Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: The Bachelor EDITED Me to Make Me Look Cruel! I Feel BETRAYED!

One can only imagine the betrayal that Becca Kufrin must have felt during Arie’s brutal breakup, all captured on camera and broadcast to the world.

But now, Arie is speaking up — about his decision to dump Becca and propose to Lauren. And the decision to film it.

And as it turns out, Arie says that he feels betrayed — by the producers. He claims that things were “completely edited.”

In a new interview with GQ, Arie tells the interviewer that he was “haunted” by the thought that, in choosing Becca, he’d allowed his soul mate to slip away.

So he called Lauren on New Year’s Eve.

“As soon as I heard her voice,” he says.

“I knew that I had to end things with Becca.”

Instead of simply breaking things off with Becca, though, Arie apparently went to producers first.

He says that they were the ones who pitched bringing in cameras.

Arie says that these silver-tongued producers talked him into bringing in the cameras by promising him that this was the best way to move forward.

By filming it, they allegedly told him, he would be able to show the Bachelor Nation that he was just being honest to his feelings while being respectful of Becca’s.

Arie says that they told him:

“‘Then we can show you going back to Lauren, and people are going to rally behind you because you took this big risk and you did it for love.'”

He says that the producers persuaded him by assuring him that people would be on his side.

“‘At the end of the day, people will just want to see you happy.'”

Obviously, very few people are invested in Arie’s happiness these days, even though he and Lauren have announced their wedding date and venue.

“You’ve got to understand,” Arie tells the interviewer. “These people were my friends.”

This, he says, is why he trusted them. But he now feels “100 percent” betrayed.

Then, Arie has some damning words to share about the actual breakup scene with Becca.

You know, the one hailed as “the first completely unedited scene in reality television history” by ABC’s promotions?

Arie says that this was hogwash.

“It was completely edited,” he accuses.

The 40 minute segment was agonizing to watch, and he suggests that it was intended to be that way from the beginning.

“I was told to stay on that couch.”

We guess that we know what Arie would do if the Milgram experiment were performed today.

“I tried to leave, and then production was like, ‘You need to go back inside. She’s finally calming down. I feel like you owe it to her to have this conversation.'”

Good advice? Maybe not. But production’s job is to make good television, not to be your life coach.

“So then I went back in the house.”

He confirms that production tried to discourage him from leaving.

“Yeah. I left, came back. I stepped away from the couch, I went back to the couch.”

But the Bachelor Nation didn’t see that part.

“They cut out, obviously, production talking to me from 10 feet away.”

Arie says that, by editing out their instructions for him to remain, the resulting video “was super unfair to me.”

But he does acknowledge that, you know, this is how reality television works.

“It’s their job to make it entertaining for people.”

It is interesting to hear that Arie is trying to cast of blame to make himself look better.

Just because something was someone else’s suggestion doesn’t mean that you are blameless for doing it.

And they would have had to try harder to make him look insensitive if he had come across as more compassionate.

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Liam Payne & Cheryl ‘Don’t Feel’ The Need To Get Married: ‘We’re In A Really Comfortable Place Right Now’

Bear Payne‘s parents are NOT walking down the aisle anytime soon!

During an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning MashUp on Wednesday, Liam Payne says he and Cheryl are perfectly content with their relationship, and don’t feel the need “to go to that step.”

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The One Direction alum revealed:

“I don’t feel like I need to go to that step to feel any differently about… my relationship… I feel like we’re in a really comfortable place right now… It’s not really that we need to take that next step. We might in the long-term, but it’s not really a big deal.”

More importantly, spending time with his 13-month-old son “means more than anything in the world to me.”

