This Beyoncé Stan Learned The Entire Coachella Dance & It Is SPECTACULAR!

Hey Hive! A Twitter user by the handle @Briyonce (fandom spotted) took to social media with a side-by-side video proving she learned the dance to Beyoncé‘s ICONIC Coachella performance during weekend one. Related: Michelle Williams Reveals Secret Engagement On Wednesday, the stan wrote alongside her work of art: “If you thought I was about to(…)

Meghan Markle Just Learned An Important Royal Family Rule: Absolutely NO Selfies Allowed!

On Friday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went on their first public engagement as a royally engaged couple, and during her meeting with adoring fans and British citizens in Nottingham, Markle learned a key royal family rule: no selfies allowed!! The former Suits star was out and about walking with Harry on their first official(…)

Lessons learned

When editing WORLD during the 1990s and 2000s, I looked at other magazines and saw their cover stories about books their editors had just published. By not even mentioning in WORLD my books or those by culture editor Ed Veith, I felt very noble. WORLDmag.com