Amy Roloff Prepares for Easter, Hears It from Jesus Fans

Without intending to do so, Amy Roloff has managed to make a plateful of cookies seem controversial.

The Little People, Big World star jumped on Instagram last week to share a delicious looking photo.

It features Amy sitting alone at a table, except for the yummy items in front of her; from mini muffins to some kind of bread and even a few painted eggs.

Amy Roloff Easter Table

“I’m already planning for Easter,” she wrote to open a lengthy caption, continuing as follows:

“It’s a special time and celebration to me because what Jesus did! And I’m with my family. Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen is all about sharing what I love with you.

“Recipes, food and why I love being in the kitchen making delicious baked goods and meals. That gather people together and around the table.”

So… why the aforementioned controversy?

Because Easter is arguably the most sacred and important of all Catholic holidays.

It is meant as a celebration for the surprising resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And Amy is using it as a way to shill for her website and her company?!? Does she have no sense of decorum or respect?!?

So argues a few harsh critics, at least.

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff as a Pair

“Really, Amy?!? Must you exploit this holiday for your own selfish gain?” wrote one follower in response to this post.

The post, meanwhile, goes on a bit more:

I remember how I loved coloring eggs w/ my kids and hiding them before they woke up to find them. And making Easter baskets with something special in it that reminded them what Easter truly is all about. I

’d baked a lemon poppy seed bread (in photo) quiche, cheesecake, honey baked ham and other goodies for our meal. I get excited just thinking about it.

We get hungry just thinking about it.

But some get angry.

“Just stop, Amy,” said another hater. “Of ALL days, this one is not about you.”

In the past, Amy’s daughter also got dragged for using God and religion to pitch her own products.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Valentines 2018

Amy, meanwhile, typically hears it from trolls who don’t approve of her romance with Chris Marek.

But he wasn’t the source of contention this time around.

Concluded Roloff in her caption:

My kids are all grown up now and it’ll be fun to see them with their kids at Easter and start their own traditions. What are some of your Easter traditions and things you make? Check out Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen at

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Have a wonderful almost Spring day.

Roloff also used the hashtags “#amyroloffslittlekitchen,” “#Easter,” “#celebratetraditions,” “#familylife,” and “#sharingourstory.”

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What do you think of this scandal?

Is it really a scandal?

Is Amy just doing what any entrepreneur anywhere would do?

Or should Easter really not be a holiday that gets the hashtag treatment because it is too sacred?

We want to hear your opinion, readers!

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Derick Dillard: My Kids Don’t Need Picture Books, They Need Jesus!

As we all know, Derick Dillard considers allowing trans kids to be themselves is “child abuse.” But have you wondered what he thinks good parenting looks like?

Apparently, he thinks that it looks like two incredibly bored children.

At least, Derick decided to read to his two very young sons the story of Jesus’ birth, directly from the Bible. No photos. And fans were quick to comment with their very strong opinions.

Derick Dillard Reads to his Sons

Derick Dillard captioned his photoset:

“Christmas Eve, reading the Christmas story with my boys. Doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you Jesus!”

For some families, that’s a tradition. For others it isn’t.

Though fans were divided, let’s start with the priase that he earned.

“Beautiful family. God bless you all!”

That’s sweet.

“You are such a great dad, Derick! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.”

We don’t know that a “great dad” would go on social media and repeatedly slam a teenage girl because he disagrees with her identity, but … well, he’s been fired for that.

“I’m not really a religious person. most normal everyday average people I know DO read the Christmas story out of the Bible on Christmas to their children and some not even really religious people do also.”

Interestingly, I’d personally never heard of that tradition, but I believe that plenty of folks do it.

“There is nothing abnormal,” that commenter continued. “About this and how they read the Christmas story Christmas Eve.”

Derick Dillard reads to Israel, Samuel

That same commenter continued:

“I am sure the Duggars have children’s books as well but to come to someone’s page and tell them how to raise their children — takes much gall. Wow”

Another saw criticism of Derick and lashed out:

“Remember, you’re commenting with very sick, wicked souls! These people hate God, His Son Jesus Christ and God’s word. They’re just here to tear down anything Christian!”

That is the sort of paranoia that you see sometimes. If you believe that a critique of one man is an attack against an entire faith, you … probably need to relax.