Speaking of his little one, the 24-year-old stud says his bundle of joy has “become the bop test of the house.” He explained:

“When I played Familiar to him, which is my new single at the moment, he went like rigid on the table, and got as close to the speaker as possible and was like dancing and then he was like, ‘Yesss, I love this.’… When he doesn’t like it, you can tell… He’s just like, ‘Yeah, no, I’ve got that book I’ve got to read over there actually’ and he’ll just bugger off somewhere.”‘

Liam and Cheryl began dating in late 2016, and welcomed their cute tot in March 2017.

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]


Tristan Thompson Breaks Silence on Baby True; How Does He REALLY Feel?

Tristan Thompson is having a breakout playoff run for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After being benched for nearly the entire half of the regular season, the horny new baby daddy has played a key role in helping the Cavs advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

But forget the breakout play for a moment.

Tristan Thompson has now spoken out… for the first time since the world learned he cheated numerous times on Khloe Kardashian while the star was pregnant.

Moreover, he has spoken out about daughter True and about becoming a father for the second time.

(Yes, the second time: Thompson’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to his first child in December of 2016, mere months after he dumped her for Khloe. This guy is classiness personified.)

“So you got a new addition to the family,” Thompson was asked on Wednesday by Road Trippin podcast co-host Richard Jefferson said, to which Thompson replied:

“New addition to the family, yup.”

Don’t worry. He does expound a bit during the interview…

How is little True Thompson actually faring these days, however?

(Khloe gave birth to her first child on April 12, just several hours after the allegations of infidelity against her boyfriend went viral.)

“She’s doing good,” Tristan said during the podcast. “Baby True is eating, sleeping and, uh, s–ttin’. That’s all they do.”

That’s a bit crass, but it’s not untrue. There’s only so much a one-month old can really do at this point in its existence.

The rebounding machine also revealed that True has a “full head of hair,” green eyes and was born 21 inches long, providing us with the first details regarding her appearance.

Thompson is already the dad of a little boy and was asked in this exchange whether there’s a difference between having a son and having a daughter.

“I think with a girl, you’re just so much more [emotional],” he tried to explain, adding:

“With a boy, it’s just like, ‘Hey, man. You’ll be alright, man. Stop crying.’

“But [with True], it’s like, ‘True, it’s gonna be OK. You know, we’re right here. Daddy’s here to feed you. It’s me! Look, yeah!’ It’s way different, but it’s fun, though.

“It changes you.”

Really, Tristan? When son Prince was a month old, you just shrugged off his crying and told him to stop?

Actually, who are we kidding: Ain’t no way Thompson was involved with his son when he was only a month old.

Questions still remain over how closely he’s involved with True.

Sources have confirmed that Thompson was present for his daughter’s birth, but also that he got into a screaming match with Khloe as soon as True was taken out of the delivery room.

Tristan has been playing basketball almost non-stop since becoming a father again, but Khloe remains in Cleveland and recently showed surprising support for her man in public.

A number of insiders claim she wants to give this romance a second chance.

“You done? You done with kids?” Jefferson asked during the podcast.

“Naw, I’m gonna keep going,” Thompson responded. “I’ve got a couple more. I got a couple more left.”

It sounds like Thompson is serious.

We’re pretty sure Kardashian wants to have a bigger family, but does he means he wants to have more kids with Khloe?

If so, that’s pretty gigantic news. It would certainly seem to imply that the couple is very much together and discussing their future.

For now, though, Khloe seems mostly just focused on her daughter, having only talked in public about this bundle of joy, as opposed to anything related to Thompson’s pounding other women in hotel rooms.

“I can’t believe my baby will be a month old tomorrow,” she wrote with on Wednesday night on Twitter, including a crying face emoji and adding:

“Why does this make me happy and sad all at the same time. Thank you Jesus for my sweet peanut.”

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Amy Schumer Forced To Miss London Premiere Of I Feel Pretty Due To ‘Horrible’ Kidney Infection!

Amy Schumer feels pretty miserable at the moment.

The comedian has to skip out on the London premiere of her new film I Feel Pretty because she’s still recovering from a “horrible” kidney infection — for which she just spent five days in the hospital.

