Jill Duggar: Dragged By Fans For Pretending Derick Dillard Has a Job!

Back in November of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired from his in-laws’ reality show, Counting On.

His wife, Jill Duggar, quit the show shortly thereafter as a gesture of solidarity.

For a time, the Dillards were without a source of income, which would be a problem for anyone, but was especially daunting in this case, as the couple is raising two young sons.

Recently, Jill launched a midwife service, but business has reportedly been slow, both due to concerns about her licensure and ongoing issues with her family’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Derick seems to be devoting most of his ample free time to spewing his political opinions on Twitter.

Naturally, fans and critics alike have been quick to encourage him to get a job, but it seems that’s the one issue that Derick has no interest in arguing about with strangers.

In fact, it seems he’ll do whatever it takes to avoid the subject of his lack of employment, so you can imagine our surprise when Jill addressed the issue for him:

This week, Jill posted the above photo, taken at her local polling place — and she raised quite a few eyebrows with the caption.

“We just voted! Teaching ‘em young the privilege of letting your voice be heard…and took both boys with me since Derick was at work. lol,” she captioned the pic.

On top of the usual comments about the Josh Duggar sex scandals and concerns over whether little Samuel is the right size for his car seat, lots of fans wanted to know exactly what sort of “work” Derick was engaged in.

Last we checked, the 29-year-old was unemployed and seemed to have no interest in changing that condition.

And as Jill’s followers were quick to point out, it’s not like D-Dill is the type to keep his accomplishments to himself.

“Does he work at Twitter?” joked one fan.

“‘Work’ and an actual job may be different things at the Dillard house,” quipped another.

“Haha. ‘Derick is at work.’ That cracks me up,” remarked a third.

Another dispensed with the humor and simply stated exactly what we’re all thinking:

“He doesn’t really work or hold a job,” the follower wrote.

“If he did, he would proudly be announcing his job all over the internet.”

That’s both tough but fair — in other words, the exact opposite of a bigoted coward like Derick.

Zing! We’ll be here all week, folks!

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Jill Duggar Throws Shade at Josh Duggar & Derick Dillard: They’re Not Okay!

Jill Duggar is generally not one to make waves.

The second-eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jill has spent the majority of her life meeting the demands of her ludicrously strict upbringing.

On the reality shows that made her family famous, Jill quickly emerged as a fan favorite, modest enough to appeal to the fundamentalist segment of the Duggars’ fan base, but independent enough to give hope to those who watch in … that she and her sisters will one day break away.

When Jill married Derick Dillard in 2014, however, her public image took a turn for the worse.

Brash and abrasive where Jill was meek and kind, Derick quickly became a divisive figure amongst Duggar fans.

Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after making comments about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings that many considered transphobic.

Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity, thus leaving her young family with no source of income.

These days, Jill has a lot of time on her hands, and she often uses it to post on social media, despite the fact that her content frequently disturbs fan.

This week Jill posted a list of prayers for her children that many took as evidence of bigotry.

The items on the list were mostly innocuous concerns, such as “Their salvation,” “That they would be kept morally pure,” “That they would love each other.”

But the last prayer struck a nerve with fans, many of whom considered it further evidence of Jill’s transphobia.

The response from Instagram users was swift and harsh, with some accusing Jill of rank hypocrisy:

“But it’s ok to be a homophobic, cheating molester who is literally making money from having their family on a reality show,” wrote one fan.

The comments seem to refer to both Josh Duggar – who molested five young girls while living under his parents’ roof – and Derick Dillard, whose homophobia has been well-documented over the years.

Now, Jill is criticized on social media quite regularly, with followers taking issue with everything from her parenting to her wardrobe.

But this time is different in that Jill actually replied:

“I have never said those actions were ok.”

That may seem like a very mild response, but as many have pointed out, it constitutes the first time that Jill has expressed any misgivings about the behavior or beliefs of her brother and husband.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new day for Jill.

Maybe she’ll finally join the rest of the world in calling out the male members of her family for their more problematic actions.

What seems more likely, however, is that Jill has simply grown tired of being lumped in with men like Derick and Josh.

Some feel that she’s complicit with their behavior, while others see Jill as a victim.

Whatever the case, she’s clearly fed up with being associated with the more shameful aspects of her family history.

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Derick Dillard Goes on Homophobic Rant, Is Still Just the Worst

Derick Dillard is just a truly awful, no-good person.

You know it, we know it, everyone who has had the terrible misfortune to check out his Twitter account knows it.

He just says so many awful things all the time about so many people — who could forget his favorite hobby of mocking Jazz Jennings, the transgender teenage girl who has her own show on TLC?

Or the way he constantly tries to defend his backwards, ignorant beliefs in the most obnoxious, arrogant way possible?

Or the way he constantly asks Duggar fans for money, even when he and his family worked on a reality show and even now that he insists he has a job now that they’re no longer on Counting On?

It’s just bad. It’s all bad.

And, wouldn’t you know it, Derick’s gone and made our opinion of him even worse by taking a sizable chunk of time yesterday to criticize Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, the stars of Nate and Jeremy by Design.

If you’re not familiar, Nate and Jeremy by Design is a show on TLC, one of those home renovation and design shows that everyone loves so much.

The show has another layer though, because Nate and Jeremiah are also married.

