The Dallas Mavericks Launch Investigation After Report Alleges a Culture of Sexual Misconduct

(DALLAS) — The Dallas Mavericks have hired outside counsel to investigate allegations of inappropriate conduct by former team president Terdema Ussery in a Sports Illustrated report that described a hostile workplace for women. Ussery was accused of making sexually suggestive remarks to several women. He spent 18 years with the team before going to the(…)

The Probe Into the Deaths of a Canadian Billionaire and His Wife Has Just Become a Murder Investigation

Toronto’s homicide police have taken over the investigation into the mysterious deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, after an autopsy report revealed that the prominent Toronto couple died from ligature neck compression, police said. Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found dead in their home by their realtor on Dec. 15. in circumstances(…)

Nelly’s Rape Investigation Has Officially Been Closed — And Now He’s Going To Sue His Accuser!

Nelly is officially clear of those rape charges. Two months after his accuser dropped her case and refused to testify, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has confirmed the end of their investigation. And since the rapper was cleared of any wrongdoing, he’s ready to completely put this behind him. Related: Peter Jackson Confirms Mira(…)

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Ed Westwick: Under Police Investigation for Rape

The Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation into Ed Westwick. Specifically, the Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation into Ed Westwick in relation to accusations against the actor of rape. These troubling charges were leveled against the ex-Gossip Girl star by actress Kristina Cohen, who shared a lengthy Facebook post on Monday. In(…)