Brad Pitt Hopes His Summer Plans Will Help With Custody Agreement

He’s a man with a plan. Brad Pitt is committed to making time for his children with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. In fact, the Oscar-winning actor rearranged his summer filming schedule to carve out quality time with his brood. Most Shocking Celebrity Splits “He chose a project that films in Los Angeles,” a source reveals in(…)

Neri Oxman Steps Out Amid News of Brad Pitt Romance

Neri Oxman in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 18, 2018. Patriot Pics/BACKGRID Looking chic. Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend, Neri Oxman, was spotted out and about on Wednesday, April 18, heading to teach a class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Celebrity Couples and How They First Met: Love Story Beginnings The MIT professor, 42, was walking(…)

Angelina Jolie: PISSED About Brad Pitt Dating Neri Oxman!

It’s been 18 months since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated, and in that time, the tabloids have connected both parties to just about every unattached celebrity in Hollywood. The rumors have run the gamut from utterly ridiculous to thoroughly plausible (who didn’t want to believe that Brad was back together with Jennifer Aniston?) But(…)

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Are MARRIED, Tabloid Claims!

We’re sure you’ve heard the rumors by now. Ever since the world learned that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have parted ways, social media wishful thinkers and tabloid columnsts alike have been endlessly fixated on one possible cause for the split. Yes, some folks seem genuinely convinced that Aniston is back together with Brad Pitt.(…)

Justin Theroux Found Post-Its From Brad Pitt During Jen Aniston Marriage 

Fans have always longed for ’90s golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to get back together — something Justin Theroux became keenly aware of two years ago when he found love notes Aniston had saved from the heartthrob, a source recalls in the new issue of Us Weekly.  Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: The(…)

Fans Think Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Will Get Back Together Now

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt round two? Some Twitter users seem convinced that her split from Justin Theroux is going to lead to a reconciliation with her ex-husband. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Split: Revisit Their Sweetest Quotes About Each Other “WHAT IF JENNIFER ANISTON AND BRAD PITT START DATING  #dead #JenniferAniston #BradPitt,” one user(…)

Brad Pitt: Partying at Nightclubs as Friends Fear Relapse

Back in May, following months of rumors about his personal life and the state of his mental health, Brad Pitt admitted to struggling with a drinking problem and seeking treatment for substance abuse. In a surprisingly candid interview with GQ, the 53-year-old Pitt revealed that he had been drinking heavily since college and couldn’t recall going(…)

Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller Have Been ‘Spending Some Time Together’

The past nine months haven’t been kind to Brad Pitt. In the wake of his much-publicized split from Angelina Jolie, newspapers and gossip blogs painted him as the villain, claiming he’d had an affair with Allied costar Marion Cotillard and This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller Have Been ‘Spending Some(…)

Brad Pitt Takes Chris Cornell’s Kids to Universal Studios, Gives Us All the Feels

Folks, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we think it’s safe to say it’s been a bit of a tumultuous year. Sure, 2017 hasn’t hit quite as hard as 2016 in terms of untimely celebrity deaths, but as we approach the halfway mark, there’s no question that some of the bonafide greats have(…)