Mike Pence Once Ratted Out His Entire Fraternity To The Dean For Throwing A Kegger

Every party has a pooper — and it’s no surprise Mike Pence has been a steaming pile of lame long before he became Vice President. According to a new profile by The Atlantic, Pence once ratted on his fraternity brothers for having a keg party on Hanover College‘s dry campus so HE wouldn’t get in(…)

Billy Baldwin Claims Donald Trump Once Hit on His Wife Chynna Phillips

Billy Baldwin is claiming that President Donald Trump once hit on his wife, Chynna Phillips. During a Twitter exchange with Donald Trump Jr., the actor said that his wife’s encounter with the real estate mogul happened at a party the couple had at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Donald Trump’s Family: His Kids, Grandkids, Wives(…)

OMG, Rose Leslie Once Made Kit Harington Wear A Store-Bought Jon Snow Costume!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have a fun relationship! In case you hadn’t seen the video of Kit’s awful April Fools prank on his new fiancée… well, it’s something else. We’re not sure if this was the direct result, but it definitely sounds like sweet revenge to us. Related: Kit & Rose Confirmed Their Engagement(…)

Manchester Attack: Once Upon a Time Cast Pays Tribute to Georgina Callander

With news continuing to leak out concerning the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert, we’ve come across the following unique piece of information: One of the 22 victims who died in a bomb set off by Salman Abedi had recently met members of the Once Upon a Time cast. Georgina Callander,(…)

James Comey Once Tried To Blend In With White House Curtains To Avoid Donald Trump — Watch!

Poor James Comey! Reports have emerged telling the story of the long-suffering former FBI Director hiding from Donald Trump in the curtains of the White House Blue Room. And there’s video footage! Related: Someone Matched Donald’s Team To The Real Housewives The event occurred on January 22, when Drumpf hosted a ceremony to honor law(…)

Scott Disick Reveals He Once Proposed to Kourtney Kardashian — Find Out What Happened to the Ring!

Scott Disick confirms in Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that he did indeed propose to ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian. "I have a question: Does Kourtney know that you got her a ring to propose?" Kim Kardashian asks Disick in the clip after Disick tells Kourtney’s sister that they’re getting along again. This article(…)

Sylvester Stallone Reveals He Once Sold His Dog Butkus When He Was Broke, Bought Him Back for $15K

It’s been a rocky road to success. Sylvester Stallone shared two sweet throwback photos of himself with his dog Butkus to Instagram on Thursday, March 30, recalling the time he had to sell his furry pal in order to buy This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Sylvester Stallone Reveals He Once Sold His Dog Butkus(…)

Jessica Chastain Reveals A Director Once Told Her To Shut Up About ‘Women Stuff’

Jessica Chastain has been fighting for gender equality for a long time now. Lately she’s been getting frustrated with the lack of forward momentum. In a new interview for American Way magazine, the actress expresses this exasperation, relating how people around her also seem to be encouraging her to stay silent. Related: Jessica Covers W(…)