James Franco Is ‘A Mess’ Over Allegations — But Can He Save His Image??

Things are not going well for James Franco. As five women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and exploitation, he has attempted to address the scandal head-on. He spoke about the allegations with both Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers this month while promoting the Golden Globe-winning The Disaster Artist. Video: Scarlett Johansson Calls Out(…)

Social media blitz: Secret Service aims to improve its image

WASHINGTON (AP) — As President Barack Obama and hundreds of foreign dignitaries converged on New York for United Nations meetings last month, the U.S. Secret Service took to the internet to show off an all-hands-on-deck effort: helicopters, boats, surveillance planes, attack dogs and more computer monitors than could fit in a Best Buy. Yahoo News(…)

Pros and Cons of Image Maps

Image maps used to be extremely popular. But now you hardly ever see them. It could be that they became less popular as other features such as CSS came into the foreground. Or it could be that they are useful only in certain situations and should generally be avoided. Web Design & HTML: Most(…)

Victoria Beckham Opens Up About Body Image: I Felt ‘Too Plump’ as a Teen

Those awkward years. Victoria Beckham says in the October issue of British Vogue that she had just as many imperfections and insecurities as the next teen — and she isn’t afraid to look back at them now. “I know you are struggling right now,” the 42-year-old fashionista This article originally appeared on Victoria Beckham(…)

Add Image Captions in 9 Easy Steps

Putting a caption on an image can be a useful feature when you want to describe the image, but getting it to stay with the image can be challenging. Learn how to use some HTML and CSS to create a nice looking caption that stays right below your image. Web Design & HTML: Most(…)