Kate Walsh Says She ‘Left’ Her Body When Learning of Her Brain Tumor

Sharing her story. Kate Walsh recently opened up about the benign brain tumor she was diagnosed with in 2015 and revealed how she felt the moment she heard the news. Celebrity Health Scares The 50-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star spoke candidly about her diagnosis during a Tuesday, June 5, interview on the first ever episode of(…)

Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man’s Body Odor Sickens Passengers

Flying in an airplane is rarely fun. But sometimes, it can be downright unbearable. While most people would consider sitting near a bad-smelling passenger to be bad enough, unpleasant body odor isn’t usually enough to land a plane. But that is just what happened here, as one person’s foul odor was enough to sicken others(…)

Khloé Kardashian Teases Her Post-Baby Body After An Intense Workout!

Khloé Kardashian is working on her fitness and Instagram is once again her witness! The new momma shared a look at her post-baby workout regimen on Thursday after a sweaty training sesh with her trainer Coach Joe. Tristan Thompson‘s best friend Savas also joined in on the workout — which must have been a killer,(…)

Amber Rose Says Donald Trump Is Kanye West ‘In A White Man’s Body’ — WATCH!

Two peas in a pod! As you probably know by now, Kanye West is currently in a bromance with Donald Trump because they “are both dragon energy.” According to the rapper’s ex Amber Rose, the two are practically the same person! Related: Amber Rose Further Criticizes The #MeToo Movement! In an interview with The Fallen(…)

Kelis Accuses Ex-Husband Nas of Abuse: I Had Bruises All Over My Body

It has been nine years since singer Kelis filed for divorce from hip hop artist Nas after five years of marriage. Now, Kelis is finally opening up — and revealing allegations that Nas abused her when they were together. It's heartbreaking. You can listen to this shocking interview below. First, Kelis discusses a much more comfortable subject, and blames their breakup on Nas cheating on her. "That(…)

Justin Bieber Photoshops His Face on Beyonce’s Body: See It!

Justin Bieber and Beyonce Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images There’s a new Bieber in town! Justin Bieber shared an Instagram photo on Wednesday, April 18, that made his followers do a double take. See Justin Bieber's Wild Hair Evolution The “Cold Water” singer, 24, shared a photoshopped image of his head – with luscious(…)