Kylie Jenner: Having Travis Scott Followed by Private Detectives?!

It may be that Kylie Jenner is jealous of Ariana Grande’s engagement and impatient for Travis Scott to put a ring on it, but … that doesn’t mean that all is well for these two.

In fact, a very disturbing report claims that Kylie is terrified that Travis is going to cheat on her while touring in Europe.

That’s not the disturbing part, though. What’s alarming is that she is allegedly having him tailed by private detectives to watch his every move.

It sounds like Kylie Jenner isn’t as peacefully content in her relationship as it appears.

“She’s having Travis followed,” a source informs RadarOnline.

This alleged private detective is supposed to be keeping tabs on her boyfriend and baby daddy at all times.

The insider says that Kylie is taking this extraordinary step “because she’s not 100 percent certain he won’t cheat if given the chance.”

Well, Travis is a rapper by trade. Like any performer, his entire career is basically one huge opportunity to cheat.

(Not an excuse! Just an opportunity)

But when Travis is touring in Europe? He’s likely to be surrounded by temptation at all times.

Admittedly, this whole situation reminds us of some sort of noir film.

It is all too easy to imagine a black-and-white scene of Kylie Jenner walking into some private eye’s office with a subtle veil descending from the brim of her hat.

But the insider claims that this is no joke — that Kylie is genuinely concerned that Travis is going to give in to temptation.

“She’s freaking,” the source explains. “Because he’ll be on the road and out of her sight.”

Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But in light of how Kylie’s sister Khloe was humiliated by Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, maybe Kylie isn’t willing to be made to look foolish.

(Well, she doesn’t want to look more foolish than she does by dating a guy who did this at one of his shows, anyway)

The insider explains that Kylie is paying a hefty price (literally) for keeping Travis under surveillance.

“It’s really for peace of mind,” the source explains. “But the private eye doesn’t come cheap.”

Of course. Private investigators cost money — especially when it potentially involves a lot of travel and following someone who has their own private security.

The source explains: “It’s costing her thousands of dollars because she wants him tailed 24/7.”

That’s much more expensive than just finding out if someone’s spouse really goes out with coworkers on Wednesdays, or whatever.

The source then shares something that’s alarming — more so than Kylie’s suspicions.

(Though, to be clear, this entire situation sounds unsettling and unhealthy)

“Even when Travis is around,” the insider says.

“She can’t resist peeking at his phone and checking to see who’s called him. And,” they add. “Reading his emails.”

That intrusive behavior is disturbing and toxic.

A lot of girlfriends and boyfriends feel entitled to look through their significant other’s texts and emails.

If people want to opt for that level of transparency, that’s fine. But otherwise, it’s a gross invasion of privacy.

Of course, you might say that having Travis followed isn’t much better.

Honestly? We would love for this report to turn out to be wrong. Perhaps someone misunderstood a joke. (Hey, it happens!)

First of all, we hope that Kylie is not a toxic person who invades her boyfriend’s privacy without a second thought.

Second of all, we hope that Travis is not an absolute idiot, and that Kylie knows that he isn’t one.

Kylie is hot, she’s the mother of his child, and she’s due to be worth about a billion dollars by the time that she’s old enough to rent a car.

If they decide to break up at one point, that would be one thing.

But cheating?

Travis would basically be throwing away a life of absolute, unparalleled luxury — which he will never make as a rapper, no shade — just to get his dick wet.

There are some people who would straight up have their penises removed for a billion dollars. Travis, we’re sure, can exercise wisdom and self-control.

Plus, you know, he presumably loves Kylie.

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Blake Jenner Reflects on His Divorce From Melissa Benoist

Blake Jenner is staying positive following his split from Melissa Benoist. The exes finalized their divorce in December 2017. 

