Disability Advocates Forcibly Removed From Senate Protest Say It Was Worth It: ‘We Have the Right to Live’

Stephanie Woodward, a disability advocate who was forcibly removed from the U.S. Capitol while protesting the controversial Senate health care bill on Thursday, said it was worth it because “the lives of millions of people with disabilities are on the line.” “I genuinely believe that thousands, if not millions, more people in our nation now(…)

Thousands March In The Streets Of Brussels To Protest Donald Trump’s Visit To The Belgian Capital!

Add the Belgians to the long list of people who hate Donald Trump! On Wednesday, thousands of protestors flocked to the streets of Brussels in order to protest the visit of Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The President and First Lady arrived in the capital city of Belgium this week, which was surprising since(…)

Adorably Badass Kids Protest Donald Trump’s Rally, And Twitter Can’t Get Enough!

A protest doesn’t require a big turnout to go viral… if the protest happens to be a gang of bicycle-riding youths with more attitude than Sean Spicer at a press conference. That’s what we took from the meteoric rise to internet fame of the #717BikeLife kids, who took Twitter by storm posing on their bikes(…)