Video: Amy On Losing Her Virginity To Rape

The 36-year-old actress shared an update with her fans on Instagram, thanking all the medical professionals and loved ones who took care of her since the infection struck. Though she’s sad to miss the premiere, the funny lady said she has to “put my health first.”

Read Amy’s full post, complete with some “sexy as hell” pics of her in a hospital bed, below!

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week. I was hospitalized for 5 days with a horrible kidney infection. I want to give a big thank you to the doctors, the bad ass nurses also my husband who’s name is, i want to say, Chris? and my sisters Kimby and mol who have been by my side the whole time. I wanted to share this with you because this is sexy as hell but mostly because I was meant to go to London for the opening of I Feel Pretty and my doctors have told me that’s a no go. I’m really disappointed selfishly to miss this trip because I love London and Europe in general and all the great people (food) there. But I need to put my health first. I am so grateful for all the support the movie is getting. I hope people check it out in England and everywhere else in the world. It’s sweet and fun and you will walk out feeling better. Which is something I hope to feel soon too.A post shared by @ amyschumer on Apr 27, 2018 at 8:39am PDT

Awww, feel better!!

[Image via Instagram.]


This Is the One Thing That Can Make Hard Workouts Feel Easier

If you feel like music gives your workout an extra boost, you’re not alone. Now, researchers at Texas Tech University say they’ve figured out just how much upbeat tunes can increase our tolerance for intense exercise: In a new study, people who listened to music during a cardiac stress test were able to sweat it out for almost a minute longer than those who didn’t.

The new study, which has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, will be presented this week at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting in Orlando. The authors say their findings put some real data behind what many of us already know: that exercise can make difficult workouts seem easier.

“At least on a small scale, this study provides some evidence that music may help serve as an extra tool to help motivate someone to exercise more—which is critical to heart health,” said lead author Dr. Waseem Shami, a cardiology fellow at Texas Tech University Health Sciences, in a press release.

Dr. Shami and his colleagues recruited 127 people, each of whom was already scheduled for a routine electrocardiogram (ECG) treadmill stress test. The exam is used to measure how the heart responds to increasingly strenuous exercise; in this case, both the treadmill speed and incline were increased every three minutes.

Half of the people were randomly selected to listen to Latin-inspired, up-tempo music during their time on the treadmill, while the other half walked in silence. (All participants wore headphones, to prevent the investigators from knowing who was in which group.)

When they crunched the numbers, the researchers found that people who listened to music stuck with the test for an average of 8 minutes and 26 seconds, compared to an average of 7 minutes and 35 seconds for the no-music group. “After six minutes, you feel like you are running up a mountain, so even being able to go 50 seconds longer means a lot,” said Dr. Shami in the press release.

This isn’t the first study to suggest that a good beat and a catchy tune can improve athletic performance. Some research even suggests that people enjoy high-intensity workouts more when they’re paired with rhythm and melodies. Then again, other experts have noted that there may be a downside to working out with music: Auditory distractions can affect biomechanics, one 2017 study found, and might raise your risk of injury.

While this is the first study to show how music can affect the results of a cardiac stress test, the researchers believe their findings could apply to people in other settings that involve difficult exercise, as well—and that putting these findings to use might help motivate people to get the amount (and intensity) of physical activity they need.

This article originally appeared on Health.com


I Feel as if I Can’t Control My Emotions

From a teen in the U.S.: I feel as if I cant controle my emotions, I often get paniced and scared of thoughts and ideas that wont happen. In the past couple of years I have off and on had trouble with social anxiety and general anxiety. I suffered from panic attacks when I was in situations where I don’t know people and am in a new environment.

Lately I haven’t had many problems with social anxiety manly because I haven’t bean in new environments, however I have started to feel more panicked and anxious at home.

