US Attorney Preet Bharara Says He Was Fired After Refusing to Quit – New York Times

New York Times US Attorney Preet Bharara Says He Was Fired After Refusing to QuitNew York TimesPreet Bharara last year. On Friday, Mr. Bharara was asked to step down along with 45 other United States attorneys. Credit Bryan R. Smith for The New York Times. The call to Preet Bharara's office from President Trump's assistant(…)

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Says He Was Fired By Justice Department After Refusing to Resign

Preet Bharara, the high-profile Manhattan federal prosecutor, said he was fired from his role as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York on Saturday. The move comes, Bharara said via a tweet on Saturday, after he refused to submit a letter of resignation following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order to all 46(…)

SIX New England Patriots Are Now Refusing To Visit The White House After Their Super Bowl Victory!

This is big!!! The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl last week, and one of the rewards of doing that is a trip to the White House to visit the President, but now, at least six players will NOT be going to Washington later this year for the ceremony!! Related: The White House Has(…)

What to Know About the Gambian Dictator Refusing to Hand Over Power

A longtime dictator in one of Africa’s smallest countries is refusing to relinquish power, ignoring a midnight deadline set by a coalition of neighboring countries who have threatened to use military action to force his departure. Gambia is now on tenterhooks as West African troops are poised to intervene on behalf of its democracy, and(…)

San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Criticized After Refusing to Stand for National Anthem

Taking a stand … or, uh, not. San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick found himself in a social media firestorm after he refused to stand during the national anthem at an NFL game on Friday, August 26. The 49ers quarterback, 28, noticeably stayed seated This article originally appeared on San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin(…)