting ensembles. Reportedly, Kylie’s chosen to keep wearing sweatpants during this time, as “it’s just comfortable.” Regardless, we may see the lip kit mogul in summer wear soon, as she has already lost 20 pounds. Looks like that waist trainer has been working!!

As for how Kylie’s doing as a new mom, it’s said she’s KILLING IT. The source added:

“Stormi has brought out a much softer side to Kylie. She’s a very hands-on mom.”


Stormi’s birth has only brought Kylie and Travis closer together. Not only are the twosome “in a very good place” in their relationship, but they’re thoroughly enjoying parenthood, too. Although the love birds aren’t rushing to a wedding altar or planning to cohabitate, the pal has said that “it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Kylie gave Stormi another sibling very soon.” *GASP*

What do YOU think?? Should Kylie and Travis have another kid so soon??

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]


Woman Finds Epidural Needle In Her Spine 14 Years After Giving Birth!

In November 2017, an Illinois mother discovered an epidural needle in her spine 14 years after giving birth.

In 2003, Amy Bright delivered her son Jacob via C-section at Florida’s Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Two months later, she began experiencing severe back pain, which has lasted for more than a decade.

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Last year, Bright — who also suffers from nerve damage and restricted use of her left foot and leg — underwent a CT scan and discovered a portion of a needle has been lodged in her spine since her son’s arrival.

She told People:

“I was absolutely livid and upset and scared… Every time I move and walk and bend and twist and sleep, that needle moves inside my spine. For 14 years, I’ve been creating scar tissue in my spine from this needle moving. I’m angry.”

According to Bright and her attorney Sean Cronin, three centimeters of the large needle got “trapped” in Bright’s lower back when medical staff administered spinal anesthesia during surgery. Two of those centimeters are directly “buried into the bone.”

Her lawyer adds:

“This is something that was not disclosed… These needles are about 9 or 10 centimeters and they have a tip on the end that the provider is supposed to inspect to make sure they have the whole needle. They knew this was in her, according to our experts, because so much of the needle was missing. And the safety tip is still in her.”

The alleged victim is accusing the hospital of fraud and malpractice, and has filed a complaint. Bright and her legal team plan to pursue a lawsuit in the upcoming months.

The matriarch of six admits she is “paranoid and scared” about her future, and whether she will ever be healthy again.

“I don’t know what my future holds. I’m very paranoid and scared… The reflexes in my legs are affected already. I’m trying to make arrangements for [physical] therapy, I’ll probably be in that for the rest of my life. I’ll probably going to be on medication for the rest of my life. I’m trying to prepare for my future and the help and support I’m going to need.”

Can you blame her??

[Image via WENN.]