Cliven Bundy case: How big a problem is prosecutorial misconduct?

Beyond high-profile examples, such as the dismissal ‘with prejudice’ this week of the Bundy case, the question of how often prosecutorial misconduct occurs now is open to debate – with a former state attorney calling it a “rare event” and a former federal judge calling it an “epidemic.” Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

Nelly’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Prosecutors Drop Rape Case Against Him

Nelly’s lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, is speaking out on behalf of the rapper after it was revealed prosecutors are dropping the rape case against him because his accuser has declined to participate in the investigation. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals “The formal close of the investigation into the false allegations made against Nelly is of course welcome(…)

Religious liberty or right to discriminate? High court to hear arguments in wedding cake case.

As evidenced by the people who began camping outside the high court for a seat at Tuesday’s oral arguments, the Masterpiece Cakeshop case seems destined to be a historic ruling – with both sides warning that defeat could bring potentially seismic consequences. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories