Will Smith FINALLY Addresses Jada Pinkett Smith Divorce Rumors

It seems like no one can ever leave Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith alone. When it isn't those pesky swinging rumors, it's divorce rumors.

Will  has had it up to here with people speculating that his healthy marriage is on its last leg.

So he's slamming haters and speculators in a new rap. Take a look!

Will smith and jada pinkett smith red carpet pic

You may not be aware, but Will Smith appears to be some sort of social media savant. He's a natural.

This is, suffice it to say, unusual in his age demographic. Will is 49.

But as much of a delight as he is on Instagram, it's a new YouTube video that he shared this week that has our attention.

It has been 13 years since his last album, Lost and Found.

But now he's giving fans a preview of his new song, "To the Clique."

Will smith at concussion premiere

In the video, Will raps:

"20 years of swag y'all just witnessed, let me remind everybody who Will Smith is."

Sometimes, people need a reminder of who you are and why you are so famous.

Fans on Twitter were especially amused by one line in particular.

"Rappers make it rain; if I throw my money up, s–t, I'd probably kill a stripper."

What has people's attention isn't an apparent joke about killing a sex worker.

Rather, people love the reference to Will's hard-earned wealth.

Jada pinkett smith and will smith 2nd annual diamond ball

But it is one line in particular that has the attention of those who have heard rumors about his marriage.

"20 years of swag y'all just witnessed, stop the divorce rumors and mind your damn business,"

You know what? That is a very, very fair line.

Will and Jada have been married since December 31, 1997.

People born on that day are almost old enough to drink (legally).

In regular marriage years, that is a very long time to be married. In Hollywood years, they may as well have been married for centuries.

20 years of swag is right. Dang.

Fresh prince of bel air cast reunites

It's been a little more than a year since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast reunion.

But that series was very early in Will's career.

Since then, how many blockbusters has he had? How many other films — like the gripping biopic, Concussion — has he poured his considerable talents into for the right reasons?

He has a lot of reason to brag.

His marriage to the gorgeous and talented Jada Pinkett Smith is just one of those.

Their entire family is a national treasure.

The smiths at the oscars

There are a lot of bad parents in the world, and that includes celebrities.

But Will and Jada just seem to get things right. It's no wonder that their children are so amazing and creative and such beautiful souls.

Recently, Willow Smith admitted to her mother that she had struggled with self-harm in the past.

Jada responded with calm and compassion. She's a role model for other parents out there who might overreact in a way that discourages their children from coming to them with other problems.

The freedom that Will and Jada have given their childen to be themselves has halped them to be extraordinary human beings.

It's no wonder that Will name-drops his wonderful family in "To the Clique."

Will smith finally addresses jada pinkett smith divorce rumors
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