Another affirmed that they thought that reading directly from the Bible is what they prefer:

“Some of us believe that straight from the Bible is best. Not watered down versions of the Christmas story. Some children’s bible books are excellent don’t get me wrong, however reading straight from Gods word every Christmas is an amazing tradition.”

Derick Dillard Reads a Christmas Story

Others chimed in, suggesting that reading directly from the Bible isn’t ideal with young children, especially when one of the listeners is a literal baby.

“Kids like kid’s books, not old fashioned text. fine if you want to read them the nativity story but at least do it in a format that they understand. kids like pictures.”

Children do enjoy picture books. Especially when they’re still learning words. (Again, Samuel is a literal baby)

“The whole situation is very creepy.”

That comment, we imagine, has less to do with the reading and more to do with Derick using it as a photo op.

“I bet these kids would appreciate having a dad who cares enough about them to get off his lazy butt and get a.job so he can support them as opposed to grifting clueless fans to support them.”

That, of course, is a jab at how Derick Dillard begs fans for cash. Especially now that he’s lost his spot on Counting On.

Another commenter chimed in:

“They aren’t in harm way they grift in Arkansas”

Derick Dillard and his boys on Christmas

Others took issue with Derick Dillard’s parenting.

“Aww! It looked like Izzy was going to hug little Sam before his daddy pulled him away to make him listen to something he can’t fully understand yet.”

Israel and Samuel were clearly more interested in each other (awww!) than in listening to their father read.

“Why aren’t you acknowledging little Sam? Your arm isn’t even around him. At least Izzy and Jill love that sweet baby.”

Derick seemed invested in his little photo op.

“There are so many wonderful children’s books targeted to their ages, which would include pictures and be ever so much more appropriate for these two.”

Derick Dillard Reads on Christmas

If you’re going to do an activity with your children, it should be tailored to your children.

To their interests and their capabilities.

Even a baby as young as Samuel can look at a picture book, and maybe understand a few more words in the process.

Still, it seems like a harmless tradition, and some people — on both sides — got super worked up about it.

Maybe it’s because Derick Dillard himself is such a divisive figure? In which case, we’d question why he doesn’t lay low on social media for a while.

But then we remember that he likes to beg for money and then use those donated funds to go out to dinner.

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Justin Bieber: All About “Following Jesus” These Days

Justin Bieber spent time with Selena Gomez this week, fueling speculation that he and his famous ex-girlfriend are back together.

This doesn’t seem to be the case, however.

Partly because Selena is in a committed relationship with The Weeknd; partly because we can’t imagine she would take Justin back after the way he treated her; and partly because Bieber is also in a committed relationship…

Justin Bieber Just Hangs

… with Jesus Christ.

We don’t mean to sound sarcastic or disrespectful.

It’s been reported for several weeks now by several outlets that Bieber is more focused on his faith than ever before.

Back in July, Bieber canceled the remaining dates on his world tour, allegedly due to his religious beliefs.

The artist has been growing especially close to Hillsong Church leader Carl Lentz for awhile, so much so that fans are worried Bieber will actually give up music for the church.

Referring to Bieber calling off a bunch of concerts this summer, an insider told TMZ the following at the time:

“He made his decision based on spiritual soul-searching and his own view of the path in life he should be taking.”

Hey, if Bieber is happy…whatever, right? That’s what matters.

Earlier today, meanwhile, the superstar made another reference to his faith and the journey he’s apparently on, thanking another church leader, Josh Mehl, for seemingly playing a role in turning his life around.

Justin Bieber and Church Leader

“I have learned so much from you, I’m a better man because of you,” wrote Bieber as a caption to the photo above, adding:

“I’m a better friend because of you. You have been a true example of what Following Jesus looks like and I’m so grateful I get to walk through this life knowing you!”

Pretty powerful stuff.

Just a few weeks ago, manager and close friend Scooter Braun gave an interview in which he detailed just how far Bieber really had plummeted following his drunk driving arrest and other run-ins with the law/paparazzi.

“It was worse than people realized,” Braun said. “I failed him day after day. We were living in hell because he was in such a dark place.”

The music insider said others in the industry told him to give up on Bieber because “the kid was done,” making it clear that Bieber perhaps really did need to change paths.

He was drinking a lot and partying all the time and his career was in danger.

Justin Bieber, Black and White Selfie

So don’t get mad at Bieber for taking a break now.

Don’t pressure him to make new music.

