One Person Dead After Late Night Fight, Shooting Outside Yo Gotti Concert In Kansas City

So sad…

One man has died after a shooting erupted in the parking lot outside a Yo Gotti concert late Friday night in Kansas City, Missouri, according to reports out this morning on TMZ.

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The victim — still unidentified publicly by law enforcement — may have been part of a group of people that had gotten in a fight as part of a large crowd outside the concert venue at about 11:30 p.m. last night.

Witnesses on scene reported that a melee broke out between multiple people, and in the middle of it, someone fired a gun.

By the time police and paramedics reached the scene, all they could do was pronounce the victim deceased.

Other details still coming in are sketchy, but law enforcement notes the timing and proximity likely means those involved in the shooting were there for the concert.

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We’ll update this report as more info becomes available.

R.I.P. to the person who lost their life to this last night; our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and loved ones.

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Jay-Z: I’m a Better Person After Cheating on Beyonce

Like most of America, we’re all still reeling with the knowledge that someone bit Beyonce … and reveling in the mystery of who it might have been.

But long before someone tried to start the Beyhive version of the apocalypse, someone else wronged Beyonce. Her husband, Jay-Z, famously cheated on her.

In a brand new interview, he’s opening up about the work that he put in to try to make things right.

Netflix has a series titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

David Letterman hosts it. One such guest who needs no introduction is Jay-Z. Even if he weren’t the most famous rapper in the world, his wife is a pop singer who is so widely revered that she’s almost been deified.

Letterman’s own affairs are almost as notorious as Jay-Z’s.

While Letterman didn’t write a confessional album about his adultery and while he also didn’t have his sister-in-law clean his clock in a famous elevator video, he was known for having affairs with members of his own staff.

He opens with that, and mentioning that he feels that he’s a better person now after going through all of that.

Which Letterman then uses to segue into his question to Jay-Z, asking if that “rings a bell.”

It does, Jay-Z more or less says.

“I want to have the emotional tools that it takes to keep my family together.”

That’s a very intelligent way of phrasing that.

“And much like you, I have a beautiful wife who’s understanding and knew I’m not the worst of what I’ve done.”

Well, let’s not go comparing Beyonce’s beauty to that of other women. Pretty sure that several Greek tragedies start that way.

“We did the hard work of going to therapy and you know, we love each other, right?”

Therapy can work wonders, for individuals and for couples. Just because it’s not for everyone doesn’t mean that it’s not helpful for most people.

“So we really put in the work.”

Jay-Z continues his answer, speaking of his relationship with his wife.

“Like you, I like to believe we’re in a better place today.”

That’s wonderful to hear.

But he says that he and Beyonce are “still working and communicating and growing.”

Marriage’s challenges evolve with time, which is why relationships that once worked beautifully can fall apart over time.

In some ways, it almost sounds like Jay-Z is saying that he’s a better person than he’d have been if he hadn’t cheated on Beyonce.

(But that sounds like a chicken-and-egg situation, since surely a worse Jay-Z would have still cheated)

It’s not just that Jay-Z doesn’t want to lose his wife. He doesn’t want to fracture his family, which now includes three children, over something like meaningless sex.

He risked all of that, and spoke about it pretty directly in his confessional album, 4:44.

Jay-Z does agree with Letterman’s sentiment, saying that he feels like a better person now.

He says that he is “proud of the father and the husband that I am today because of all the work that was done.”

That’s wonderful.

On a slight pivot, Jay-Z talks about his troubled relationship with Kanye West.

“That’s my brother. We’re beyond friends.”

Does that mean that the feud between Jay-Z and Kanye is over? Not necessarily.

“And, like your little brother, things happen sometimes.”

He then asks Letterman if he has any siblings and if they’ve ever had a falling out, to which Letterman replies: “I’ll let you know when it’s over.”

“Exactly!” Jay-Z says. “It’s exactly like that. That’s your sibling forever.”

That’s very illuminating. And, among celebrity feuds, very unique.

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This Guy Did It! He Found the “Worst Person in the World!”

Ryan Case, Emmy Award-winning editor of Modern Family, was recently on board a flight apparently to Las Vegas.

On its own, this is a mundane subject.

