Blac Chyna Claims Kardashian Conspiracy Caused Cancellation Of Her Reality Show With Rob!

Y’all ready for a good Kardashian konspiracy?! Blac Chyna is apparently out here claiming through legal documents that her show Rob & Chyna was canceled by E! after the Kardashian family threatened the network that they would take away Keeping Up With The Kardashians unless Chyna got booted. Whoa!!! Related: Insider Defends Chyna Over Assistant(…)

Puerto Rico says Hurricane Maria killed 55 people, but funeral homes claim the storm caused nine times that many deaths

People on this part of the island knew Quintín Vidal Rolón for two things: his white cowboy hat, which he seemed to wear every day of his 89-year life; and his beat-up Ford pickup truck, which he’d been driving for at least 50 years. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Selena Gomez Is Taking A Break From Show Biz Due To Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Depression Caused By Lupus!

Safety first! It’s been over a year since Selena Gomez revealed that she suffers from Lupus, and on Tuesday she announced that the side effects of the disease are forcing her to take a break from music! Unfortunately, “anxiety, panic attacks, and depression” have caused the 24-year-old to feel unlike herself recently, so she’s going(…)

Young Man’s Foot ‘All But Gone’ After Small Explosion In New York’s Central Park Apparently Caused By Fireworks

This is scary — and probably not smart. A man has apparently lost his foot, according to eyewitnesses, after a small explosion rocked a part of New York City’s Central Park earlier this morning, and authorities believe it all has to do with fireworks. Related: Star Trek Events Cancelled After Anton Yelchin’s Death According to(…)

5 Times Stacey Dash Caused an Internet Firestorm With Controversial Statements

She’s not one to hold back! Stacey Dash has been known to cause a ruckus or two on the internet with her unfiltered social commentary. In the video above, Us Weekly has rounded up five times the Clueless actress made headlines for her controversial quotes. Most recently, Dash, 49, declared Jesse… This article originally appeared(…)

Bethenny Frankel Says Fibroids Probably Caused Her Miscarriage Four Years Ago

Bethenny Frankel is ready to share her story. The Real Housewives of New York City star revealed on Wednesday, June 22, that a recent health scare most likely affected her health back in 2012. "I suffer from a lot of female problems — cysts — and I… This article originally appeared on Bethenny Frankel(…)

Rose McGowan Sued After Her Dog Knocked A Woman Over & Reportedly Caused Brain Damage — Details HERE!

Everyone loves cute puppies — just not when they jump up and knock someone over causing serious injuries! That’s exactly what happened with Rose McGowan‘s dog, Mrs. Noodle, last July when the mutt was taken out for a walk and had an unfortunate encounter with a little old woman. Related: Rose Breaks It Off With(…)