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Kim Kardashian Calls Out Lindsay Lohan for ‘Confusing’ Accent 

We didn’t see this one coming! After Lindsay Lohan commented on Perez Hilton’s Instagram calling Kim Kardashian’s braids “confusing,” the reality star retaliated by describing Lohan’s vaguely British accent the same way. Celebrity Feuds: The Biggest Ever Kardashian posted a photo to social media on Monday, January 29, of her new hair with the caption “BO WEST,”(…)

Donald Trump Goes After Anna Wintour, Apparently Confusing Vanity Fair With Vogue — And Twitter Is NOT Letting Him Off The Hook!

So remember how Vanity Fair got raked over the coals for putting out a video suggesting Hillary Clinton should “take up knitting” rather than run for President again? Well, apparently our Commander-In-Chief wanted to get in on the fun of bashing a media organization — but of course he couldn’t defend Hillary… Related: Mike Huckabee(…)

The Opening Scene of Thor: Ragnarok Is Kind of Confusing. Here’s What’s Going On

In the opening minutes of Thor: Ragnarok we meet a not-so-friendly fire monster who informs us that he plans to destroy Thor’s homeland of Asgard in an event called Ragnarok. For those unfamiliar with the Thor comics — or Norse mythology — this villain’s brief introduction is a bit confusing. So who is this fiery(…)