Roseanne Spinoff: Might It Actually Happen?!?

If at first you succeed, try again.

Such was the thinking behind the Roseanne reboot, which took a classic sitcom and revived it for the year 2018… to surprisingly strong ratings.

But then Roseanne Barr opened her often-racist mouth, ABC canceled the series and now a source alleges that executives are contemplating a second line of thinking:

If at first you succeed, and then you try again successfully until your star proves herself to be an irredeemable dirtbag… well… try again. Again.

In other, less complicated:

A Roseanne spinoff is in the works at ABC.

Insiders close to the situation say that network higher-ups are thinking of re-branding Roseanne and centering it on Sara Gilbert’s character of Darlene.

The thinking is that:

  1. The Roseanne brand still resonates with millions of viewers.
  2. Gilbert is far, far, far less of a terrible person than Barr.

Gilbert has supposedly been calling co-stars to gauge their interest in such a show, with John Goodman described by TMZ as “very interested.”

These same television sources say Tom Werner, who produced Roseanne through his company Carsey-Werner, is involved in the effort to reboot the show around Sara.

Just three days ago, Roseanne quipped about former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, saying she was a mixture of an “ape” and the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

In a statement mere hours later, Channing Dungey, president of ABC, did not hedge in the any way, shape or form when she said the following:

Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.

So that was that… until Roseanne blamed the use of Ambien for her racist remark.

She also went after any colleague who dared to call out her awful viewpoints on life, one of whom was Gilbert hereslf.

Here is what Gilbert said the day Roseanne’s Tweet went viral:

Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show.

I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.

Elsewhere, showrunner Bruce Helford said he was “horrified and saddened” by the insult.

Barr was later dropped by her talent agency ICM Partners; while TV Land, Paramount Network, CMT and Hulu all announced that Roseanne reruns were being yanked.

But would there be interest nationwide in a Darlene-centric sitcom?

It would not lack for publicity, that’s for sure.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, guys!!,” Roseanne Tweeted at one point this week, adding:

“I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet.”

Well, not at least one of those talented actors may end up with an even better job.

But why do we doubt Roseanne will be happy for her?

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Bethenny Frankel: I Might Leave RHONY … Again

Bethenny Frankel had one hell of a year. Personal tragedies like the loss of her dog, Cookie. A falling out with Carole Radziwill. A lot of stress from a lot of sources.

A lot of fans are concerned that Bethenny will quit The Real Housewives of New York City. They might be right to worry.

Bethenny says that the show is draining. Will she leave the cast … again?

Bethenny was part of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City as far back as 2008.

She left in 2010 … only to rejoin the Bravo series in 2014.

She is iconic and has a massive fanbase, but, as she tells The Metro UK, Bethenny still considers leaving the show.

Bethenny says that she thinks about departing “every so often.”

When asked about her future plans, Bethenny is very honest:

“I honestly don’t know.”

She says that the choice to remain part of RHONY‘s cast is a perennial consideration.

“I have to make this decision each season.”

Bethenny does discuss how exhausting reality stardom can be.

“This season was a very emotionally draining one.”

There was more than just appearing on cameras that tired her out, however.

“I took on way too much with the Puerto Rico effort.”

She did a huge amount for Puerto Rico. She’s known for her philanthropy, and she raced to fill the gap when the Trump Administration refused to provide sufficient assistance.

“Combined with motherhood, my career, three renovations, and three TV shows, I hit the wall.”

That happens to everyone. Even to someone as driven and relentless as Bethenny.

“I am very focused on philanthropy and I hit a wall and had to revisit my life, my choices, and my personal happiness.”

Self-care is important.

Bethenny also discussed some new friendships that she forged with a couple of RHONY castmates 

“Bonding happens for different reasons.”

She’s absolutely right.

“This season, Luann and Sonja (and even myself) hit rock bottom in different ways so it formed a connection between us.”

And they sort of grew closer in the process.

“We all needed to make a change in our lives.”

She was particularly impressed by Countess Luann de Lesseps taking control of her life after she was arrested for trespassing and kicking a police officer.

“To be honest, Luann handled her very negative situation in an impressive and graceful way.”

That’s certainly true.

Bethenny continues to praise Luann’s recovery.

“She faced it head on and moved forward. I felt genuine compassion for her and simply felt a connection there.”

As for how their newfound friendship has formed, Bethenny says that it was spontaneous.

“It just happened. I cannot explain it, but that was the evolution of the relationship.”

Hey, that’s how a lot of things happen.

“If you see something, you react. Luann seemed vulnerable and scared and was handling it with dignity and grace.”

That is absolutely true. 

“No matter what she does or has done, if she is honest about it, I can connect to her. Her honesty was what bonded us.”

That’s wonderful! And it would be a great reason for Bethenny to remain on the show.

That said, Bethenny’s fallen friendship with Carole Radziwill has to be weighing on her.

The two simply grew apart as they spent months on end last summer doing very different things.

Carole competed in a marathon, which is great if you like running, but sometimes people move on when they’re not side-by-side.

The fallout from that has led to some palpable tension on RHONY.

But maybe her new friendships will be enough to keep Bethenny onboard for a little while longer, at least.

