Canada’s frustrating year dealing with the Trump administration, Why the West is culpable for untold suffering in Yemen, The new year calls for a pivot in anti-Islamic State strategy, President Trump’s National Security Strategy is devoid of direction

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Tamar Braxton Gets Husband Arrested for Spousal Assault, Calls Pregnant Woman a ‘Whore’ for Sleeping with Him

Tamar Braxton went ham on a woman claiming to be pregnant with the help of Tamar’s hubby .. and speaking of her husband, it looks like Tamar got him arrested for spousal assault. Tamar posted a rant against the woman, whom Tamar refers to as a…

Rose McGowan Calls Out ‘Hypocrisy’ Of Meryl Streep And Others Planning To Wear Black At Golden Globes

Stars like Meryl Streep and several other actresses are planning on wearing black to the Golden Globes this year to protest gender inequality and produce a silent protest that they hope will speak volumes at the award show, but Rose McGowan, for one, isn’t having any of it. McGowan took to Twitter on Saturday evening(…)

Rose McGowan Calls Out Meryl Streep, Alyssa Milano Over Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan is not afraid to call someone out. The actress slammed Meryl Streep for her reaction to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal and Alyssa Milano for opening up about Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals “No, Meryl, IT’S A F—ING CRIME. You are such a lie # ROSEARMY,” McGowan wrote, responding to an article published(…)