Mind-controlled device helps stroke patients retrain brains to move paralyzed hands

Stroke patients who learned to use their minds to open and close a plastic brace fitted over their paralyzed hands gained some ability to control their own hands when they were not wearing the brace, according to a new study. The participants, all of whom had moderate to severe paralysis, showed significant improvement in grasping(…)

Designing value-based health systems for patients: The example of pain control and palliative care

Health systems strengthening efforts have focused on enhancing performance without significant attention to what value means to the ultimate users of the system–patients. Generating metrics that can better drive health systems in a manner that places patients at the core is an ethical, health and economic imperative. In fact, measures that comprehensively assess patient experiences,(…)

Cholesterol production could drive resistance to anti-hormone treatment in patients with ER+ breast cancer – and statins might help

In a new study published today in leading journal Breast Cancer Research, scientists at the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, have… Breast Cancer News From Medical News Today