A Minor Wardrobe Malfunction Wasn’t Enough to Derail Beyoncé’s Showstopping Coachella Performance

Beyoncé asked “Can you keep up?” when she reunited with Destiny’s Child and sang their hit “Lose My Breath” at Coachella. And the answer to that question was a clear “no” from her stunning look. The 36-year-old singer rocked five custom Balmain looks for her highly anticipated headlining performance at the California music festival on(…)

In Signing Sweeping Tax Bill, Trump Questions Whether He is Getting Enough Credit – New York Times

New York Times In Signing Sweeping Tax Bill, Trump Questions Whether He is Getting Enough CreditNew York TimesWASHINGTON — President Trump signed the most consequential tax legislation in three decades on Friday, even as he complained that he has not been given credit for his administration's accomplishments during a turbulent first year. Mr. Trump decided(…)

Adorably Badass Kids Protest Donald Trump’s Rally, And Twitter Can’t Get Enough!

A protest doesn’t require a big turnout to go viral… if the protest happens to be a gang of bicycle-riding youths with more attitude than Sean Spicer at a press conference. That’s what we took from the meteoric rise to internet fame of the #717BikeLife kids, who took Twitter by storm posing on their bikes(…)

Are The Democrats Fighting Hard Enough Against Donald Trump? Some Of Them Are…

Donald Trump is smashing through Washington like a bull in a china shop, only the fine dishes are the basic rights of American citizens. The only thing standing in his way? The Democratic Party. Oh, crap. Related: Twitter Responds To Kellyanne Conway Illegally Promoting Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line! But thankfully the horribleness of the new(…)