Jeff Sessions Weighs Competing Special Counsel Focused On Clinton, Democrats

WASHINGTON ― Attorney General Jeff Sessions, facing an dissatisfied boss and increased scrutiny over this knowledge of the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, is weighing whether to appoint a separate special counsel to zero in on allegations against presidential rival Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, a Justice Department official disclosed in a letter to Republican members(…)

Georgia race provides a wake-up call for both Democrats and Republicans – Washington Post

Washington Post Georgia race provides a wake-up call for both Democrats and RepublicansWashington PostFor all the money spent and the endless pre-election analysis about the meaning of it all, the special congressional election in Georgia's 6th District produced a status quo result. Republican Karen Handel held onto a seat long held by the Republicans.Progressives already(…)

Democrats Plan to Stall Secretive GOP Health Care Bill: ‘They Shouldn’t Expect Business as Usual’

(WASHINGTON) — Democrats plan to slow the Senate’s work, force votes and make late-night speeches in an effort to focus attention on how Republicans are crafting legislation revamping the nation’s health care system behind closed doors, a senior Democratic aide said Monday. The effort comes with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., hoping to weave(…)

Democrats Lost the Health Care Vote. But They Think It Could Win Them the House

As House Republicans gathered in the Rose Garden to celebrate their narrow passage of the American Health Care Act on Thursday afternoon, liberal operatives and grassroots organizers were already busy planning how to punish them for it in 2018. Democrats believe that the GOP’s vote to gut Obamacare will become a powerful issue in the(…)