Jessie James Decker Is Just The Latest Celeb Mom To Share A Sweet Breastfeeding Moment!

A mom’s work is never done — especially if your kiddo is an infant! On Tuesday, Jessie James Decker took to Instagram to ask a VERY important question about breastfeeding a little one. It seems the country singer has been feeding her youngest son around the clock. How do we know this??? Well, alongside the(…)

Uproar After Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Asks Breastfeeding Mother To Leave

Fargo, ND (WDAY) — Outrage and shock are flooding in on social media for a restaurant that hasn’t even officially opened yet. This all comes after a mother, nursing her child, was asked to leave Chick-Fil-A in Fargo. We talked with the mom who hopes something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Seven month(…)

Celeb Moms Talk Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding seems harmless enough, but it can get pretty controversial. There’s always talk about breastmilk versus formula, how long one should breastfeed for, if breastfeeding in public is okay, et cetera, et cetera. Here, we have a bunch of celeb moms sounding off on the topic, and some have pretty strong opinions! Get a load(…)

Celebrity Moms’ Sweetest Breastfeeding Moments

Mommas are the best! These celebrity moms, like Pink, always keep it real — and aren’t afraid to proudly put breastfeeding their little ones on display! YGG! Ch-ch-check out some of the most adorable mommy moments (below)!! CLICK HERE to view “Celebrity Moms’ Sweetest Breastfeeding Moments!” CLICK HERE to view “Celebrity Moms’ Sweetest Breastfeeding Moments!”(…)