Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex-Husband Sues Courtney Love In Attempted Murder Lawsuit!

Frances Bean Cobain‘s ex-husband — Isaiah Silva is suing Courtney Love and others for allegedly orchestrating a plot to kill him in order to retrieve Kurt Cobain‘s guitar from MTV Unplugged.

According to TMZ on Tuesday, on June 3, 2016, Sam LuftiBritney Spears‘ ex-manager — and two other guys allegedly burglarized, robbed, assaulted, sexually battered, kidnapped, and attempted to murder Silva at his West Hollywood Home.

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Allegedly, they entered his property by pounding on his front door, yelling, “Police, open up!” and “LAPD, open the fucking door!”

Lufti allegedly grabbed Silva’s genitals and told him, “Listen f*ggot, calm the fuck down or we’ll drag you upstairs and take turns fucking you.”

Silva says he and his mother were hurt by the alleged incident. He also claims Lufti gave narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines to Frances and Courtney.

Isaiah is also suing John Nazarian, actor Ross Butler, and musician Michael Schenk, and is asking for unspecified damages.

As we reported earlier this month, Frances was forced to give up her father’s guitar as part of her divorce settlement.

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Sandy Hook Parents File Defamation Lawsuit Against Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Over Calling The 2012 Shooting A Hoax!

The parents of two children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre have had enough of Alex Jones accusing them of being “crisis actors.”

Two defamation lawsuits were filed on Monday against the InfoWars host, accusing Jones, a popular conspiracy theorist who has claimed the 2012 shooting was a hoax, of peddling lies that have resulted in death threats.

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The lawsuits — filed by Neil Heslin (above, right), the father of a 6-year-old boy killed in the shooting, and Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, whose child Noah was also killed — are seeking more than $ 1 million in damages from Jones, InfoWars, and Free Speech Systems LLC.

Mark Bankston, the lawyer handling the cases for the parents, told HuffPost:

“Even after these folks had to experience this trauma, for the next five years they were tormented by Alex Jones with vicious lies about them. And these lies were meant to convince his audience that the Sandy Hook parents are frauds and have perpetrated a sinister lie on the American people.”

There are at least two other cases that accuse Jones of defamation.

Over the past few years, Jones has regularly perpetuated the conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook shooting, which left more than 20 people dead, was staged by the government. Like other conspiracy theorists, he has claimed that the parents of the child victims were merely crisis actors hired to sell the story.

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He claimed in November 2016:

“The only problem is, I’ve watched a lot of soap operas, and I’ve seen actors before. And I know when I’m watching a movie and when I’m watching something real.”

Bankston, however, insists the parents are nothing but “genuine.” He told the publication:

“Anyone, parents or not, who spends 15 minutes talking to one of these parents will understand immediately how vile this lie was, and how genuine their pain is.”

Most recently, the InfoWars host has set his sights on Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, whom he has also accused of being a “crisis actor.”

Um… okay Jones.

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Duffer Brothers Slam ‘Meritless’ Stranger Things Ripoff Lawsuit — Here’s Why The Ideas Seem So Similar!

In case you haven’t heard, Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers are at the center of a real life mystery — as they’ve been accused of ripping off their Netflix megahit!

A filmmaker named Charlie Kessler claimed in a lawsuit on Tuesday that he pitched a series version of his 2012 short film Montauk to Matt and Ross Duffer at a 2014 Tribeca Film Festival party — and that they rejected him then stole his idea.

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Now the showrunners are hitting back through their lawyer, who released a statement saying:

“Mr. Kessler’s claim is completely meritless. He had no connection to the creation or development of Stranger Things. The Duffer Brothers have neither seen Mr. Kessler’s short film nor discussed any project with him. This is just an attempt to profit from other people’s creativity and hard work.”

Kessler’s pitch allegedly includes a young boy disappearing, a cop with a haunted past, secret government experiments, and a monster from another dimension that looks like a child’s toy — things that might sound familiar to fans of the show.

But Kessler even says they stole his title — because Stranger Things was originally titled Montauk!

The Duffers have been open about the original title of their show; heck, it’s on the Wikipedia page! They even made this faux retro book cover as part of their pitch:

So how could the two come up with a similar premise and the EXACT SAME title independently??

Well, it’s not from out of thin air… or the Upside Down.

Both were based on the real life Montauk Project conspiracy theory, which has been around since the early 1980s. According to rumors, a government institute in Montauk, New York, conducted strange experiments there. A parapsychologist with “repressed memories” wrote a series of books about it which included teleportation, mind control, aliens, and a hole in time and space.

There was a documentary about it in 2014. It was even featured in an X-Files episode.

Hmm… Seems like a lot of what Kessler is claiming as his own wasn’t even his. As for his actual pitch, we guess a judge will have to decide.

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Stormy Daniels Raises Over $137,000 on Fundraising Page for Trump Lawsuit 

Stormy Daniels created a fundraising page seeking money to pay for legal expenses and potential damages in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump  — and she has already received thousands of dollars in donations.

Stars Who Played the President

“I am attempting to speak honestly and openly to the American people about my relationship with now President Donald Trump and the intimidation and tactics used against me,” Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, wrote on the page, which currently has more than $ 137,000 in donations.

