Roy Moore Loses Controversial Alabama Senate Election to Doug Jones

Controversial Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore lost a contentious election to Doug Jones in Alabama on Tuesday, December 12, after a campaign marked by allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals The New York Times reports that Moore lost by less than a percentage point to Jones in the special election(…)

Donald Trump Loses Muslim Ban Appeal: Twitter Reacts!

When elected President, Donald Trump claimed that America would win so often that citizens would grow sick of winning.  To date, however, Trump has lost twice in key court rulings. On Thursday night, San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the suspension of the President's travel ban, which prevented people from seven mostly Muslim nations(…)

Celebrity Big Brother Loses ANOTHER Housemate To Health Scare Just One Day After Ray J!

They should just call the series now, tbh… Celebrity Big Brother: All-Stars vs. New Stars hasn’t even been back on the air for ten days and yet they’ve already lost TWO housemates before a single eviction! Following Ray J‘s sudden departure due to a toothache on Tuesday, fellow edited out contestant Brandon Block (above, second(…)