They have a three-year-old daughter who’s been featured on the show, and they welcomed a son just last month.

They have a really, really adorable family, but it’s not a traditional family, so you know Derick just had to run his mouth about it.

Over on Twitter, he shared a promo for the show that TLC tweeted, and along with it he wrote “What a travesty of family. It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal.”

So in one single tweet, he called Nate and Jeremiah’s beautiful family a “travesty,” said they were “degrading” their children on TV, insisted that they’re not “normal,” and suggested that the only reason they’d have their own show is because of “the liberal agenda.”

Not a great start, Derick.

When someone pointed out that what they do doesn’t affect him at all, he replied “They affect this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated.”

“If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were ok.”

Adultery and homosexuality aren’t on the same level at all, obviously, and it’s really disgusting to talk about their daughter this way — she looks like a super happy, well-loved kid.

Look, there are too many dumb tweets from Derick to dissect them all like this, so let’s just check out the highlights of his incredible ignorance, all right?

After getting called out for being so judgemental, he said “I’m not bashing the people, I’m just calling out the public agenda at play and how a network chooses what they highlight.”

“Christians should love all as Christ loved all. Take advantage of capitalism: boycott what you don’t believe in, but don’t boycott relationships.”

With all this talk about agendas, someone asked him about his, and he explained that “My agenda is love and truth. I try to follow Jesus Christ as best I can. I’m not perfect, but I do my best.”

Do better, buddy.

He said that his big issue with the show is the way their daughter is involved — a bit hypocritical, considering how many Duggar kids have been featured on the network.

But, as he explained it, “they absolutely have the right to share it, but I’m just calling Christians not to support its promotion in such a public sphere.”

Some sweet soul tried to make the argument that if God created everything, he created gay people, and therefore they are also “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Derick argued that “Yes, everything was created perfectly. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way very long because a curse was brought through sin which affected the whole world.”

“That’s why Jesus came — to redeem it and be the needed savior for our sin. Praise God!”

It’s very clear, and it’s been clear for a long time, that Derick is not interested in ever considering the possibility that he could be wrong — and by “wrong,” of course we mean “ridiculous and hateful and so, so bigoted.”

So on a sweeter, lighter note, let’s check out Nate and Jeremiah’s responses to this mess.

Without replying directly to Derick, Nate tweeted “My hope with having a show like #NandJByDesign on @TLC, where we go into people’s homes and welcome viewers into ours, is that we can start to break down barriers & normalize the way our family looks & the way our family loves.”

Jeremiah added that the show “is about showing the many different faces of love and our universal connection through it.”

Isn’t that infinitely nicer than all that nonsense from Derick? 

Shame it’s just a part of that “liberal agenda,” huh?

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Find New Way to Scam Fans, Get So Much Hate for It

One of the big things people don’t like about Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard is that despite being on a big TV show for years, they still beg their fans for money.

That and all the bigotry, those are the two big things.

It’s just always been so bizarre, because you’d think that the money they made from the show would be more than enough to support them and all their endeavors, at least for a little while longer.

If nothing else, Jim Bob owns a fleet of private planes, it seems like he could give them a hand if they were struggling that much.

But regardless of what you’d think or how things seem, the fact remains that there have been several occasions when the Dillards reached out to their supporters for some cash assistance.

And that’s weird.

After getting lots and lots of criticism for all their GoFundMe stunts over the years, and after failing to convince people that they’re just regular missionaries and that’s how things are done, they’ve given up with the fundraisers, for now, anyway.

However, Derick did get the family fired from reality television, so you have to make ends somehow, you know?

Well, it looks like they’ve come up with a new plan!

There’s this foundation called The Tuttle Twins, and they release books for children about things like politics and history — books that the Duggars would enjoy.

As the foundation explains on its website, “Each year, hundreds of millions of children are spoon-fed false history, bad economics, and logical fallacies. Your child is not immune.”

They say their books are a way for parents to “inoculate their children against this trend to help them really grasp the importance of freedom and free markets.”

So we’re sure the books are fine and correct and not at all terrifying.

Anyway, The Tuttle Twins is holding this contest on their Facebook page where you share a picture of your kid with one of their books, and if your picture gets the most likes and shares, you win a cash prize of $ 350.

You can see where this is going, right?

Jill, who had to know that she has a massively unfair advantage with this kind of thing, entered the contest with this picture of Israel, and just to make sure she gets all those likes, she made sure she was in the photo, too.

So far, Jill has far more likes than anyone else in the contest, and there’s really no way that she won’t win.

It’s really a shame.

There are plenty of families who could legitimately use $ 350, and for Jill to take that opportunity away from those people is just sad.

And lots of people seem to agree.

“Completely unfair that this picture was allowed,” one person commented on the photo. “Until recently Jill Duggar Dillard has appeared on TLC for many years. Shame on her for using her celebrity to win a contest with money as a prize.”

Another person wrote that she shouldn’t be eligible for the contest because “no one stands a chance against her and that’s really not OK.”

“Jill Duggar is using her fame as a public figure to garner more votes for her son, which is NOT fair to all the other entrants who don’t have their names and faces plastered all over the place,” yet another Duggar critic wrote.

“Jill should withdraw her entry, and she should be disqualified.”

She should, but she won’t — instead, she’s been posting the link to the photo on her Twitter and Instagram accounts and asking everyone to “help Israel win!”

