Blac Chyna Claims Kardashian Conspiracy Caused Cancellation Of Her Reality Show With Rob!

Y’all ready for a good Kardashian konspiracy?!

Blac Chyna is apparently out here claiming through legal documents that her show Rob & Chyna was canceled by E! after the Kardashian family threatened the network that they would take away Keeping Up With The Kardashians unless Chyna got booted. Whoa!!!

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Per TMZ, Chyna has filed documents alleging this act and more, while claiming that season one of her show with Rob Kardashian actually did better than KUWTK in ratings… and season two scenes were already being shot.

But BC says that in January of 2017, a “key meeting” took place between E! execs and the Kardashian family, during which the Kardashians allegedly pressured the network to end her show.

Chyna also claims that the family “falsely claimed” that she had been physically abusive towards Rob.

Of course, the Kardashians have long claimed the show’s ratings just weren’t that great — hence the cancellation.

But Blac Chyna believes there’s a paper trail out there documenting the conspiracy… and she wants in on it.

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That’ll be a fun one to unearth, if it’s true…

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Kim Kardashian & The Most Successful Reality Stars

Kim Kardashian West and her KarJenner fam aren’t going anywhere.

What started out as just a reality TV venture years ago, has transformed into a literal empire. We mean, you can’t open a magazine or watch TV without seeing one of their faces. Whether you like them or not, Keeks and her family are successful AF!!

However, the E! personalities aren’t the only ones who’ve taken reality TV fame and turn it into something more. Discover the other notable reality TV success stories for yourself (below)!

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The Greatest Reality TV Villains Of All Time!

Oh, yes, Arie Luyendyk Jr. … it’s absolutely you, buddy!!

Arie found love with Becca Kufrin at the end of The Bachelor this season before he went all “LOL JK” on the poor girl and chose Lauren Burnham in a really wild, sort of unprecedented switch-a-roo for the always-dramatic reality show.

And for that, the former race car driver-turned-real estate agent raced his way right to the top of a very good (or very bad?) list… of the greatest reality TV villains of all time!!!

There are some reality TV CLASSICS on this list! Including one other name from the most recent season of The Bachelor… See if you can guess who that might be real quick, and then click, click, CLICK (below) to see the full list!!!

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CLICK HERE to view “​The Greatest Reality TV Villains Of All Time!”

CLICK HERE to view “​The Greatest Reality TV Villains Of All Time!”

CLICK HERE to view “​The Greatest Reality TV Villains Of All Time!”

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Jessie J Is Still Dominating That Chinese Reality Singing Competition!

You go, Jessie J!!!

The star singer is still doing her thing on that Chinese reality TV singing competition appropriately called Singer, and we’re getting more new looks at her recent performances just like this one (above)!!!

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As we’ve been reporting over the last month, Jessie J has been literally setting records on this reality show, so we can only assume more good things are coming for her moving forward.

Regardless, this is all pretty great for her!!!

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Jessie J Is DOMINATING This Chinese Reality TV Singing Competition!

Don’t sleep on Jessie J!

The singer just made history on a Chinese reality singing competition called Singer by being the first person to top the vote THREE weeks in a row!

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Jessie has been putting out seriously good performances week after week on the hit show that’s sweeping across the largest nation in the world — and it sounds like she’s shocked to be doing it!!

During the reveal vote in her historic third week in first place, she reportedly said:

“I don’t know what to say. I honestly never win anything.”

Awww!!! Girl, you’re winning now!!!

Ch-ch-check out some of her performances on the show (below)!!!


Good for her!!!

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Virtual reality goes magnetic

The success of Pokémon GO made many people familiar with the concept of ‘augmented reality’: computer-generated perception blends into the real and virtual worlds. So far, these apps largely used optical methods for motion detection. Physicists have now developed an ultrathin electronic magnetic sensor that can be worn on skin. Just by interacting with magnetic fields, the device enables a touchless manipulation of virtual and physical objects.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

White House says the move is a ‘recognition of reality,’ while allies warn it will threaten regional stability

President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday and direct the State Department to begin the process to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, senior administration officials said. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Kylie Jenner: Refusing to Film Reality TV Series?

Kylie Jenner’s reality TV series might be going the way of Rob & Chyna. By that, we mean it’s probably going to be a steaming pile of garbage that still manages to pull in solid ratings. 

Life of Kylie has been in production for a while now, but apparently, insiders of the show are furious with the way the 19-year-old has been acting. Hey, it’s not like anyone ever compliments a Kardashian for the way they act. 

We’re convinced Kris Jenner holds weekly classes with her brood to make sure they know what their plan is to stay in the headlines for the week. With Kris resorting to promoting healthy tea products on social media, the family must be in dire straits. 

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you will already know that Kylie Jenner is one of those teenagers who gets everything she wants. 

That’s sort of what happens when you are brought up in front of reality TV and you have a life that most would kill for. As sad and pathetic as it sounds, Kylie’s blatant attempts to get in the headlines are probably brought on by her desire to be the biggest celebrity in the family. 

Just like her brother, Rob Kardashian did during the production of his own series, Kylie has allegedly been holding up the shooting of Life of Kylie and has even been skipping out on production some days. 

Jenner “refuses to go into the studio and do her pickups,” a source close to production revealed to Radar.

We always here things about the Kardashians being difficult people, and we’ll be taking these claims with a pinch of salt. There’s no confirmation of it. 

“It is like Kylie doesn’t even care, she just ignores any schedule that dictates when she is supposed to be in the studio.”

Being in production, it takes a lot to set filming days up, so you can only imagine the looks of disgust Kylie must be getting if this is, indeed, how she’s been acting. 

“Kylie just doesn’t show up when she is needed, and no one knows that she isn’t coming,” the source continued. That’s totally uncool, and it won’t be doing much for the morale on set. 

Maybe Kylie is worried about the show being a failure and is having second thoughts about sticking with it. It’s not exactly the best time to launch a new iteration of the series when you consider just how terrible the parent series is performing in the ratings. 

“Kylie is upset at how the show is turning out, and she is running out of content. She does not want to give too much away … but the footage just seems boring and basic to her!”

Keeping aspects of her life hidden from the series is not going to do much to make it a success. Viewers will be able to pick up on Kylie keeping quiet about things. 

“She’s totally spoiled and doesn’t care about anything. It’s unprofessional,” the report concluded. 

Something tells us the Kardashian family will be blacklisted by E! if they are really skipping out on filming. What’s the point of signing up for a TV show to bail on filming at the drop of a hat?

There’s also the possibility Jenner is too busy too filming because she’s trying to find a way to deflect the latest scandals that rock her young life. 

The series is set to debut this month. If you like watching someone showing lots of cleavages and side dose of sass, you will love it. 

If not, then you can make it watchable by taking a drink of vodka every single time she takes a selfie. 


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