It’s back! Carnival revives traditional Baked Alaska parade on all 25 cruise ships

The Baked Alaska parade is back on Carnival cruise ships. The old-school tradition of uniformed servers parading the flaming dessert while diners twirl their napkins has returned to the line’s repertoire. “It was a tradition for many years, and then we discontinued it for awhile, and then we brought… – Los Angeles Times

11-Year-Old Girl Scalped When Her Hair Got Caught In A Carnival Ride — Read All About Her Fight For Life

*** WARNING: The following post is extremely graphic *** An 11-year-old girl is currently recovering after an accident on a carnival ride over the weekend left her completely scalped. Elizabeth “LuLu” Gilreath was taking part in Omaha, Nebraska’s Cinco de Mayo festival on Saturday when her hair began to get tangled up in the mechanics(…)