The foundation won’t intervene either, because as they explained to their many outraged followers, “We are not going to disqualify somebody merely because they have a larger social network.”

Subtext: “we are not going to disqualify somebody merely because they have a larger social network because this mess is getting us a whole lot attention and we are living for it.”

Hope Jill does something neat with that cash prize!

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Jill Duggar Pays Birthday Tribute to Derick Dillard … Who Promptly Gets Roasted By Fans

It’s been a rough few months for Derick Dillard.

The troubles started when Derick got fired by TLC after launching an unprovoked social media attack on fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

In the months since, things have only gotten worse for poor Der.

It’s almost like costing his family their only source of income in order to settle some petty social media score wasn’t the smartest move.

This week has been a particularly hard one on Derick, as he was torn to shreds for complaining that TLC refused to pay his son’s medical bills.

(As many followers pointed out, employers give you money in exchange for labor, so that you can pay for unexpected expenses yourself.)

But it’s Friday, and it’s Derick’s 29th birthday, so right about now he probably just wants to kick back with a spicy Virgin Mary and forget about the online world for a bit.

Unfortunately for Big D, the internet doesn’t take days off.

Earlier today, Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, posted the above photo along with a heartfelt birthday message:

“Happy birthday My Love! You’re the best hubby and father! I’m so in love with you! I hope this last birthday in your 20s is a good one,” Jill captioned the pic.

Unfortunately, the last year of Der’s twenties isn’t off to the greatest start, as Jill’s followers took the opportunity to roast the controversial house husband within an inch of his life:

“Derick, happy birthday. As you blow out your candles, you should wish forgiveness from God for the things that come out of you mouth,” wrote one follower. 

“May Derick learn the true meaning of being a Christian for his 29th year,” another commented.

“Wow! 29 and still doesn’t have a real paying job! How very sad,” another roast-master remarked.

“I don’t think this year will be a good birthday. After all, he posted on Twitter yesterday he seems really emotional and upset. I have a feeling Derick will be on Twitter again all day complaining how life isn’t fair.”

Needless to say, there’s not a lot of birthday love out there for Der today.

Maybe he should flip the script and give Twitter a present by deleting his account.

Watch Counting On online to relive the days before Derick got himself and his wife canned from the world’s cushiest gig.

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Derick Dillard Attacks Jazz Jennings AGAIN, Gets Torn Apart on Twitter

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’re probably already aware that Derick Dillard has been fired from Counting On as a result of his decision to berate and harass fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Back in November, Dillard directed an unprovoked social media tirade at Jennings, a transgender teen who also stars in a reality show on the network.

In the months since, neither Derick nor his wife, Jill Duggar, has filmed any scenes for her family’s popular series, and it doesn’t look as though they’ll be returning to the spotlight anytime soon.

These days, it seems that Derick is trying his best to make amends, but as usual, he’s just digging himself a deeper hole.

The latest Derick dust-up has had to do with the former reality star’s views on the national gun control debate.

Last week, Dillard attacked the survivors of the Parkland school shooting for behaving in a “ridiculous” fashion.

Needless to say, his comments were not well-received.

Yesterday, he tweeted a link to an article in which he was criticized for being critical of traumatized teens.

“No, I criticized the media’s use of kids again…like @TLC uses Jazz,” Derick tweeted in his own defense.

“My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism.”

He probably would’ve been better off not bringing up Jazz up again, but ultimately it was a pretty tame comment by Derick standards.

Unfortunately, when fans responded to the tweet, Derick chose to engage with them in offensive fashion:

When one Twitter user accused Derick of bullying Jazz, Dillard responded:

“Hi, please realize that I never said anything against him.

“If you read that in a tabloid, I encourage you to be extremely skeptical of anything put out by any opinion or gossip publication.”

Yes, while claiming that he can’t understand why people think he’s being unkind to Jazz, Derick once again misgendered the girl.

Not surprisingly, fans weren’t having it:

“If you are uncomfortable or against using the pronoun ‘her’ you could just use the name ‘Jazz’,” wrote one follower.

“You don’t have to go out of your way with the ‘he’ and ‘him.’ It would be the kind thing to do. Just sayin.”

“You are a hypocrite and a child abuser and a bully,” tweeted another.

A third slammed Derick as an “ignorant piece of sh-t.”

Dillard has yet to respond to the latest round of criticism against him.

As for the Parkland issue, however, Dillard is sticking to his guns – literally.

He recently tweeted a link to a post about a conspiracy theories and alleged anti-gun media biases with this description:

“True; I think it’s pretty obvious.  My wife has over 200,000 followers and still hasn’t been verified.”

Well Der, if it’s any consolation, now that you’ve gotten her kicked off her show, Jill probably won’t have that many followers for long!

Watch Counting On online to relive better times for the Dillards.

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Derick Dillard Continues Attacking Parkland Shooting Survivors, Also Slams Jazz Jennings

Derick Dillard must be going for some kind of world record lately.

If there’s a world record for “most poorly timed, poorly worded, horrifically offensive tweets,” that is.

And hey, if there’s not, maybe Guinness can make a special new category, just for him.

Because seriously, the things he’s been thinking up in his little head and then typing up on Twitter are that bad.