Celebrity Splits of 2018

“I think there’s something beautiful about being able to look back on any sequence of events that you’ve been through and come out grateful for it,” Jenner exclusively told Us Weekly at the premiere of his film Billy Boy on Tuesday, June 12. “I feel like it’s a yearbook of experience, as is this movie for me. So, I’m nothing but happy.”

Jenner, 25, and Benoist, 29, actually star in the crime thriller together, which he wrote. “It is dark!” Jenner told Us of the film in Beverly Hills. “[Fans are] gonna see that there’s not a weak link in the cast and everybody brought their A-game. I think people will be really impressed and take away something from it. There’s something for everybody.”

Love Lives of Glee Stars

Blake Jenner arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Billy Boy' at the Laemmle Music Hall on June 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
Blake Jenner arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Billy Boy’ at the Laemmle Music Hall on June 12, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. INSTAR Images

Jenner was supported by several of their former Glee stars at the event, including Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Becca Tobin and John Stamos. “It’s good to see all of them. It’s nice to know we’re all still tight,” he added.

Benoist, meanwhile, was across the country making her Broadway debut in Beautiful-The Carole King Musical in NYC.

Hollywood's Broken Engagements

The actor and Supergirl actress met on the Fox series and played Ryder and Marley, respectively. They married in a secret ceremony in 2015, but she filed for divorce in December 2016 citing irreconcilable differences.

Benoist is currently dating her Supergirl costar Chris Wood. The couple attended the 2018 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday.


Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Kris Jenner Comments On Khloé Kardashian’s Relationship With Tristan Thompson: ‘I Really Trust Khloé… She’ll Figure It Out’

The cheating news may be weeks old now, but Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson — and everyone in their immediate circles around them — are still trying to figure out the lay of the land for the new parents.

Kris Jenner, for one, spoke out in full support of Khlo-money this weekend, sharing her thoughts about daughter True Thompson and the NBA star’s cheating ways while out and about at a fashion show on Friday afternoon in Burbank, California.

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Talking to the media about everything that’s been going on with Khlo and Tristan, Kris said (below):

“Tristan’s, yeah, he’s great. I think you just have to be there for your kid and follow their lead. I’m not in that relationship or in that situation, so I really trust Khloe. She’s so smart and such a great girl and she’ll figure it out.”

And she added more, all about True (below):

“When [Khloe] comes back [to Los Angeles] I’ll be thrilled! Of course. I miss her…I need to get my hands on that little True. But I’ve been there a couple times getting my fill, and we FaceTime every day so it’s a lot of fun.”

Awww!! That’s cute.

What do y’all think about it, Perezcious readers!? Do U trust Khlo to make the right decisions???

Let us know in the comments (below)…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/Derrick Salters/WENN.]


Kris Jenner Talks Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson: ‘I Really Trust Khloe’

A loyal mom! Kris Jenner opened up about how her daughter Khloé Kardashian is doing in the wake of the cheating scandal surrounding her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

Kardashian Family Vacation Album!

As Us Weekly previously reported, the Revenge Body host, 33, and Thompson, 27, are “fully back together,” after news broke in April that he had been unfaithful to her while she was pregnant with their first child, daughter True.

Jenner said on Friday, June 8, that she trusted her daughter’s decision to stay with the NBA star. “Tristan, yeah. He’s great. Yeah, he’s good,” Jenner said. “I think you just have to be there for your kid and follow their lead. I’m not in that relationship or in that situation, so I really trust Khloé. She’s so smart, and such a great girl, and she’ll figure it out.”

Celebrity Couples Who Stayed Together After Cheating Scandals

The nine-time grandma added that her youngest grandchild, True, is “amazing” and “a beautiful combination” of her parents. The Good American founder stayed in Ohio after welcoming her baby girl in April, but Jenner is looking forward to seeing them again.

“I don’t think she’s back yet,” Jenner, 62, said at the Moschino Spring Summer 2019 Resort Collection in L.A. “When she comes back, I’ll be thrilled, yes, of course. I miss her. I need to get my hands on that little True. I’ve been there a couple times, so getting my fill and we FaceTime every day. So it’s a lot of fun.”

