Airport Security Find MASSIVE Stowaway In Passenger’s Luggage!

Airport scandals have taken a sharp turn!! Officials at Boston’s Logan International Airport reported screening a 20-pound live lobster stowed away in a passenger’s luggage! TSA spokesman Michael McCarthy said the lobster was found Sunday in the passenger’s checked luggage, and is the “largest” he’s ever seen. Related: Dennis Rodman Used The Women’s Restroom At(…)

Shocking Video Shows Fiery Plane Crash Survivors Stopping To Grab Their Luggage While Escaping The Flames!

An Emirates Boeing 777 crash landed on Wednesday at the Dubai International Airport. The crash claimed the life of a fireman, but the approximately 300 passengers managed to get off the plane without any life-threatening injuries. Most shocking, perhaps is the fact that before making their escape, many of the passengers stopped to grab their(…)