NBC Cancels New Tapings Of The Tonight Show This Week As Jimmy Fallon Mourns His Mother’s Death

There will be no new episodes of The Tonight Show this week, after NBC announced today that they are shutting down production for a few days as Jimmy Fallon mourns the death of his mother. Fallon, of course, had been bedside with his 68-year-old mother Gloria before she passed away on Saturday after being quite(…)

Snoop Dogg Jokes About Death of Trump, Incurs Ire of #MAGA Crowd

Well, it’s November, which means the season of familial discord is fast approaching. This year has offered plenty of potential topics of conversation that are sure to trigger a third coronary event for your Uncle Lou. So you probably don’t need any help infuriating your more conservative relatives, but just in case you need some(…)

Bewildered by US Congress’s apathy on mass shootings, Why US Congress will not pass gun laws, Myanmar’s openness to a Rohingya return is the first step, Saudi Arabia’s female driving ban lift is a smokescreen, Catalonia crackdown is democracy’s slow death

A roundup of global commentary for the Oct. 16, 2017 weekly magazine. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

Venus Williams Not Clear Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Yet — Family Of Car Crash Victim Now Demanding Prescription & Phone Records

It seemed Venus Williams had gone from at fault to in the clear after video of her fatal car accident had shown she had not illegally entered the intersection. But the estate of the late Jerome Barson is not giving up its wrongful death lawsuit just yet. According to TMZ, lawyers have now filed a(…)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, More ‘Walking Dead’ Stars Remember Stuntman After His Death

Following The Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker’s tragic death on Wednesday, July 12, his costars and other celebrites have taken to social media to mourn their late friend. This article originally appeared on Jeffrey Dean Morgan, More ‘Walking Dead’ Stars Remember Stuntman After His Death Us Weekly Latest Celebrity News