Why cracking California’s homeless crisis will take more than money

California prides itself on its progressive, innovative culture – and it has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into tackling its homeless crisis, only to see it get worse. That may be because you can’t solve homelessness by just trying to solve homelessness, as one expert puts it. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

What’s Making California’s Wildfires So Dangerous?

The Southern California wildfires spreading through Ventura and Los Angeles counties are among the devastating wildfires residential communities have seen in the decades since developers have expanded further and further onto land prone to natural disaster. But in several ways California’s fires are unusual. They come late in the year when weather conditions typically stifle(…)

California’s Winds and Wildfires Have Pushed the Alert System Into Uncharted Territory: Purple

(VENTURA, Calif.) — Southern California has felt yellow wind, orange wind, and red wind. But never purple wind. Until now. The color-coded system showing the expected strength of the winds driving the region’s fierce wildfires has reached uncharted territory, pushing past red, which means “high” into the color that means “extreme.” “The forecast for tomorrow(…)

Small Plane Makes Startling Crash Landing On California’s 405 Freeway — Details Here

What a scary situation! The 405 freeway in Orange County, CA shut down in both directions on Friday after a small plane crashed into the highway. WHAT?? It’s said the aircraft made a crash landing around 9:30 a.m. just north of MacArthur Boulevard near the John Wayne Airport. According to a spokesman for the Federal(…)

The Morning Brief: Justin Trudeau’s Visit, California’s Dam Dangers and Adele’s Grammy Sweep

Good morning. These are today’s top stories: Canadian leader visits the White House President Donald Trump is set to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today, after Trump spent the weekend in his Florida estate with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Trump and Trudeau will participate in a roundtable discussion on women’s advancement in(…)

Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Spark Landmark Change to California’s Statute of Limitations

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — The emotional stories of women who say they were sexually assaulted more than a decade ago by Bill Cosby prompted California state lawmakers to approve a bill to eliminate the state’s 10-year limit on filing rape and related charges. On Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he has approved the legislation to(…)