Donald Trump Jr. Says His Wife Is Safe After Unidentified White Powder Letter

Donald Trump Jr. revealed his wife, Vanessa Trump, and their children are safe after receiving a suspicious letter that contained an unidentified white powder. Celebrity Health Scares “Thankful that Vanessa & my children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary situation that occurred this morning,” Trump Jr. tweeted on Monday, February 12. “Truly disgusting(…)

You Can Get High From Snorting Chocolate Powder Now! (But You Really Shouldn’t!)

Being a chocoholic may soon be a much more serious affliction… Because now you can skip that lame old mouth and just snort the chocolate right up your nose into your bloodstream! The company Legal Lean has taken the European club trend of snorting cocoa powder and pushed it further with Coco Loko. The chocolate(…)

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company Voluntarily Recalls Organic Baby Powder Due To Concerns Of Skin & Eye Infections

Better safe than sorry! Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company announced on Wednesday that it will be voluntarily recalling the organic baby powder, which first hit stores last April, due to concerns that the product may cause eye and skin infections. Yikes! In a video posted to the company’s website, co-founder Christopher Gavigan said routine testing(…)

People Are Snorting Chocolate

Cocaine and other illicit substances have long-fueled the European nightlife scene, but now, thanks to a handful of events throughout the region, club kids are beginning to give the term “nose candy” a more literal meaning. There are certain images that come to mind when you hear a sentence that includes the words “powder” and(…)