Listen To This: The Kids!

Whethan‘s is just 18 years old!! And he’s gonna have a long career! The DJ/producer is inherently cool! Cool without trying! And giving us 2018 meets 1984! Check out his fresh Good Nights feat mascalo above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Whethan! PerezHilton

Derick Dillard: My Kids Don’t Need Picture Books, They Need Jesus!

As we all know, Derick Dillard considers allowing trans kids to be themselves is “child abuse.” But have you wondered what he thinks good parenting looks like? Apparently, he thinks that it looks like two incredibly bored children. At least, Derick decided to read to his two very young sons the story of Jesus’ birth,(…)

Peter Sarsgaard Makes His Kids’ Christmas Presents

Peter Sarsgaard’s holiday presents for his kids are always one of a kind. “They have to be made,” he told Us Weekly exclusively at the New York City premiere of Wormwood on Tuesday, December 12, of handcrafting gifts for Ramona, 11, and Gloria, 5. “The presents have to be made for little people.” Celebrity Holiday Cards Some things that(…)

Google Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding Languages With an Interactive Doodle

Google celebrated the 50th anniversary of Logo, the world’s first programming language designed for kids, on Monday with a Doodle that celebrates kids coding languages and is aimed at teaching children to code. In an interactive Doodle, called “Coding for Carrots,” users help an animated rabbit navigate a block maze. The rabbit hops from block(…)

Brooke Hogan Talks Body Shaming & Impossible Beauty Standards: ‘Kids Are Literally Killing Themselves’

When we talk about body shaming, we don’t often think of being tall and muscular as a vulnerability attacked by bullies. But the sad truth is anything that doesn’t fit into the narrowest of beauty standards is derided by jerks — something of which Brooke Hogan is all too aware. Related: Kylie Jenner Feeling ‘Very(…)

Diplo Calls Out Taylor Swift On Music Streaming: ‘[Kids] Don’t Want To Listen To Look What You Made Me Do, That Music Doesn’t Relate To Them At All’

Don’t hold back, Diplo! The DJ sat down with Rolling Stone this week for a Q&A session in their print edition, and when the topic of music streaming came up, he didn’t hesitate to call out some specific artists he believes aare doing well… and some that could stand to be significantly better. Related: Diplo(…)