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“There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the funds being raised on this site. First, I want to be clear as to what this money is NOT being raised for,” the 38-year-old porn star continued. “This money is not going to me personally. Ever. It is only being used to cover the legal expenses and potential damages I describe on the home page. If the money is not needed, it will be used pursuant to the crowdjustice guidelines on unused funds as with all other cases on their site. In other words, I am not going to pocket any money. The money is being controlled at all times by my attorneys in a trust account.”

As previously reported, Daniels claimed she had an affair with Trump, now 71, in 2006 and 2007, around the same time his wife, Melania Trump, gave birth to their son, Barron, now 11. The actress signed a “hush agreement” that Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen created just before the Presidential election in 2016, but she claimed in a lawsuit earlier this month that Trump didn’t sign the agreement, which means the contract is invalid On March 12, Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti sent a letter to Cohen saying the adult entertainer would like to return the $ 130,000 payment she received to sign the nondisclosure agreement so she can speak publicly about the alleged affair.

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Daniels added, “Second, if you donate, your donation merely appears as a donation to ‘Crowd Justice’ on your bank or credit card statement.  There is no reference to Stormy Daniels or Stephanie Clifford. Thank you for continuing to support me. “

Avenatti tweeted a link to the page, verifying that it is real. “Here is a link to the official site. All others are imposters,” he tweeted.

The White House denied any sexual relationship between Daniels and Trump.

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Wendy Williams May Face A Lawsuit — Or A Peep Show — For Saying Stormy Daniels’ Vagina Is ‘Worn Out’

Wendy Williams sure knows how to cause a stir and get under people’s skin (or in this case, under people’s lips…?) because Stormy Daniels is PISSED and considering a defamation suit over a quip Wendy made today about the porn star’s lady bits!

It all started earlier today on the Wendy Williams Show when the host herself took a look back at last night’s State Of The Union address by President Donald Trump.

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But in true Wendy fashion, it wasn’t about the politics — it was about the gossip, silly!

Wendy went after both Donald and Melania Trump for the SOTU and other recent controversies before eventually making her way to Stormy Daniels, the porn star’s appearance on late night TV with Jimmy Kimmel, and that reported non-disclosure agreement that’s apparently preventing Daniels from dishing about The Donald.

And that’s when it happened — Wendy alleged on air that Stormy was “all worn out down below.”

Uh-oh. Don’t go after a porn star’s hoo-ha without expecting consequences!

Stormy went on the war path this afternoon, threatening to sue Wendy for defamation over the comment about her cooch, and adding to TMZ (below):

“My vagina is a well trained beautiful athlete that would not have the longest running contract in porn history if she were ugly.”

Whether or not that’s true, that has to be one of the greatest quotes of all time! Ha!!

Video: Melania Is Looking For NEW Love In The Bachelor Parody

And instead of a lawsuit, Stormy hinted she’s also down to drop her drawers and show Wendy exactly what she’s working with — so Wendy herself can judge whether or not it’s beautiful!

Couldn’t Wendy just head over to PornHub and… you know what, never mind! Time for a peep show!!

Seriously, though… defamation suits are pretty hard to prove, and Stormy has a lot on her plate right now, so maybe she won’t end up pursuing this. We’ll see. For now, the threat stands.

Wendy will probably respond tomorrow morning on her show!!

Don’t worry, Stormy — we bet Trump thinks your vagina is beautiful! BIGLY beautiful!

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WHAT?? Wonder Years Star Claims Classic Sitcom Was Canceled Over A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit!

The #MeToo movement may be new, but sexual harassment most certainly is not.

And it can happen on even the most wholesome of productions.

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Alley Mills, who played matriarch Norma Arnold on classic sitcom The Wonder Years, revealed to Yahoo the real reason the show was canceled, something she’s had to keep quiet about for years:

“When we shot the series finale… nobody knew whether or not ‘The Wonder Years’ was going to be renewed. And that’s because of a completely ridiculous sexual harassment suit that was going on against Fred Savage — who is, like, the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the Earth.”

Um, what?? Lil Fred Savage??

As far as the cancelation, who can say for certain — but the sexual harassment suit was real!

It was even written about in a Los Angeles Times article in 1993, long before the Internet could spread it like wildfire.

According to that quiet little write-up, 31-year-old costume designer Monique Long sued producers who she says ignored her complaints that Savage (who was only 16 at the time) and his TV brother Jason Hervey (then 20) were harassing her.

Long claimed Savage “constantly held her hand, asked her to have an affair and made sexual remarks” towards her and that both young men made “sexual and lewd” comments to various women on the crew.

Her suit alleged she was fired as a result of speaking out about the harassment.

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Mills says she was so sure it was untrue she wanted to tell people about it — but she was ordered not to by the studio:

“We had a gag order on us, and I wanted to scream on television, ‘This is ridiculous!'”

She compares it to the current movement — but thinks it should serve as a warning marker:

“It’s a little bit like what’s happening now — some innocent people can get caught up in this stuff; it’s very tricky. It was so not true. It was my dresser, and I don’t care if she’s listening — I probably shouldn’t be telling this, but I don’t care because it was so long ago and it’s gotta be over now.”

See her whole statement on the matter (below):


We wonder how Fred Savage, now 41 and married with three children, will react to his TV mom bringing this back into the light.

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