Let us hope so.

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Gym Selfies on Social Media Might Be Ruining Your Self Esteem

On the list of places you’re likely to see people exercising, social media is perhaps second only to the gym.

Tricia Burke, an assistant professor in the department of communication studies at Texas State University, wanted to know why that is — and what scrolling past all of those workout selfies and half marathon medals is doing to your psyche.

Burke, along with Stephen Rains from the University of Arizona, surveyed 230 people who were active on social media about their thoughts on their own health, fitness and weight; how often workout posts appeared in their timelines; the people posting about exercise; their own tendency to compare themselves to others, and more. The results, which were published in the journal Health Communication, point to a fascinating relationship between health content and those who view it, Burke says.

Compared to people who didn’t see many fitness posts, those who were inundated with workout updates were more likely to be overly concerned about their weight, which may translate to a dip in self-esteem, Burke says. This effect was even more pronounced if the viewer thought of herself as similar to the poster, Burke adds, as perceived similarity may give rise to more side-by-side comparisons about size, fitness and physical ability.

The news wasn’t all bad, however. Among people who described themselves as likely to make “upward” social comparisons — that is, to compare themselves to people they perceived as superior — seeing health-related posts was actually correlated with a positive attitude toward exercise. “It might even be a motivating factor,” Burke says.

The average social media user likely isn’t consciously aware of which camp she falls into, Burke says. The point is more that what people see on social media does have an impact, which may vary from person to person, Burke says.

“A lot of us just kind of scroll through and see things passively,” Burke says. “We might not realize that we are internalizing it, and that it can be affecting our attitudes about ourselves.”

That message is important both for social media consumers and creators — who, Burke found, post about their hikes, bikes and burpees for reasons ranging from accountability to pride to a general tendency to put everything online.

“We should be careful about the way that we’re phrasing things,” she says. “We should be responsible posters and try to have a proactive, pro-health, positive message that makes people feel capable of engaging in these health behaviors.”


Democrats Have So Many Candidates They Could Go Broke. A New Group Might Have the Fix

The Democrats have an unusual problem in the 2018 midterms: they’re drowning in candidates.

An unprecedented surge of competitors running for Congress—many of them women, many of them first-timers—may actually complicate the party’s quest to retake the House. More candidates means more crowded primaries, and crowded primaries means Democratic candidates will spend precious time and money fighting other Democrats instead of Republican incumbents. Democrats risk being choked by their own enthusiasm as Republicans calmly glide towards the general elections.

Most grassroots groups have been so focused on recruiting and training progressive candidates that they haven’t given much thought to how those candidates might cannibalize one another’s campaigns. But SwingLeft, an upstart progressive organization that is trying to flip the House in 2018 by directing volunteers and funding from safely blue precincts to nearby swing districts, is trying something a little different.

Rather than wade into contentious primary contests, SwingLeft is already focused on fundraising for the Democratic nominee in select races—whoever it might be. “If you feel strongly about a candidate, great. But if all you want to do is win back the House, why would you give money that’s going to be spent on a primary?” says Ethan Todras-Whitehill, executive director of SwingLeft. “We’re trying to shift the frame of fundraising. We’re not fundraising for someone; we’re fundraising against someone.” He calls it “hacking campaign finance.”

SwingLeft has set up what it calls District Funds: pots of money that get donated to the Democratic nominee in a targeted race, whoever he or she is, as soon as that candidate wins the primary. So far they’ve raised nearly $ 4 million for the project from over 61,000 individual contributions. Says Todras-Whitehill: “It’s like a Kickstarter, but for districts.”

This fundraising strategy has even spurred some Democrats who are competing against one another to come together and raise money that could wind up in the coffers of their primary opponents. A local group in Virginia’s 10th District is hosting a “Better President’s Day” fundraiser to raise money for the eventual Democratic nominee challenging GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock; the event page says six Democratic primary candidates will be there. In Texas, a Dallas-area SwingLeft group has already raised nearly $ 10,000 for a “Unity Fundraiser” for Democrats challenging Rep. Pete Sessions in Texas’s 32nd district. All seven primary candidates are scheduled to attend.

“They all signed up as soon as we asked,” says Chris Ferguson, a real estate attorney who is organizing the Dallas event. “We’re lucky that we have a slate of really qualified candidates, but to be honest any Democrat that ends up being the nominee is far better than whatever Republican running.” Ferguson says the group asked the primary candidates not to give their stump speeches at the event, and to focus on their common goals instead.

Raising money for not-yet-nominated candidates isn’t a new idea. The progressive fundraising platform ActBlue has been raising money in “nominee funds” since 2004. But they normally attract only a trickle of donations. “It’s always been a hard sell,” says Erin Hill, executive director of ActBlue. “It’s hard to fundraise for a candidate who doesn’t exist.” Until Trump was elected, the most ActBlue had ever raised for nominee funds in an election cycle was roughly $ 116,000, which was distributed across 129 races during the 2008 cycle.