He’s been doing this for a long, long time now: he’ll hop on Twitter, say something super ignorant and/or offensive, act like he said it from a place of love, then tweet some bible verses to get some easy likes.

It’s never really worked out all that well for him — TLC did fire him from Counting On for his tweets about Jazz Jennings (more on that in a bit).

He also made himself extremely unlikable, to the point that even some actual Duggar fans can’t stand him.

But, wouldn’t you know it, he still hasn’t learned.

A few days ago, Derick got quite a bit of criticism for a tweet he made about the Parkland shooting survivors.

As you surely know, 17 people were killed in a school shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, and many of the survivors have been speaking out about the need for stricter gun control laws.

Derick retweeted a story about the subject, writing “This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas.”

“It’s obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KylieKashuv aren’t as elevated. Liberal Media… at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better.”

It wasn’t great.

He apparently can’t consider the idea that the survivors aren’t kids being used to “push liberal agendas,” they’re people who have their own ideas and who have been through something that he couldn’t imagine.

There have been many, many survivors sharing the same ideas and voicing the same opinions about gun control, because that’s what they believe — why wouldn’t a media outlet cover such a huge story?

After that tweet, Derick got quite a bit of attention, and tried to defend himself, but, well …

It didn’t go as well as he may think it did.

For example, he actually wrote “My heart goes out to the victims, but how does being a victim of a tragedy suddenly make you an expert on how to solve the problem of stopping mass shootings?!”

Because you have to be an expert to believe in something and to voice those beliefs you formed based on a significant experience you had, right?

Someone made an excellent point by responding to his nonsense with “Doesn’t your family use children to push your conservative agenda as well?”

She even added that alarming old photo of a bunch of Duggar kids posing together with t-shirts that read “I Survived Roe Vs. Wade.”

“No,” Derick argued, “because we couldn’t wear those while filming. I’m talking about what the media allows and doesn’t allow.”

Sure, but he’s also talking about using kids to push agendas, which the Duggars have obviously done.

At one point, he even shared a story about his tweet with a headline about how he slammed the survivors — which he definitely did, even if he doesn’t think so.

He tried to correct the headline by explaining “No, I criticized the media’s use of kids again…like @TLC uses Jazz. My heart goes out to the victims, but all ideas should be heard, and subjected to criticism.”

For one, that’s twice that Derick used the phrase “My heart goes out to the victims, but …”, and that’s two times too many.

For two … is he seriously bringing Jazz up AGAIN?!

He first started attacking Jazz, a 17-year-old transgender girl with her own show on TLC, last year, saying that he pitied her “4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda.”

Oh, and he called her a “him” because “‘transgender’ is a myth,” apparently.

Since then, he’s brought her up again and again, out of nowhere, really, and it really does seem like he has some kind of bizarre fixation on her.

In his own defense, when someone advised him to get over the Jazz thing already, he wrote “I was only addressing it because it was brought up again in the article, and I wanted to clarify so people aren’t misled.”

“I agree, I wish people would get over that already.”

Later, he wrote “I seek to live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ. I realize that some people will be turned off by that, but it is actually the norm throughout history.”

“I only want to reflect Christ, and I don’t apologize for that.”

You don’t apologize for anything, huh, Derick?

Even though you really, really should.

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Derick Dillard Attacks Parkland Shooting Survivors: They’re Ridiculous!

Derick Dillard is at it again.

Just when you thought the Duggar family’s resident blowhard had learned his lesson about bullying the most vulnerable segments of our population, he goes and hits a new low.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, a school shooting in Parkland, Florida claimed 17 lives last month.

In the wake of the tragedy, several students have made it their mission to take on the NRA and the politicians they feel are responsible for America’s ludicrously permissive policies on assault weapons.

Shockingly, these courageous teens have been met with a brutal backlash, with several reporting that they’ve received death threats from angry weapons fetishists.

On Wednesday, Jill Duggar’s husband joined the effort to try and discredit the grieving teens:

“This has gotten a little ridiculous; at least 2 networks are now using kids to push their liberal agendas,” Derick tweeted.

“It’s obviously not all about the kids when voices like @KyleKashuv aren’t as elevated. Liberal Media… at least be consistent so you can hide your biased tactics better.”

Not surprisingly, the reaction against Derick’s ignorant remarks was swift and harsh:

“These kids have gone through more than most of us and if you have watched any of the coverage you would know how smart and articulate they are,” wrote one critic

“They are better than a lot of people in the world. Back off Derick.” another commented.

“Derick, I feel sorry for you that your worldview is so warped you can’t see the reality right in front of you. These kids are bravely standing up for each other and for other children,” a third argued, adding:

“You’re being condescending to them when you say they’re being ‘used.'”

Regardless of your stance on the gun control issue, we’re sure all decent people can agree that attacking teens who have experienced a tragedy and are already receiving death threats from others is not an appropriate use of a grown man’s time.

And Derick of all people should know that sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.

Dillard was recently fired by TLC after a bizarre social media tirade directed at a fellow star of the network,

For reasons clear only to him, Derick attacked Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who serves as the subject of the reality series I Am Jazz.

While fans pleaded with him to relent, Derick continued to accuse Jennings of “promoting an unreality” and opposing the will of God.

Since his firing, neither Derick nor Jill have appeared on her family’s reality series.

It’s not known how the Dillards are supporting themselves these days, but in the past, the family has been known to rely on donations from fans to keep food on the table.

