Amy Schumer Forced To Miss London Premiere Of I Feel Pretty Due To ‘Horrible’ Kidney Infection!

Amy Schumer feels pretty miserable at the moment. The comedian has to skip out on the London premiere of her new film I Feel Pretty because she’s still recovering from a “horrible” kidney infection — for which she just spent five days in the hospital. Video: Amy On Losing Her Virginity To Rape The 36-year-old(…)

Student Claims Airline Forced Her to Flush Emotional Support Hamster Down Toilet

A Florida college student says she was left in tears late last year after a Spirit Airlines employee said she wasn’t permitted to bring her emotional support hamster on board a flight. Yes, her emotional support hamster. Before you laugh at this story, however, keep reading down below. It’s actually pretty sad… According to The(…)

Miss America CEO Sam Haskell Resigns — Forced Out Over Disgusting Leaked Emails

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass one the way out, Sam Haskell! The Miss America Organization CEO has now officially resigned just days after some of his disgusting and sexist emails were revealed to the public. After a very poor initial response by the organization, at least they finally did the right(…)

McKayla Maroney Sues USA Gymnastics: They Forced Me to Stay Silent

In October, McKayla Maroney revealed that she’d been molested by her team doctor, Larry Nassar. That makes her one of more than 140 survivors who accuse him of the same thing. From the outset, it’s been strongly hinted that there were people who knew about Nassar’s sexual predation and kept quiet. Now, McKayla’s taking action against(…)

Phil Collins Forced To Cancel Shows Due To ‘Severe’ Post-Concert Injury

Get better, Phil Collins. The music icon was forced to postpone multiple London shows on Tuesday due to being rushed to the hospital after suffering a dramatic fall in a hotel over the weekend. Video: Lily Collins Is Attracted To ‘Mysterious Creatives’ Like Phil! According to a message posted on the singer’s Facebook page, the(…)