But case happened to not only encounter someone he dubbed the "Worst Person in the World" for her mid-flight behavior…

… he subsequently Tweeted every detail as it took place in order to make sure everyone understand how how awful of an individual he was talking about.

In short: She was REALLY awful.

This is why:

1. I Found Her!

Worst ever
Strong start here by Case to his Twitter tale, as he tells us up front just who he encountered on his flight.

2. More Like Hawaii 5-NO!

Sorry for the obvious pun. But you’ll soon understand what inspired us to make it.

3. An Inebriated and Obnoxious Mea Culpa

Drunk sorry
Her struggle is real, people. And it isn’t sober, either.

4. Pretty Sure You Don’t Even Need Another Single, Lady

Rum slash coke
Go go ahead and shoot your shot, I suppose. Times two, apparently.

5. The David Guetta?!?

Oh. Wait. Sorry: I don’t care.

6. The Murder Will NOT Be in Self-Defense

I may kill her
But it will still be justified, trust me.

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Bekah Martinez: Photos of Bachelor Nation’s Hottest Missing Person!

In the end, Bekah Martinez didn't win Arie's heart on The Bachelor. And it's Becca Kufrin, she of the two Cs, who was selected to become the next Bachelorette.

But Bekah won over the viewers, the Bachelor Nation, as an easy fan favorite.

It doesn't take an insider to predict that we'll be seeing more of Bekah, her cute dimples, and her outspoken opinions in the future.

And speaking of seeing more of Bekah …

This absolutely gorgeous young woman is social media savvy, and she's not camera shy. Her Instagram feed is a real treat.

She's even going topless, pushing the boundaries of what is even allowed on that platform.

Take a look at some of her most salacious photos.

1. Bekah is young, fun, and … did we mention, young?

Bekah from the bachelor
Bekah caught a lot of attention for her youth as she competed for Arie’s heart.

2. Here’s her official photo

Bekah martinez for abc
When it comes to The Bachelor, official photos can be hit-and-miss. Hers is good, but it doesn’t compare to her own pics.

3. She has some opinions

Bekah martinez casting photo
Like most viewers, Bekah was hoping that Season 22 of The Bachelor would be all about Peter Kraus. And she wasn’t afraid to flaunt some sideboob if it meant getting a piece of that action.

4. She’s just so cute

Bekah martinez on instagram
Fans don’t have to thirst after Bekah — though plenty do — in order to be taken in by her charm. She’s just darling.

5. Sure, Bekah’s young, but she’s not a child

Bekah martinez drinks champagne
She’s old enough to drink, which is what she’s doing in this photo. It’s champagne, folks.

6. She always keeps in touch with her friends

Bekah martinez on facetime
Except for that one time when she was out of contact with her mom for a few days and her mom … reported her as a missing person. Whoops.

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Demi Lovato Says What We’re All Thinking About Donald Trump’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Runner-Up Status!

Yes, Donald Trump wasn’t named Time‘s Person Of The Year.

But he came pretty damn close — and that’s so not okay. This is the stance that Demi Lovato has taken following the release of the celebrated mag’s Person Of The Year issue.

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As we previously reported, Time chose to honor “Silence Breakers” this year as it featured prominent women who’ve taken a stand against sexual assault — including Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift, etc. Sadly, POTUS came awfully close to nabbing the prestigious title as he landed himself in the runner-up position.

This has, understandably, ruffled a few feathers as the Commander-In-Chief has been hit with sexual misconduct allegations from 16 women. Please note that the Trumpster has denied the claims and dubbed them “fake news.” Yeah okay, bro.

Lovato was one of the prominent voices who criticized the mag as, on Wednesday, the former Disney darling wrote:

We mean, Demi DOES make a good point. Nonetheless, the stance of the magazine is that the POTY title goes to the person or group that influenced news and/or events of the past year. Whether it’s for “better or worse.”

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Demi??

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]


Time Person of the Year: Who are the “Silence Breakers?”

Time Magazine has confirmed its selection for Person of the Year for 2017…

… and the honor goes to a number of very brave people.

Indeed, editors have chosen the entire #MeToo movement as this year's recipient, singling out a number of women in particular who have spoken out against sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace.

It has referred to these women as the "Silence Breakers."