Needless to say, it’s not the most stable source of income, and it might be a good idea for Derick to stop biting the hand that feeds him by alienating his social media followers.

Watch Counting On online to relive the Dillards’ time on the show.

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Derick Dillard: Pissing Off Jim Bob Duggar AGAIN?!

We don’t know if Jim Bob Duggar has a favorite son-in-law, but if he does, you can bet it’s not Derick Dillard.

Even before Derick got fired by TLC and put the family media empire at risk by bullying a teenage girl on Twitter, he and Jim Bob were reportedly not getting along.

Now, it seems Derick and JB are once again butting heads thanks to an initiative that Derick thought would help him to rebuild his public image.

In a tweet posted earlier this week, Derick invited members of the LGBT community to attend services at his church in Springdale, Arkansas.

Obviously, such a gesture doesn’t give Derick a pass for his many insensitive comments directed at that community, but if his goal was to begin rehabilitating his damaged reputation, there are worse ways to kickstart the process.

Apparently, it wasn’t Derick’s invitation to gay and lesbian youths that outraged Jim Bob.

After all, the Duggars are proponents of  “conversion therapy,” a practice so hateful and damaging that it was recently outlawed by the state of Washington.

Derick recently promoted a speaking engagement by a homophobic pastor, and the invitation to LGBT young people is likely connected to the event.

So it stands to reason that Jim Bob wouldn’t object to that aspect of Derick’s online apology tour.

What JB does have a problem with, it seems, is the fact that Derick also invited atheists to attend the service.

Now, as fundamentalist Baptists, the Duggars are supposed to try and convert non-believers.

So technically, Jim Bob shouldn’t have a problem with what Derick did.

But apparently, the Duggar patriarch is more accepting of the theory of conversion than the actual practice.

Sources say Jim Bob is not thrilled with the idea of sharing what he thinks of as his church with a bunch of strangers who don’t even share his beliefs.

And not surprisingly, he blames Derick for unleashing this plague of atheists upon his house.

Now, Jim Bob clashing with his sons-in-law is nothing new, but he seems to butt heads with Derick particularly hard.

It could be the fact that Derick isn’t much of a provider and he and wife Jill Duggar are currently relying on monetary donations from fans to get by.

Or it may have to do with the fact that Derick is clearly not cut out for life in the limelight, and thus, represents a threat to the media empire that Jim Bob worked so hard to build.

All we know for sure is that it’s not Derick’s bigoted beliefs that irk Jim Bob.

On that, they see eye-to-eye.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.

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Derick Dillard Under Fire For Atheist Sympathies: Has He Abandoned His Beliefs?

It’s been quite an interesting few months in the life of Derick Dillard.

It all started, of course, when Derick got fired by TLC after harassing transgender teen and fellow network star Jazz Jennings in a bizarre Twitter tirade.

Derick issued an explanation for his remarks that he probably thinks qualifies as an apology, but fans weren’t buying it, and most seemed happy to see him go.

Earlier this week, Derick doubled down on his homophobia by promoting a speaking engagement by a pastor who became famous for his support of the abhorrent practice of conversion therapy.

It briefly seemed that Derick had taken an “in for a penny, in for a pound” approach to his own bigotry and decided that since he’d already been fired from TLC, the time was right to rebrand himself as a far-right firebrand.

Today, however, something interesting occurred on Derick’s Twitter page.

“I want to personally invite any LGBTQ person & anyone else who would like to come with my family and me to church next Sunday. See you there!” Derick tweeted.

These days, it seems that Derick is supporting his family almost entirely through monetary donations from fans, so many were suspicious that the tweet was simply a publicity stunt or part of an effort to rebuild his image.

But some expressed an interest in taking him up on the invitation.

One woman identified herself as an atheist and asked if it was okay for her to attend services with Derick and his family.

The former reality star astonished many Duggar fans when he responded, “Absolutely!”

Some expressed outright shock that Derick would invite someone whose beliefs are so different from his own into his house of worship.

The mini-controversy comes on the heels of reports that Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, had turned her back on her beliefs due to an Instagram post in which she revealed that she’s reading a book with sections addressed to those who are questioning their faith in God.

In the end, however, it turned out there was really nothing to either scandal.

Jill was simply offering support to those whose belief had wavered, while Derick is apparently hoping to convert some non-believers, which is actually one of the expressed duties of Independent Baptists.

Oh, well. We’re sure a legitimate Derick scandal will pop up soon enough.

In the meantime, watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard: Drinking Alcohol on Instagram?!

Like millions of Americans, you might have shared a bottle of wine with your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

But because you’re not a Duggar (we assume) your massive social media following probably didn’t freak the eff out over it.

That’s a photo of Derick Dillard that Jill Duggar posted on Instagram.

“My hubby is the best,” she captioned the pic.

“He totally turned our house into a steakhouse, serving me a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner last night! #besthubby @derickdillard I love you babe!”

Nothing scandalous about that, right?

Well, normally there wouldn’t be, but the Duggars have strict rules about … well, everything, and one of the many, many things that’s strictly forbidden to them is alcohol.

Fans love catching Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring breaking the insanely strict code of conduct they were raised under, so it’s not surprising that they zeroed right in on that bottle in Derick’s hand.

