‘He Wanted to Find Peace.’ Avicii’s Family Gives Details of the Swedish DJ’s Personal Troubles

The family of Tim Berling, the Swedish DJ and producer known as Avici who was found dead last Friday at the age of 28, has released a statement saying he “could not go on any longer” and “wanted to find peace.” The cause of death has not been made public but police said they found(…)

Audrey Roloff Extends Peace Offering to Jacob Roloff… But Does He Accept?

According to a new report, Audrey Roloff recently took a break from sending messages about marriage, family and God to do something else on social media: Reach out to her brother-in-law. About two months ago, rumors first surfaced that Audrey and Jacob Roloff did not exactly see eye-to-eye. Or nose-to-nose. Or ear-to-ear. Or really any body(…)

Trump’s Jerusalem decision deprives US of leverage in peace talks, Trump sheds a presidential mask, Leave no one behind in the global clean energy transition, Rape by Myanmar’s armed forces must be addressed, The West’s hand in the Libyan slave market

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Why the #MeToo campaign is just the beginning, Hillary Clinton should have eaten humble pie, Lessons for European leaders from Catalonia, Iran is not a broker of peace and stability, How to fix Africa’s absence from the Nobel Prize

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Trump Tests the Waters for Middle East Peace in a Meeting with Mahmoud Abbas

(BETHLEHEM, West Bank) — Testing the waters for Middle East peace, President Donald Trump traveled Tuesday through the barrier ringing biblical Bethlehem to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The White House has downplayed the prospect for a significant breakthrough on the peace process during Trump’s visit, his first overseas trip as president. Still,(…)

President Trump Lands In Israel as Hopes for Peace Fall on Uncertain Ground

(RIYADH, Saudi Arabia) — Having declared that finding a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is “maybe not as difficult as people have thought,” President Donald Trump makes his first visit to Israel with few concrete ideas of solving a problem that has vexed presidents for decades. Trump, fresh off two days in Saudi Arabia, journeyed(…)

Read Hillary Clinton’s Georgetown Speech on Women’s Role in Peace and Politics

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday honored the role of women in global politics and implored the Trump Administration not to retreat from making the U.S. a leader “on behalf of peace in the world.” “This Administration’s proposed cuts to international health, development and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children(…)