Scott Disick: Forced to Take Breathalyzer Before Seeing Kids?!

Scott Disick has been partying harder than usual lately. And if you know Scott Disick, you know that’s an extremely dangerous state of affairs. The thing is, Scott always drinks too much, stays away from his kids for too long, hooks up with inappropriately young women, etc. So when he goes on a bender that reaches(…)

Phil Collins Forced To Cancel Shows Due To ‘Severe’ Post-Concert Injury

Get better, Phil Collins. The music icon was forced to postpone multiple London shows on Tuesday due to being rushed to the hospital after suffering a dramatic fall in a hotel over the weekend. Video: Lily Collins Is Attracted To ‘Mysterious Creatives’ Like Phil! According to a message posted on the singer’s Facebook page, the(…)

Leah Remini: Scientology Church is Full of Rape, Forced Abortions!

Leah Remini is about to unleash Scientology bombshells that will shake the very foundations of the controversial church.  And naturally, you know, we can’t wait.  In her new series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, debuts on November 29th on A&E, and the trailer for the series is as about compelling as it gets.  The(…)