Is it really booze or some sort of sparkling cider, like you’d drink at a middle school dance?

It’s tough to say, but the Duggars aren’t talking, which has led many fans to conclude that Jill and Derick have been caught sampling Satan’s bubbly.

Whatever the case, Jill and Derick really can’t catch a break these days.

Ever since Derick got fired by TLC for harassing a fellow network star on Twitter, Duggar obsessives have been watching their every move.

You might think it would be a good time for the Dillards to simply keep a low profile, but unfortunately, they don’t really have that option.

Throughout their adult lives, Jill and Derick have supported themselves with monetary donations from Duggar fans.

Now that they no longer have those sweet reality TV dollars pouring in, those donations are their only means of supporting themselves.

As such, Jill and Derick have no choice but to continue engaging with fans. 

Even if it means being accused of totally normal activities that her parents have arbitrarily decided will earn you a one-way ticket to hell.

Watch Counting On online for more hypocritical behavior from reality TV’s most controversial family.

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Counting On Promotes New Season Without Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, Fans Flip Out!

Great news for fans of Counting On: it’s less than a month now until the new season premieres!

We’ve got some bad news for fans of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard though …

Back in November, we learned that Derick had been fired from the show after repeatedly making offensive remarks about Jazz Jennings, the star of another show on TLC.

Jazz is also a child, by the way.

His comments had to do with the fact that Jazz is transgender, which he considers to be “a myth.”

“Gender is not fluid,” he tweeted at one point. “It’s ordained by God.”

When he got some backlash for that comment, he dug his hole a little deeper, tweeting “I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

Except he referred to Jazz as a “him,” not a “her,” which is disrespectful and hurtful and there’s no way he didn’t know that.

He made those comments in August, and in the following months, he continued to make ignorant statements about Jazz and the transgender community as a whole.

Then, in November, he tweeted “I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child.”

“It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

He was right about one thing: it is unfortunate what’s on TV these days.

Thankfully, TLC helped solve a bit of this problem by firing Derick soon after those statements.

Since then, he’s claimed that he wasn’t actually fired, that he just decided that it would be best if he and his family began “heading in a different direction.”

*Insert “Sure, Jan” gif here*

We have our doubts about that, but it’s clear that whatever happened, Derick and Jill really won’t be appearing on Counting On anymore.

The Duggar family’s Facebook page just shared a promotional image from the upcoming season of the show, and we see Jessa, Joy-Anna, and Jinger cozying up to their husbands.

Counting On Promo

Where are Jill and Derick?

Trying to think up a way to make a GoFundMe page without getting heaps of backlash for begging fans for money, we guess — whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t look like they’re filming a reality show anymore.

It’s nice to see that the Dillards are gone, and that while TLC hesitates to let the Duggar family go completely, they still won’t tolerate the kind of nonsense that Derick spews.

But as it turns out, many, many fans of this family disagree with that — and they took to the Facebook post to address this.

“Utterly ridiculous that TLC removed Jill & Derick everyone is entitled to free speech we may not agree but still no reason to remove them from the show!!” one person wrote.

That’s not how freedom of speech works, but OK, sure.

“I wasn’t aware that bullying was defined by disagreeing,” someone else commented. “Such a double standard with anything that is conservative. Such a sad thing. Freedom of speech only applies if your not conservative.”

… Seriously, do they not teach this stuff in school anymore?

Considering that another person wrote “I think everyone should have freedom of speech and Derick could say what he wants to say and that is freedom of speech…”, we’d wager that they don’t.

Yet another Dillard fan complained that “You can believe multiple spouses are fine and get a show on TLC. You can believe it is fine for a boy to live as a girl and have a show on TLC.”

“You CANNOT voice your deeply held beliefs based on Biblical principles and remain on a show on TLC.”

Another wrote “It is a shame how it is ok to bully anyone Duggar but they can’t have an opinion or a voice. I think the Dillards are awesome and will keep up with them on their social media accounts.”

None of these people see an issue with what Derick said? They all think it’s cool that he went after a 16-year-old girl, and they don’t understand why TLC may have had an issue with that?

It’s a scary, scary world out there.

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Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Hiding Samuel Dillard’s Genetic Condition?

Samuel Dillard — known as SamSam by his parents — is the infant son of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Since his birth, fans have spotted hints that baby Samuel has some sort of health problem.

New photos shared by the Duggar family have even more fans worried that Samuel has a health issue. And puzzled that the Duggars are keeping it quiet.

The Duggar family is not one to stay quiet about their ever-expanding brood.

Any time that a Duggar baby is born, there are photos left and right.

Sometimes, a mother will sit down and do a photoshoot with a magazine within days of giving birth. Reproduction is a huge part of the Duggar brand, folks.

So the relative lack of photos and proclamations of joy in the weeks that followed SamSam’s birth were … suspicious to a number of fans. Fans were curious for other reasons, too, which we’ll get to in a moment.

First, look at these recent photos:

He’s so cute!

As usual, many Duggar defenders think that asking questions about one of the children qualifies as “hate.”

But fans who have been curious about Samuel for a while point out that he appears to lack a prominent bridge to his nose.

That can be an indicator for certain genetic disorders.

If Samuel was born with visible indications of a disorder at birth, that might have explained the relative radio silence that the family went into about their new addition to the Duggar family in those few weeks after he was born.