The E! personality’s youngest child, Kylie Jenner, also welcomed a daughter, Stormi Webster, in February. “Kylie’s the best mom. She’s good. She’s a really good mommy,” she said about the makeup mogul. Kim Kardashian welcomed daughter Chicago West in January, so the family is filled with newborns.

The Kardashian Family: Get to Know the Next Generation

“I think they all ask each other for advice, like you would your girlfriends or anybody else, and I think they have a great support system,” the matriarch told Us of her kids. “We all come to each other. It depends on what’s going on that day, which is wild, as you can imagine on a daily. I think it just depends on what’s going on.”

Jenner has her hands full with her children and their babies but she said her secret weapon is to keep sweet treats in her home so that they always come to visit her. “I keep really good cookies in stock for snacks. So they’re always coming over every day to get the dinosaur cookies,” she said. “That’s probably my biggest secret right now.”

Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Brody Jenner Is Disappointed That Caitlyn Jenner Bailed On His Wedding!

Is it too late now to say sorry??

Last Saturday, Brody Jenner and girlfriend of five years Kaitlynn Carter got married at Nihi Sumba, a luxury island resort around 250 miles east of Bali.

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Unfortunately, dad Caitlyn Jenner did NOT attend the nuptials — despite receiving an invite — because of previously scheduled work commitments. Brody said little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner “never even RSVP’d.”

According to People, The Hills alum is pretty bummed that his father didn’t make it. He told the publication:

“It was a big disappointment… Especially considering that she had known about the wedding for a year.”

However, the former I Am Cait star will throw the couple a post-wedding party in Los Angeles this summer. Too little, too late??

[Image via Regina Wagner/Future Image/Brian To/WENN.]


Kylie Jenner: Oh God, Is She Pregnant Again?!

You remember those reports from early last month that claimed that Travis Scott was making love to Kylie like a madman, trying to give Stormi a younger sibling?

We dismissed it as rumor at first. But now a report is claiming that their, ahem, hard work has paid off. 

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant again? Already?!

NW‘s cover story is a claim that Kylie Jenner is once again pregnant.

Only four months have passed since Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster.

But, as you’re about to see, their cover shows Kylie … well, she’s at the very least wearing a somewhat oversized sweatshirt.

It would be easy to believe that she’s harboring a baby bump under there.

What’s more, the tabloid claims that — according to their insider — Kylie was not actually expecting to be pregnant so soon.

Apparently, a friend of hers thought that she might be pregnant and Kylie took a test alongside her out of solidarity. That sounds so sweet!

And so she was reportedly shocked when her own result came back as positive.

Kylie Jenner NW cover story

There are three lines of reasoning that would normally allow a person to dismiss a story like this out of hand.

Unfortunately, none of them really work with Kylie.

One, some people can easily take a year to get pregnant. Kylie and Travis would have had only about a month.

But then … we remember that Kylie got knocked up after only seeing Travis for a month, at the longest. So they both clearly have the potential.

Two, it wouldn’t make any sense for a 20-year-old to have her second child with her boyfriend of one year so soon.

But then … none of this made any sense in the first place. Kylie makes decisions differently than we commoners do.

Three, most celebrity parents are happy to announce a pregnancy.

But then … Kylie waited nearly half a year after the story of her first pregnancy broke before confirming anything. She didn’t acknowledge that she was preggo until three days after giving birth.

However, while Kylie’s personal history of fertily, surprising decision-making, and secrecy all makes this story believable …

… There are a few holes in it.

For one thing, as the ever-vigilant folks over at Gossip Cop have noted, that photo of Kylie is from February of 2017.

That was, so that we’re all remembering the timeline of things correctly, back before Kylie was pregnant. By a few months.

