Doom VFR Review

It’s one thing to step into 2016’s Doom and witness its version of hell in all its modern, HD glory. It’s another thing entirely to step out of a portal in the new Doom VFR and suddenly find yourself inescapably surrounded by fire and death. Hell has been made more harrowing and real than ever(…)

This Clue From the New Game of Thrones Teaser Could Spell Doom for Daenerys

After finally revealing when Game of Thrones will return for its seventh season Thursday, HBO released an foreboding teaser for the upcoming seven-episode installment. The 90-second clip is largely devoted to recapping the events of the previous six seasons using voiceovers and giant stone versions of the major house sigils. But things really start to(…)

Doom Review

In Doom, I see a world brimming with demons, explosions, and hellfire. I see familiar faces screaming, with bloodthirsty eyes and unwavering stares. Playing it delivers the same cathartic craze the original Doom and Doom II did in the early ’90s: overwhelmed by the horrors around every turn, but empowered with an impressive collection of(…)