You might look at adorable photos of Samuel and say “well, he’s cute; his nose doesn’t mean that he has a condition or disorder.”

And you might be right.

But, as fans of the Duggars are quick to point out, there’s more than a social media absence after his birth to make fans wonder.

After Samuel’s birth, Jill started posting some cryptic messages on social media.

They were, of course, Christian in origin. 

On Instagram, Jill wrote:

“It’s easy to praise God when things are going great, but do we continue to count our blessings when things aren’t going like we planned?”

That’s not the usual sentiment that a happy mother expresses after her child’s birth.

Some, however, note that there may have been some complication with Jill.

Some suspected that she’d required an emergency hysterectomy after Samuel’s birth. If true, that would certainly qualify as crushing news for a member of a fertility cult.

Others wonder if she may have been suffering from post-partum depression. The human body can be cruel, folks.

For what it’s worth, Samuel also seems to spend a lot of time on the floor. Even for a baby. And, often, without a blanket, which infuriates a lot of followers who hate the idea of a baby wallowing on the carpet for hours.

But that might just be yet another Jill Duggar parenting fail.

Are these latest photos further evidence that Samuel has a genetic disorder? We sure don’t know.

We do know that the Duggars are just about the last family we’d want a potentially disabled child to be born into. (Or any child, for that matter)

And we have to wonder why Jill and Derick haven’t either cleared up this rumor … or confirmed it. Some fans can’t help but wonder if the couple is ashamed of their son.

We should point out that perhaps the strongest argument for Samuel not having a genetic disorder is that his parents haven’t spoken about it.

With all of the money that Derick and Jill asked for to help with their “totally legit” missionary work, you’d think that they’d milk their fans for donations if they have a child with any sort of specual needs.

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Derick Dillard: My Kids Don’t Need Picture Books, They Need Jesus!

As we all know, Derick Dillard considers allowing trans kids to be themselves is “child abuse.” But have you wondered what he thinks good parenting looks like?

Apparently, he thinks that it looks like two incredibly bored children.

At least, Derick decided to read to his two very young sons the story of Jesus’ birth, directly from the Bible. No photos. And fans were quick to comment with their very strong opinions.

Derick Dillard captioned his photoset:

“Christmas Eve, reading the Christmas story with my boys. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you Jesus!”

For some families, that’s a tradition. For others it isn’t.

Though fans were divided, let’s start with the priase that he earned.

“Beautiful family. God bless you all!”

That’s sweet.

“You are such a great dad, Derick! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.”

We don’t know that a “great dad” would go on social media and repeatedly slam a teenage girl because he disagrees with her identity, but … well, he’s been fired for that.

“I’m not really a religious person. most normal everyday average people I know DO read the Christmas story out of the Bible on Christmas to their children and some not even really religious people do also.”

Interestingly, I’d personally never heard of that tradition, but I believe that plenty of folks do it.

“There is nothing abnormal,” that commenter continued. “About this and how they read the Christmas story Christmas Eve.”

That same commenter continued:

“I am sure the Duggars have children’s books as well but to come to someone’s page and tell them how to raise their children — takes much gall. Wow”

Another saw criticism of Derick and lashed out:

“Remember, you’re commenting with very sick, wicked souls! These people hate God, His Son Jesus Christ and God’s word. They’re just here to tear down anything Christian!”

That is the sort of paranoia that you see sometimes. If you believe that a critique of one man is an attack against an entire faith, you … probably need to relax.

Another affirmed that they thought that reading directly from the Bible is what they prefer:

“Some of us believe that straight from the Bible is best. Not watered down versions of the Christmas story. Some children’s bible books are excellent don’t get me wrong, however reading straight from Gods word every Christmas is an amazing tradition.”

Others chimed in, suggesting that reading directly from the Bible isn’t ideal with young children, especially when one of the listeners is a literal baby.

“Kids like kid’s books, not old fashioned text. fine if you want to read them the nativity story but at least do it in a format that they understand. kids like pictures.”

Children do enjoy picture books. Especially when they’re still learning words. (Again, Samuel is a literal baby)

“The whole situation is very creepy.”

That comment, we imagine, has less to do with the reading and more to do with Derick using it as a photo op.

“I bet these kids would appreciate having a dad who cares enough about them to get off his lazy butt and get a.job so he can support them as opposed to grifting clueless fans to support them.”

That, of course, is a jab at how Derick Dillard begs fans for cash. Especially now that he’s lost his spot on Counting On.

Another commenter chimed in:

“They aren’t in harm way they grift in Arkansas”

Others took issue with Derick Dillard’s parenting.

“Aww! It looked like Izzy was going to hug little Sam before his daddy pulled him away to make him listen to something he can’t fully understand yet.”

Israel and Samuel were clearly more interested in each other (awww!) than in listening to their father read.

“Why aren’t you acknowledging little Sam? Your arm isn’t even around him. At least Izzy and Jill love that sweet baby.”

Derick seemed invested in his little photo op.

“There are so many wonderful children’s books targeted to their ages, which would include pictures and be ever so much more appropriate for these two.”

If you’re going to do an activity with your children, it should be tailored to your children.

To their interests and their capabilities.

Even a baby as young as Samuel can look at a picture book, and maybe understand a few more words in the process.