While it’s fairly standard to recycle older photos of celebrities — hey, fans love a good visual reference — some are upset to see an older photo seemingly presented as new material.

So … is any of the report true?

Unfortunately, while it’s totally conceivable based upon her history that Kylie is once again pregnant, the anachronistic photo throws the entire story into doubt.

We may never know what really went down with the alleged friend who was dealing with a pregnancy scare.

Reportedly, Kylie had her own pregnancy scare last month — though scare may or may not be the right word for that.

But that, too, is unconfirmed. And that’s sort of what you’d expect from young Miss Jenner.

It is absolutely Kylie’s right to keep her private life private. Her uterus, her business.

That does, however, mean that a lot of people are going to be relying upon stories and reports — some of which have dubious origins.

If Kylie is pregnant, maybe she’ll tell the world this time.

After all, this would be her second pregnancy.

But maybe, just like last time, she will want to keep it under wraps and “special” for as long as possible.

If she one day decides to give Stormi a little sibling, we’ll be excited.

For now … she’s probably feeling overwhelmed enough with her very different lifestyle as a mom.

Perhaps she and Travis will be wise enough to cool their jets for a bit.

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Brody Jenner: The Kardashians Suck! And Caitlyn REALLY Sucks!

Just a few days ago, Brody Jenner officially gained a new member of his family when he married Kaitlynn Carter.

But it appears as if he unofficially lost another member of his family in the process.

Might Brody’s relationship with father Caitlyn have finally reached its true and final breaking point?

This is the strong impression we get after receiving confirmation that Caitlyn did not attend her son’s nuptials.

Jenner and Carter exchanged vows in Nihi, Sumba Island, which is a luxury island resort that’s about 250 miles east of Bali, Indonesia. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

But it also doesn’t get much more annoying and awkward when Brody’s supposedly close family members do not bother to make the trip.

Kylie Jenner wasn’t there. Kendall Jenner wasn’t there. And, most notably, Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t there.

“My two little sisters, we never even heard from them. They never even RSVP’d I don’t think,” Brody previously told People Magazine.

According to Radar Online, meanwhile, Caitlyn did not attend because he did not receive approval from girlfriend Sophia Hutchins.

This couple is allegedly “inseparable,” a source says, and they already had plans for that weekend and Sophia just didn’t feel like going … so that was it.

“It was a big disappointment,” Brody tells People in its latest issue, adding of her famous dad: “Especially considering that she had known about the wedding for a year.”

An insider tells Life & Style, meanwhile, that “Caitlyn canceled her trip at the last minute,” without giving her son a reasonable explanation why.

“She said she had plans she couldn’t get out of and was too busy.”

As it turns out, Caitlyn showed up at Austria’s Life Ball with Hutchins, which is a charity event that supports people with HIV.

It’s a worthwhile cause, but at the expense of your own child’s wedding?

“Everyone was upset,” this tabloid source continues, delving into the history of father and son a bit and adding:

“Caitlyn was a distant dad [when Brody was growing up], and she hasn’t changed at all. She’s still the selfish father she always was.”

Brody, of course, it not very close to his step-siblings.

There’s a reason you’ve never seen him on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“He calls them all his ‘fake-ass-family’ and thinks they’re just like what he calls ‘the Kar-trashians,'” says this same insider, adding:

“He’s so disappointed and hurt.”

This hurt goes back many years.

It was well documented at the time that Brody was unhappy when Kim Kardashian neglected to invite him to her 2015 wedding to Kanye West.  

“I don’t know why Brody is still talking about this,” Kim said on Keeping Up with the Kardashians shortly after this mini scandal went viral.

 “We were very strict about our wedding. There were less than 200 people there,” she continued.

“Everyone else respected that – it’s not a big deal. We love our stepbrothers. It just seems like they are always talking about this divide.”

They’re really not.

But Kim need not worry about this much anymore: we doubt Brody will be talking or thinking about any of the Kardashians or Jenners any time in the near future.

