Flakka: Drug Has People Tearing Off Clothes, Barking Across Nation

Florida is a weird place in so many ways. Remember a few years back, when the news was talking about people getting high on “bath salts” and eating each other’s faces? That was Florida. But it’s no longer only in Florida. One designer drug from that family of stimulants, called Flakka, is making headlines again in(…)

Rapper Lil Peep Dies At 21 From Suspected Drug Overdose — Ex Bella Thorne & Other Celebs React

This is incredibly sad. Lil Peep died on Wednesday night from a suspected drug overdose. He was just 21. If you follow the rapper (real name Gustav Åhr) on social media, he often and openly posted photos and videos documenting his drug use. Hours before his death the Awful Things artist shared a photo with(…)

Aaron Carter Says He Doesn’t Drink Despite DUI Charge, Denies Having a Drug Addiction

Aaron Carter cried as he opened up about his recent DUI arrest in an emotional new interview on Tuesday, July 18. The “Sooner or Later” singer, 29, couldn’t This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Aaron Carter Says He Doesn’t Drink Despite DUI Charge, Denies Having a Drug Addiction Us Weekly Latest Celebrity News

‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Pete Davidson Says He Spent $40,000 on Drug Rehab

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson said on May 13 that he spent $ 40,000 on rehab treatment for drug addiction. The comedian, 23, joked about his journey to sobriety during the NBC show’s “Weekend Update” segment, as the topic of the Republican health care overhaul came up. “They say quitting drugs is hard and(…)

Phaedra Parks: FIRED From The Real Housewives of Atlanta For Starting Drug, Rape Rumors!

Gossip and innuendo are par for the course with the Real Housewives franchise, but even then, there’s a line that just cannot be crossed. Phaedra Parks crossed it, and has been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta for spreading lies and rumors about her co-stars. According to TMZ, citing sources close to production, Phaedra(…)