Transplant Surgeon Pleads Guilty To CARVING HIS INITIALS Into Patients’ Organs!

What in the health? A top surgeon in the U.K. has pleaded guilty to two counts of assault after carving his initials into the livers of patients. Simon Bramhall, a renowned transplant surgeon (that’s not him above, that’s Dr. Giggles), was suspended back in 2013 after a fellow doctor spotted “SB” on a patient’s liver.(…)

Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler Ordered to Pay $1000 in Restitution for Carving Heart in Red Rock

Sorry, Sedona! Vanessa Hudgens agreed to pay $ 1000 in restitution for carving a heart into a red rock wall in Sedona, Arizona, during a Valentine’s Day trip with boyfriend Austin Butler. The former Disney star, 27, and Butler, 24, made headlines in February when the pairThis article originally appeared on Vanessa Hudgens, Austin(…)