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Are Kendall Jenner & Anwar Hadid DATING??

So what happened to her and Ben Simmons??

According to TMZ, after both attending the CFDA Awards in New York, Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid were spotted making out at an after-party!

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Although the pic is kind of blurry, one can easily see Gigi and Bella Hadid‘s brother’s bleached hair.

According to sources, the two spent 2 hours at Socialista New York kissing and cuddling.

That same night, the KUWTK star posted the following photo of his tattooed hands on Instagram Story:

At around 4 A.M., the supermodel was seen returning to her hotel WITHOUT the youngest Hadid sibling.

Back in October 2016, when Jenner was 20 and Anwar was 17, Kenny posted the following photo of them on social media with the caption, “dibs?”

dibs?A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on Oct 2, 2016 at 5:33pm PDT

Luckily for Kendall (and the law), Anwar is now 18!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]


So Extra — Kris Jenner Was Just Gifted A Champagne Vending Machine From Chrissy Teigen & John Legend!

Kris Jenner just got the most Kris Jenner thing ever!

Her pals Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Jen Atkin, and her husband Mike Rosenthal just gifted the KUWTK matriarch a brand new Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine!

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What do you get the momager who already has it all?? An unlimited supply of CHAMPS!

On Monday, the 62-year-old excitedly shared on Instagram:

Umm thank you @chrissyteigen @johnlegend @jenatkinhair @mrmikerosenthal …When a forklift shows up at my house on Monday morning with a Champagne Vending Machine and an unlimited supply of @moetusa @moetchandon Champagne i am jumping for joy!!! And I’m not gonna lie a little drunk. I LOVE you guys thank you my beautiful friends #ilovechampagne #ilovemyfriends #blessed #luckygirlA post shared by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on Jun 4, 2018 at 11:18am PDT

Hello, Chrissy and Jen? It’s us. Let’s be friends!

[Image via Instagram.]


Brody Jenner Thanks Family Members Who Attended His Wedding

Brody Jenner is on cloud nine after tying the knot with his girlfriend of four years, Kaitlynn Carter. The Hills alum thanked the resort he and the couple’s guests stayed at on the island of Nihi Sumba in Indonesia and those who attended the nuptials.

Celebrity Weddings of 2018

Brody Jenner poses in the Mumm Marquee on Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.
Brody Jenner poses in the Mumm Marquee on Oaks Day at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia. INSTAR Images

“Just want to thank @nihisumba and all of the amazing staff for creating one of the most incredible and memorable experiences of my life. You guys truly deserve being the #1 resort in the world the past 2 years,” he captioned an Instagram video of the stunning destination on Tuesday, June 5.

He added: “Thanks to all my friends and family that came out to celebrate with @kaitlynn and I. Love you all ❤❤ Till next year!!”

Celebrity Destination Weddings

The 34-year-old and Carter exchanged vows in front of several guests, including his mother, Linda Thompson, and his brother Brandon Jenner. However, his father, Caitlyn Jenner, half-siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner and famous former stepsiblings – Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian – were noticeably absent from the festivities.

The former Olympian, 68, instead, attended the Life Ball Welcome party in Vienna, Austria, on Friday, June 1, which helps to promote HIV/AIDS awareness. Kendall and Kylie also received invites but didn’t fly out for the occasion.

Celebrity A-List Honeymoons

“It wasn’t in the cards for Kendall and Kylie to come as Kylie is a new mom and this is a more intimate affair [and it’s a] big ordeal to fly all the way to Bali for the celebration,” a source previously told Us Weekly.

The newlyweds, meanwhile, will celebrate the next chapter once more at a second wedding in Los Angeles.

Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up About the Importance of Austria’s Life Ball Event

Caitlyn Jenner, Life Ball 2018, Vienna, Austria
Caitlyn Jenner attends the Life Ball 2018 welcome cocktail at Le Meridien Hotel on June 1, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

Caitlyn Jenner was in attendance at the Life Ball Welcome party in Vienna, Austria, on Friday, June 1, and she spoke to Us Weekly exclusively about the importance of the event.