I have always had trouble in the dark and at night but even more than usual I have been scared of what is very unlikely to happen in areas though out my life. I get scared, when I hear about death my mind automatically starts thinking of scenarios where the person dying is a family member or friend and I get very scared and emotional. I sometimes get scared and start to panic and loose control over my emotions, over ideas ranging from animals outside my house at night or the idea that someone will crash through my window and hurt my when I’m sleeping.

I feel more than just scared, I get panicked and I feel hot and breathing becomes harder. I don’t want to define it as a panic attack because I feel like I don’t ever have enough knowledge to define how I feel. In the day time I have started to feel more and more exhausted like my momentum and push to get up and do activity’s is going down quickly. I have chest pains frequently like a sharp tightness in the left side of my chest, I’ve assumed it was associated with stress. I don’t know what the things I feel mean.

My mother tells me that it is just because I am stressed out and that hormones have a role but I feel like I know when its just stress and this feels like so much more. It feels like its getting worse and worse. My emotions feel out of control even just thinking of how I feel makes me start crying, I constantly cry and I feel like Its harder to control my anger. I just feel like I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I want to know what you think?

A: What I think is that you need some help. I do understand why your mother thinks it is only hormones. Often teenagers have roller coaster emotions. But this seems more complicated than that. For that reason, I urge you to make an appointment with your medical doctor for a complete physical exam. There are a number of possibilities (like perhaps a vitamin deficiency) that can cause at least some of your symptoms.

Before you see the doctor, do keep a sleep and nutrition diary for 2 weeks. Every day, write down how many hours of sleep you had the night before and what you had to eat that day. That will give your doctor very, very valuable information that could help her determine a correct diagnosis.

Make an appointment with a mental health counselor, too. You may not have developed the coping skills you need to manage anxiety and a potential panic disorder. Working with a therapist will help you manage or eliminate your fears and will help you grow more confident.

I’m glad you wrote to us. You don’t need to spend your teen years feeling so awful. Get the help you need so you can enjoy life.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Ask the Therapist

Demi Lovato: Here’s How I Feel About Wilmer Valderrama!

For a guy whose last name looks like “drama” if you squint at it just right, Wilmer Valderrama seems to be living a drama-free life these days.

But he has his share of exes … and his recent ex, Demi Lovato, is happy to let the world know where they stand.

Demi Lovato is strong and talented and a genuinely good person, but even she uses Instagram stories, which is the most annoying feature that Instagram has implemented since making it impossible to right-click to save photos.

In this instance, she used stories to post a snap of herself with ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, looking cozy with each other.

Wilmer attended a barbeque that Demi threw to celebrate LA Pride over the weekend, and though it’s been more than a year since they broke off their six-year relationship, they’re clearly anything but stereotypical awkward exes.

Deciding that the photo wasn’t enough, Demi elaborated with a caption:

“Best of friends no matter what.”

She then tagged his Instagram handle. Take a look:

They look as cute as ever.

Yes, it looks like Demi Lovato is joining Mandy Moore — also a talented singer, also Wilmer’s ex — in Mandy’s habit of perennially running into Wilmer and sharing an amicable photo or two.

In Mandy’s case, that took some time, as he’d said some honestly pretty gross stuff about his relationship with Mandy in a Howard Stern interview.

But sometimes time heals some wounds, you know?

For Demi, even though they’d ended a six-year relationship, it never seemed like the end of an epic struggle.

Honestly, Demi had been dating him since she was a teenager — like, he’s 13 years older than she is, and their relationship got plenty of side-eye because of that age gap and because of how young Demi was when it started.

We’ll never know everything that went into their split.

Our feeling is that Demi entered the relationship as a teen and sort of needed to experience being in the world as herself, outside of the context of their relationship.

We can’t help but wonder if Demi was also wondering what dating within her own age group might be like.

Demi has dabbled in dating since then, and so has Wilmer.

But neither have plunged straight into another six-year relationship, which is honestly a good thing.

Long-term relationships don’t need to come back-to-back.

