Gone-Too-Soon Anthony Scaramucci Snuck Out Of A White House Side Door After Being Fired

The revolving door of Donald Trump‘s White House moves so quickly, sometimes we wish we had more time with these colorful characters before they were canned. That said, it’s good to know The Mooch is still The Mooch! In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the president’s former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci recalled his exciting(…)

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest buy the house next door in Santa Monica

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband, screenwriter-composer Christopher Guest, have bought a home in Santa Monica for $ 2.2 million in a deal completed off-market. Continuing a trend among celebrities and the super-wealthy, in which additional privacy is created by buying up neighboring homes,… – Los Angeles Times

California initiative draws fire for opening the door to TV ads that promote pot smoking

Nearly a half-century after tobacco ads were kicked off television in the United States, an initiative in California would take a first step toward allowing TV commercials that promote a different kind of smoking — marijuana. Proposition 64, which is on the November ballot, would allow people age… – Los Angeles Times