Celebrity LGBT Allies

Jenner, 68, arrived for the cocktail hour at Life Ball, which was held at Vienna’s City Hall, to show her support for the fundraising charity event, which helps raise HIV/AIDS awareness. “This is my first time to the Life Ball. First time to Vienna,” she told Us exclusively. “I’m a Life Ball virgin and this is absolutely great.”

“The whole city celebrates this and diversity, diversity is good. They have raised so much money for HIV,” Jenner said about the event, which was founded in 1992. “I have my own foundation that I raise money for and I know how difficult that is and what a great job they’ve done all the years.”

She added: “They’ve really made a difference in the world.”

Kardashian Family Album

This year is the Life Ball’s 25th anniversary. Since it was founded, it has become the largest charity event in Europe supporting people who are living with HIV and AIDS. The former I Am Cait star attended the event alongside her close friend Sophia Hutchins. The reality star looked elegant at the celebration, wearing a black, floral dress with sheer sleeves, black pumps and paired the look with a Gucci handbag. Hutchins, 21, wore a simple black dress and strappy, high-heeled beige sandals.

As previously reported, the Olympian and her close friend headed to Vienna on a flight from New York City on Thursday, May 31.

Kardashian-Jenner Family’s Biggest Controversies and Scandals

“She posed for selfies with other passengers in the ticketing area [while] waiting for the flight,” an eyewitness told Us about the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. The pair “did a loop around the plane through economy and back up” from their first class seats, the insider told Us. “Sophia led the way, clutching a glass of red wine. Caitlyn followed behind her, holding a glass of white. They were smiling and very friendly. Caitlyn would stop and say ‘hello’ and introduce herself to those who wanted to say ‘hi.’” Other celebrities, including Kelly Osbourne, were also on the plane.

The event took place the night before Jenner’s son Brody Jenner married his longtime fiancée Kaitlynn Carter. The pair tied the knot on Saturday, June 2, on the island of Nihi Sumba in Indonesia. His brother Brandon Jenner and mother Linda Thompson were in attendance.

Celebrity News – Us Weekly

Kris Jenner: Khloe Is Coming ‘Home Soon’ for Good!

They’re (almost) on their way! Kris Jenner is ready to have Khloé Kardashian back in L.A. – and it doesn’t seem like she will have to wait that long!

“She’ll be home soon, so it’s really great,” Jenner, 62, exclusively told Us Weekly while attending the American Woman premiere at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Thursday, May 31. When asked if her daughter will be coming back for good, she replied: “I think so! Yes!”

Mommy’s Little Love

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

The Strong Looks Better Naked author, 33, has been in Cleveland, Ohio, with boyfriend Tristan Thompson since giving birth to baby True on April 12.

“Khloé is great! True is too,” Jenner added to Us. “I’ve been FaceTiming with them for the past couple of weeks.”

Days before going into labor, it was revealed that the NBA player, 27, had been cheating on the star throughout her pregnancy. After the scandal broke, Jenner wanted the new mom to return home immediately.

“Khloé shipped everything to Cleveland. She was fully moved in there. She was planning on raising the baby there full time and making that her and her daughter’s home,” an insider previously told Us. “Kris, and sisters Kim and Kourtney all had concerns about her relationship with another basketball player, and now their fears appear to have serious merit. After the living hell that Khloé had to deal with while married to Lamar [Odom] with the constant cheating, her sisters had wanted her to date a non-athlete.”

As of now, the couple remains together but is fighting constantly. “Tristan is completely emotionally and physically exhausted from the cheating allegations,” a source told Us this week. “She doesn’t know how she’s going to rebuild trust in him, She knows her family and friends aren’t supporting him or her right now.”

Celebrity News – Us Weekly