Scroll down for a detailed look at each of the individuals featured in the year-end issue and join us in applauding all the victims who have realized over the past few months that they are not alone…

1. The #MeToo Movement

Time person of the year 2017
“This is the fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women, and some men, who came forward to tell their own stories of sexual harassment and assault,” Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said when making the reveal. “The image you see partially on the cover is of a woman we talked to, a hospital worker in the middle of the country who shared her story with us and some others but doesn’t feel like she can come forward without threatening her livelihood.”

2. Who are the Silence Breakers?

Who are the silence breakers
Women the magazine has singled out for their loud and courageous voices during this unique and important time in America. Let’s meet them…

3. Tarana Burke

Tarana burke
Burke actually began”Me Too” over a decade ago to assist women, “particularly young women of color from low wealth communities,” who have been sexually abused, assaulted, exploited or harassed.

4. Susan Fowler

Susan fowler
The ex-Uber engineer took a major risk in February when she went public with her story of mistreatment at the company. In a blog entry, Fowler showed screenshots of chat messages in which her direct supervisor “was trying to get me to have sex with him” to human resources.

5. Sara Gelser

Sara gelser
An Oregon state senator, Gelser detailed in an official complaint filed in November a years-long pattern of unwanted touching and sexual harassment by Senator. Jeff Kruse, emphasizing that at least 15 women have similar experiences. The statehouse launched an investigation and relieved Kruse of his committee assignments as a result.

6. Adama Iwu

Adama iwu
A lobbyist for Visa, Iwu said she was groped in front of co-workers and organized an open letter signed by 147 women to call out sexual harassment in California’s state politics. The letter launched a state-senate investigation.

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Time Magazine Names The #MeToo Movement Their Person Of The Year!

We are SO about this decision.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that the anti-harassment #MeToo movement has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. This decision comes amid the MANY sexual misconduct scandals that have plagued both the entertainment industry and politics.

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In case you missed it, following the explosive exposés about sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, Alyssa Milano rallied thousands to open up about their experiences with harassment and/or assault in order to prove that the filmmaker’s abuse wasn’t an uncommon thing in society. Using the hashtag #MeToo, numerous people came forward to out heavyweights near and far for their sexual misconduct — including Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Brett Ratner, etc.

Ironically, the announcement was made on NBC‘s Today, where longtime host Matt Lauer was recently ousted for his “inappropriate sexual behavior” with a colleague. Be sure to watch the announcement (below)!

The #MeToo movement’s founder Tarana Burke joined Milano on Today in order to talk about the grassroots movement. See highlights from their appearance (below).

These ladies are SUCH an inspiration.

While the #MeToo movement certainly caused a firestorm throughout the country, actual public figures were considered for the prestigious title. Finalists included Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

What are YOUR thoughts on the Person of the Year selection? Do you agree with the choice?

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via NBC/Twitter.]


Al Franken Continues To Deny Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Says ‘I’m A Warm Person, I Hug People’

We’re sure Senator Al Franken wants to save his job and his reputation, but this excuse and new “statement” denying sexual assault allegations is just… pathetic.

As we’ve been reporting, several women have come forward to accuse the Senator from Minnesota of unwanted touching and groping at various points throughout his political career, and it’s what he’s now saying in response that is raising some eyebrows.

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On Thanksgiving Day, Franken released a full statement responding to the women that have accused him of unwanted touching.

Here is his supremely sketchy and bizarre statement (below):

“I’ve met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs, often in crowded and chaotic situations. I’m a warm person; I hug people. I’ve learned from recent stories that in some of those encounters, I crossed a line for some women — and I know that any number is too many. … Some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate, and I respect their feelings about that. I’ve thought a lot in recent days about how that could happen, and recognize that I need to be much more careful and sensitive in these situations.”

Uh… what? You’re a warm person, and you hug people? Do you GROPE them when you hug?!

WTF, man???

What a bizarre, lame excuse of behavior — especially behavior that sounds like, gee, there might be a pattern here. Come on, Franken!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via WENN.]


‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Discuss Baby Names, Whether Their Child Will Be a Little Person: Watch

Brainstorming for baby names! Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, are getting ready for the birth of their first child, and in an exclusive clip of Little People, Big World, the couple discuss possible names. Watch it

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