Now, we don’t think that her photo or caption was supposed to be a sign that they’re getting back together.

When they split, Demi said that they’d agreed that they were better off as best friends.

It looks like she’s just affirming that.

Of course, they each have their own lives, but there are different definitions of “best friend.”

Hell, some people use “best friend” as a tier of friendship rather than a position, but that’s its own can of worms.

Honestly? We should all break up on such good terms that we’d happily invite our exes to barbecues with no ulterior motives.

Because no, it doesn’t count if you invite them over hoping for a convenient, familiar hookup.

It extra doesn’t count if you invite your ex-spouse over to introduce them to your charming coworker in the hopes that they’ll hit it off an you won’t have to keep paying alimony.

Also, really either of those would have been a gross misuse of a Pride celebration.

We love that they’re way more mature about their breakup than a lot of actors who are way older than either of them, though.

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Taking a Day Off From Your Workout

Feeling bad about skipping a day? Taking rest days from your workout may actually be healthier for your bones and body than a nonstop fitness streak, according to a small new study.

The preliminary research, presented at the American Physiological Society’s annual meeting, found that women who were Olympic rowers had more signs of inflammation and lower levels of bone-building protein in their blood during their most intense weeks of training, compared to recovery weeks that included days off.

These protein fluctuations may be a warning that training without adequate recovery could lead to injury or bone loss, study authors say.

In general, exercise is good for bone health. Bone mineral density, an indicator of bone strength, typically increases with regular physical activity, especially the weight-bearing type. But experts have often wondered if too much exercise could have the opposite effect, especially for female athletes. That can be a difficult thing to measure, says Nigel Kurgan, a graduate student in the Centre for Bone and Muscle Health at Brock University in Canada, because elite athletes may also follow strict dietary patterns that could also negatively affect bone health.

To help account for this, Kurgan decided to study 15 female heavyweight rowers training for the 2016 Olympic games. Rowers have a high incidence of stress fractures and are at increased risk for bone loss—but because these women weren’t competing in the sport’s lightweight category, restrictive eating and low-calorie diets were less likely to play a role.

At several points during the nine-month study, Kurgan took blood samples from the rowers to measure levels of two proteins in their body: osteoprotegerin (OPG), which stops bone mineral loss, and sclerostin (SOST), which inhibits new bone formation. The rowers’ training ranged from 12 to 21 hours a week.

Levels of OPG decreased over the course of the study, indicating that the athletes were indeed at risk for bone loss. The highest levels of bone-growth-inhibiting SOST corresponded with the weeks with the highest training volumes, and vice versa. Inflammation in the body also increased during the most intense training periods.

The researchers also tested the rowers’ bone mineral density at the beginning and the end of the study, and found no change. But they say that the consequences of intense training may only become evident after longer periods of time.

“We are learning that regardless of whether you eat well or not, the systemic inflammation of intense training—unless you bring it down from time to time—creates an issue for bone cells and all kinds of tissue,” says co-author Panagiota Klentrou, professor and associate dean in the department of kinesiology at Brock University. “When you’re at peak training volume, you also have to incorporate time for the body to recover.”

This theory likely applies to all levels of athletes, not just Olympic hopefuls, Kurgan says.

Recovery is important for other reasons, too: Muscles need time to repair themselves from the stress of hard training, and the body needs rest and adequate fueling to maintain high levels of functioning. A 2016 study in Frontiers in Physiology found that two days in a row of intense, CrossFit-style workouts lowered levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the body, suggesting a potential drop in immunity.

With further research, it’s possible that scientists could develop a blood test to let athletes know when they’re overdoing it, says Klentrou. “There may be markers that coaches can monitor to see if they have to adjust their training volume,” she says.

Amateur athletes don’t need to take such elaborate approaches, she says. “If they monitor the symptoms of their body and watch for signs of exhaustion and poor recovery from hard workouts, I think they’ll be pretty safe.”