But last year, ActBlue, SwingLeft and the liberal political group Daily Kos teamed up to raise money against Republican members of Congress who were voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Already ActBlue has raised $ 2.6 million in nominee funds from more than 66,000 contributors for the 2018 elections, which they’ll distribute to 252 races as soon as a Democrat is nominated. “I’ve never seen them take off like they’ve had this year,” says Hill of the nominee funds.

Democrats still have their work cut out for them in the money chase. The billionaire Koch brothers have pledged to spend $ 400 million on the midterms, and the Republican National Committee has raised twice as much as the DNC. Yet Democrats have outraised Republicans in a dozen competitive races for open seats analyzed by Bloomberg, and are also performing better with small donors, who gave $ 22.2 million to the DCCC in 2017, more than double the haul brought in by their GOP counterparts.

The new model of raising money for whichever candidate emerges from a primary might be most useful in regions like Southern California, where at least five Democrats apiece are already running to replace retiring Republicans Darrell Issa and Ed Royce. That will create packed primaries sure to drain coffers, dampen morale and cannibalize votes in a state where so-called “jungle primaries”—in which the top two finishers, regardless of party, run against one another in the general election—could help Republicans keep the seats.

“While Democrats fight with each other, Republicans will focus on fighting Democrats — and that’s how we plan to win,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers of the fight to replace Issa. “We look forward to facing whoever limps out of the Democrats’ battle royale: black and blue, and broke.”


You Might Cry Reading Barack Obama’s Hope-Filled Message For The New Year!

As always, Barack Obama is here with a glimmer of hope.

As the year winds down, the former POTUS offered some inspiring highlights from 2017 so that we can head into the next trip around the sun knowing there’s still some good in the world. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is pining for more of the “good old global warming.” Sigh.

On Friday, Barry took to Twitter with a few stories that were covered up by the garbage fire — and we couldn’t be more appreciative of him for bringing them to the spotlight!

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Ch-ch-check out the politician’s uplifting message (below)!

Here’s to Kat Creech, Chris Long, and Jahkil Jackson for making America a better place. We are inspired!

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Taylor Swift’s BF Joe Alwyn Will Join Her On Reputation World Tour: ‘She Really Thinks He Might Be The One’

He’s …Ready For It!

According to an US Weekly source, Joe Alwyn will be joining girlfriend Taylor Swift for a few stops on her upcoming Reputation world tour!

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The insider dishes:

“[Taylor’s] gonna be on tour soon and Joe will be there and she realized there’s no point in not living her life. All her friends know about their relationship anyway.”

In fact, the Shake It Off singer believes the actor “might be the one” and is really “confident” with their partnership!

“She feels confident in their relationship and Joe really loves her. She really thinks he might be the one.”

Out of everything, the songbird loves the fact that the British hunk isn’t using her for fame or “attention.”

“She loves that he is confident and has his own career. She also likes that he doesn’t seek attention and is low-key.”

As we previously reported, last Friday, Joe and Tay were spotted holding hands when they arrived at Madison Square Garden for Jingle Ball in NYC.

Days later, the twosome were seen rocking out to Ed Sheeran at the Jingle Ball in London.

[Image via Lia Toby/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]


Not the time to apologize for the Balfour blunder, Burundi’s departure from the ICC might have a ripple effect, It is time to cut off aid to Burundi, The Mueller investigation sends a ‘sour signal’ to the world, Why I’ll no longer watch ‘House of Cards’

A roundup of global commentary for the Nov. 13, 2017 weekly magazine.

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Kailyn Lowry: I Might Not Name My Baby For MONTHS!

We may not know Kailyn Lowry’s exact due date, but based on social media clues, it seems she’s set to give birth any day now.

It’s an exciting time for fans, especially as there’s an element of surprise involved.

As you may know, the Teen Mom 2 star has been so tight-lipped about her pregnancy that for the first few months, we didn’t even know the identity of Kailyn’s baby daddy.

We still don’t know anything about the name or gender of Kailyn’s baby, but there’s a good reason for that:

It seems Kailyn doesn’t have that information herself.

As with her first two children, Kailyn won’t be learning the gender in advance of welcoming the baby.

As for a name, well … that’s a bit more complicated.

On Twitter, Kailyn has dropped hints about the baby’s name, revealing that she likes “last names as first names” and would consider a moniker like Murphy in the case of a girl.

But at the end of the day, she still hasn’t decided … and it might be quite some time before she does.

Kailyn Lowry Tweet

Kailyn tweeted the above screen shot over the weekend, and we think it’s safe to say she’s having some trouble zeroing in on a fitting moniker.

It seems Lowry was relieved to learn that she has 60 days after the birth to choose a name for her new son or daughter.

She seemed to have no such difficulty with her first two kids, but then again, in each of those cases Kailyn had some help.

Lowry has broken up with Chris Lopez, the father of ther third child, and it seems the former couple has little contact with one another these days.

Insiders say Kailyn and Chris only dated for a few weeks, and he has no desire to be a part of his child’s life.

Sources close to Kailyn say he has promised to fulfill his financial obligation to her, but wil not appear on Teen Mom 2 or serve as a father figure to the child.

So we guess it’s no great surprise that Kailyn is struggling to come up with a name for her baby.

The girl no doubt has an awful lot on her mind these days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to catch up on all things Kailyn.

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