It sounds as though he needed the guidance of a church and various religious leaders to turn his life around and it sounds as though he’s found that.

Just go ahead and wish him luck on his journey in that case.

That’s what we’re choosing to do.

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Dr. Phil Guest: I’m Pregnant With Jesus & I’m Eminem’s Daughter!

Dr. Phil has been on a real role lately.

The walrus-like charlatan of daytime television has been exploiting troubled women for years, but lately he’s stepped up his game up to the point that he’s managed to go viral several times in the span of a few months.

Phil McGraw Sucks

Not bad for a guy who’s been looking down on the mentally ill from his high horse since the ’90s!

First he trended by taking advantage of Shelley Duvall’s mental illness.

Then came the Cash Me Ousside Girl, a phenomenon we still can’t figure out:

Cash Me Ousside Girl on Dr. Phil

And now, there’s Haley (last name not provided), a troubled 20-year-old who caught Phil’s interest with her beliefs that she was pregnant with the second coming of Jesus Christ, and that Eminem was her father.

Haley first went viral when she appeared on the show back in November.

These days, she’s being treated for schizophrenia, and she no longer believes she’s knocked up with the son of God.

She says she’s aware now that what she thought was baby Jesus was really just gas, which is an amusing statement until you remember that Haley is mentally ill and says she “still feels like” she lost a child.

Haley on Dr. Phil: I Thought I Was Pregnant With Jesus

As a therapist, it’s Phil’s job to recognize that Haley is in dire need of long-term medical attention, and that the last thing she needs is to be paraded in front of his audience every two months.

Thankfully, she’s receiving help from actual medical professionals, and she no longer believes she was impregnated through immaculate conception.

She’s inflexible on the Eminem question, however:

Haley on Dr. Phil: Eminem is My Dad!

Clearly, the audience is amused by Haley, but there’s nothing funny about her situation.

In the clip above, Phil gets a chuckle by grilling her about her relationship to Eminem.

When she states that she believes the Phil is both her uncle and the rapper’s father, Phil quips

“Well, I have a son who’s a musician, but it ain’t Slim Shady.”

Haley on Dr. Phil

Ha! Only real doctors like Phil appreciate how truly hilarious schizophrenia really is.

Never change, Phil.

Just kidding, change immediately; you’re terrible.

Can we make Oprah pay some sort of massive public fine for introducing this mustachioed penis to the world?

Seems like someone should have to pay.

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Brandi Glanville Squats Over Baby Jesus, Offends the Internet

Will Brandi Glanville ever be able to stop causing controversy?

We love her to death, but her actions on social media really make us wonder what the heck compels the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star to do whatever she can to remain being talked about. 

She is basically turning into LeAnn Rimes. All she wants is people talking about her. 

Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

I guess that’s what reality TV stars do. 

Her latest update on social media involved her giving birth to Jesus. Yeah, we are not messing around on this one, you guys!

She took to Facebook on Friday night to share one of the most awkward pictures in the history of pictures. 

Have a look for yourself:

Brandi Glanville Squats Over Baby Jesus

“Never forget the reason for the season,” Brandi captioned the picture. 

We really don’t know what to make of it, but I’m sure we can all agree that she went a little too far with this one. 

As you can probably expect, the internet was totally not impressed with her actions and people from around the world quickly shared their views on the matter. 

“You have serious issues,” said one of the comments. That was far from the end of the rant.

“To have the need to use shock value to try and stay relevant and talked about is so sad. Did you honestly think in your warped mind that people would find this funny? You are tasteless, tacky and an embarrassment. I feel sorry for your children.”

Another person took issue with the reality TV star trashing their religion.

“Well what do you expect from a attention seeking reality star. Why don’t you try respecting other people’s religion. Just because you don’t believe does not mean you have the right to disrespect another person’s religion. Wow how low can you go. I guess pretty low.”

As you are probably well aware, Brandi is not the type of gal to just let people trash her, so she started firing some words back at the negative comments. 

“Why is everyone so butthurt?! I guess cause I’m an Atheist this doesn’t bother me in the least bit. But seriously why should people need to “respect” this religion while this religion is so disrespectful to everyone else? Get over yourselves. Seriously.”


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If she’s trying to find a way to get another reality show, she’s going the complete wrong way about it. 

Yes, she may be part of a new cooking show, but all of her efforts after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have not had the longest of shelf lives. 

Get it together, Brandi. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below!

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