President Trump Says ‘Nobody Really Knows’ If Only Russia Interfered in U.S. Election

Speaking to reporters on Thursday in Poland, President Donald Trump said “nobody really knows” if Russia was solely responsible for interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. “I think it was Russia, and it could have been other people in other countries,” Trump said, according to the New York Times, after he was asked for(…)

You Can Get High From Snorting Chocolate Powder Now! (But You Really Shouldn’t!)

Being a chocoholic may soon be a much more serious affliction… Because now you can skip that lame old mouth and just snort the chocolate right up your nose into your bloodstream! The company Legal Lean has taken the European club trend of snorting cocoa powder and pushed it further with Coco Loko. The chocolate(…)

Blac Chyna Has A REALLY Simple Message For Those Who Thinks She’s Back With Rob Kardashian

Two weeks ago, it looked like the pair might be back on. One week ago, things were too damn complicated for anyone to figure out what was going on. Two hours ago, well, we got the simple message we’ve all wanted in regards to Blac Chyna‘s future with Rob Kardashian. Related: BC Can Still SLAY(…)

Kanye West Parts Ways With Tidal Over A ‘Money Dispute’ — But Is This Really About JAY-Z?

Looks like Tidal is down one MAJOR artist! Kanye West has reportedly left the streaming service company over a “money dispute,” according to reports published this morning. Related: Kanye West Reportedly Working On New Album! The rapper has apparently been unhappy with Tidal for “a long time,” even going so far as to claim that(…)

Liam Payne: Marriage to Cheryl Cole ‘Isn’t Really on the Cards for Me’

Not ready to put a ring on it. Liam Payne revealed during a podcast with The Sun’s Dan Wootton on Thursday, May 18, that he isn't rushing down the aisle with girlfriend This article originally appeared on Liam Payne: Marriage to Cheryl Cole ‘Isn’t Really on the Cards for Me’ Us Weekly Latest Celebrity(…)

Here’s What Jerry O’Connell And Funny Or Die Think Was Really Going Down In Steve Harvey’s Dressing Room! Watch!

What was really behind Steve Harvey‘s memo about getting some privacy in his dressing room and on set?! It looks like the Funny Or Die crew has it all figured out!! Related: Steve Disinvites People From His Wrap Party In a HIGHlarious new skit with Jerry Minor and Jerry O’Connell, Harvey’s dressing rooms antics are(…)