Still, it seems like a harmless tradition, and some people — on both sides — got super worked up about it.

Maybe it’s because Derick Dillard himself is such a divisive figure? In which case, we’d question why he doesn’t lay low on social media for a while.

But then we remember that he likes to beg for money and then use those donated funds to go out to dinner.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard SLAMMED for Remarks About Muslims!

The Dillards have gone and done it again!

And by “it,” of course we mean make offensive, horrific statements like it’s totally normal and not at all a problem.

It’s like they’re making a career out of being awful, which is convenient, considering that Derick caused the family their sweet, sweet reality show gig with his bizarre habit of making bigoted remarks about a teenage girl.

In addition to Derick’s continued harassment of Jazz Jennings, he’s been making hateful comments about the transgender community in general.

He’s also still begging Duggar fans for money, and then there’s more general weirdness, like the way he tried to announce that he hadn’t been fired from Counting On a month after the news broke that he had in fact been fired.

It’s all bad. Very bad.

And with this new update he and Jill shared on their blog … well, they’re not making things better.

The blog was a little update on their family, just in time for Christmas.

They opened things up with “We have had the privilege over the last few months to have many interactions with international students and their families!”

If you’re familiar with these people, you can probably tell where this is going already.

They wrote that they helped their church organize a “Thanksgiving dinner in an American home” event where different families welcomed a student from the University of Arkansas into their homes — the students were from “mostly Muslim families.”

“One of the Ph.D students from an Arab country brought her husband and child,” they recounted. “Her husband seems very open to the gospel and even said if they were going to be in the area he would’ve loved to visit our church!’

“We are praying for him as Derick and others continue to befriend him that God will save his soul.”

But Derick isn’t the only one working on converting the Muslim masses — “Jill and the boys have been able to be part of a weekly Arab ladies English class, with Muslim ladies from several different countries.”

“Every week the ladies meet at a friend’s home where they learn to make an American dish, eat together, then read a Bible story and discuss the English language.”

Sounds super.

Their adventures aren’t over yet though — they also wrote that while shopping on Black Friday, they “saw a couple ladies wearing burkas, so Jill stopped to ask them where they were from and invited them to the Bible study.”

“They came that week, and one of the ladies brought some traditional tea and treats to share. When asked if they had ever read a story from the Bible, both ladies said they had not.”

“We are praying that they will return to more Bible studies.”

As always, Jill promoted the blog post on her Instagram, and judging by the comments, the post was not well received.

“Wonderful,” one person commented. “I’m sure you’ve welcomed your new Muslim friends to share the Quran with you.”

“That comment about the Muslim families seems like more of a ‘look we are accepting people please donate‘ comment than a comment about loving everyone and accepting people from different faiths,” another speculated.

“People don’t need to be saved,” a commenter explained, “they need their beliefs to be respected. Approaching people while they are living their daily lives to try to convert them is deeply wrong.”

“Respect is a two way thing, Jill, and asking someone who is wearing a burka about the Bible is not respect and showing understanding, it’s moral imperialism.”

Someone called it “disgusting” that they “can’t just do a nice thing for people,” they “have to use it as an opportunity to convert them,” and another person told them “No one needs to be ‘saved’ but you two.”

And those are all very, very valid points.

How about this: in 2018, why don’t we just promise to do a little better, OK, Dillards? Just a little bit?

It would be hard to do any worse, that’s for sure.

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Derick Dillard Lashes Out at Fans: I QUIT Counting On & So Did My Wife!

The rapid unraveling of Derick Dillard continued yesterday, as Jill Duggar’s husband posted a series of irate tweets, in which he  explained that parting ways with TLC was his decision, not the network’s.

It was previously reported that Derick had been fired from Counting On due to his controversial comments toward transgender teen and fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings.

Now, Dillard says he was not fired, but in fact quit the show due to differences of opinion.

“Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again this is how I heard I was ‘fired,’” Dillard wrote in response to a Fox News tweet about his firing.

“For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it was best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction.”

Derick went on to claim that he “never worked” for TLC, which seems to be his way of saying that he was never under contract with the network.

“Yes, I’m no longer doing [the show], but nowhere did they say that I was fired,” Derick wrote. “Big difference. You can’t be fired from somewhere you never worked.”

“That’s what’s so funny. I was fake fired from my fake job,” he added.

“PR must be their justification. See it is funny, you’re laughing too lol.”

Despite his claim that he left the network by choice and was never really employed there, Derick clearly feels some bitterness toward TLC.

It’s not the first time Dillard has claimed that he quit, but it is the first time that he revealed his wife, Jill, will no longer be appearing on Counting On.

When a fan asked Derick, “So you guys aren’t on the show anymore?” the 28-year-old former accountant quickly replied, “Correct.”

So it seems viewers may have seen the last of fan favorite Jill.

Naturally, the revelation that the Dillards will be stepping away from the spotlight has further fueled rumors that Derick was caught cheating on Jill, but it seems unlikely that we’ll ever receive any sort of confirmation on that.

The fact that she’ll no longer be appearing on television may help explain some recent changes in Jill’s appearance.

Jill’s been sporting a nose piercing, henna tattoos, and other non-Duggar-approved fashion statements.

Perhaps life away from the glare of the spotlight offers some advantages, after all.

Watch Counting On online for more from Jill and Derick’s controversial marriage.

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