Luann De Lesseps’ Christmas Eve Arrest Video Has Been Released — Watch HERE

This is certainly something…

Luann de Lesseps‘ notorious Christmas Eve arrest in Palm Beach, Florida was captured on camera by the police cruiser in which she found herself sitting — and that video has now been released to the public, with eyeballs first getting a look just hours ago.

The Real Housewives of New York City reality TV star doesn’t mince words when talking with the officer, as you can see on the video, where she threatens to kill him and verbally berates him all throughout the arrest.

You can watch the video (below):


Yeah, not a good look.

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?!

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The Lonely Island Released Their REJECTED Oscars Opening Number Starring Chris Hemsworth, Gal Gadot, & Vin Diesel — And It’s A MUST SEE!

Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island have performed at the Oscars before — but their idea for 2018’s ceremony was way too insane.

Not only did it require Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot in their superhero costumes — it even needed Vin Diesel to sing!

Ch-ch-check out the HIGHlarious opening number we wish we could have watched (above)!


The Bachelor: Winter Games Cast List Released; Who’s Missing?!

If you already follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you have a pretty good idea of how this season ends.

But you have something else to look forward to, starting the night before Valentine’s Day. It’s something new.

It’s called The Bachelor: Winter Games, and now we finally know the cast. And there’s a huge surprise!

The Bachelor is about a man trying to choose one woman among many to be the love of his life … for a few months, usually.

The Bachelorette has the same premise, but with a woman choosing between male suitors.

And then there’s Bachelor in Paradise. On that messy, messy spin-off, faves (and villains) from the two leading shows meet, mingle, and hook up for everyone’s entertainment.

Premiering on February 13th, The Bachelor: Winter Games is going to work along similar lines, in that the people you see will be familiar faces from the Bachelor Nation.

Or should we say … the Bachelor Nations.

As ABC explains:

“Throughout the run of The Bachelor Winter Games, fans can expect twists and turns on and off the ski mountain, as well as romance, heartbreak, love and, of course, roses.”

Contestants will come from Bachelor spin-offs from all over the world. Because yes, the franchise is that big.

“The bachelors and bachelorettes will participate in challenges from winter biathlon to ice dancing, with date cards being given to the winners of each challenge.”

Hopefully, things won’t be too athletically strenuous. They’re all beautiful, but most have desk jobs.

“Romantic dates will test the bachelors’ and bachelorettes’ perseverance in pursuing relationships with one another while faced with language barriers and cultural differences, including some amusing issues with intimacy.”

So, in case you were worried that there wouldn’t be any romantic drama … you can stop worrying.

Let’s take a look at which familiar names and faces will be representing Team USA!

Ben Higgins

Michael Garofola

Dean Unglert

Ashley Iaconetti

Luke Pell

Eric Bigger

Lesley Murphy

Josiah Graham

Clare Crawley

Jamie Kocan

Other contestants will be playing for Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, Switzerland and Germany (one team), the UK, New Zealand, and China.

Incidentally, when we told you about this series event months ago, we mentioned that Peter Kraus would be making his Bachelor come-back on this spin-off.

It’s strange to not see his name on this list.

Don’t get us wrong — we’re excited for other things, from absolute legend Nancy Kerrigan’s promised appearance (as a guest) to what we hope will be Dean Unglert’s redemption arc.

But it’s not just that people in general would like to see Peter Kraus on the show. We heard months ago that this was his next thing. So … what happened?

Maybe this twist is just because of a falling out between Peter Kraus and producers. We sure hope not, but it’s possible.

It may be, however, that he will be on the list … but was for some reason momentarily excluded. Perhaps because he was already known? That doesn’t make sense, but we’re spitballing, here.

It is also possible that Peter Kraus has something else lined up on this franchise. Perhaps something a little more exciting … like, say, if he’s already lined up to be The Bachelor in 2019.

Finally, it’s possible that he just had an injury or something else that prevented him from taking part. Which would be tragic on multiple levels.

ABC is expected to release two more names for the cast list (at least). Perhaps Peter’s will be one of them.

We’re not sure, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we know more.

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Melanie Martinez Released A New Song In Response To Rape Allegations, And The Lyrics Are… Interesting

Well, she’s gone and done it.

Melanie Martinez, in the middle of facing down rape allegations from her former best friend Timothy Heller, has released a new song called Piggyback and the lyrics are… well, they’re sure something.

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The Pity Party singer didn’t hold back on Piggyback in calling out “fake people” in her life, and there’s a lot of underlying emotion here.

You can hear the full song, as well as see the full set of lyrics (below):


Here are the lyrics (below):

“I was three years old
All I wanted was the music and
My parents were doing everything they could
To move away from our place working over time always
While I sat up in my grandma’s project building coloring

Moved to a small town and
Started to started to grow
Poetry written I’m singing and dancing
Photographs painting cartoons
That’s all I know
That’s all I know

I have one best friend to this very fucking day
Since we were five years old and I fucking moved away
I wish I never did cause she’s the only one who sees me
for who I really am instead of how many I reach

Trusted too many fake people while I was still young
Gave them the benefit of the doubt
I was so wrong
I cut them off and they came for blood cause they know
They ain’t getting no more

I’m so done with playing piggy back Ooh
Swear to god I wished y’all all the best Ooh
You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me
when you could never come close cause I know my destiny
I worked hard for my shit
Put my love in this shit
Now you’re trying to kill my name for some fame
What is this
tried to help you do your shit
Encouraged you to work on it
Was a good friend and you used that to your advantage

Now I’m 22 and I’ve had a crazy year of
Isolation from all the plastic people here
I can not wait for the day I can finally move away
back to New York city where the realest people really stay

Spent this whole time writing away my heart and my soul
The people I surround myself with have hearts filled with gold
Love and empathy are things that we hold so close
Trying to learn and evolve

I’m so done with playing piggy back Ooh
Swear to god I wished y’all all the best Ooh
You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me
when you could never come close cause I know my destiny
I worked hard for my shit
Put my love in this shit
Now you’re trying to kill my name for some fame
What is this
Tried to help you do your shit
Encouraged you to work on it
Was a good friend and you used that to your advantage

I’m so done with playing piggy back
Swear to god I wished y’all all the best
You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me
when you could never come close cause I know my destiny”


What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

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Adam Lind: Released From Jail as Chelsea Houska Moves to Change Daughter’s Name

It’s been a rough year for Adam Lind, and sadly, the Teen Mom 2 star’s destructive behavior has taken a severe toll on his loved ones.

His downward spiral began back in June when Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

Sadly, the incident did not serve as a wake-up call for Lind, and his life appears to have been on a steady decline ever since.

Last month, Lind was arrested on domestic assault charges after allegedly attacking an ex-girlfriend.

Earlier this week, Lind was arrested again for violating an order of protection against a different ex.

While he was behind bars, another restraining order against Lind was granted to former girlfriend Stasia Huber.

Earlier today, Lind was released from prison, but as you might’ve guessed, his legal issues are far from over.

“His bail was dropped because he agreed to show up at court for his next hearing,” a court officer told Radar Online.

Yes, if there’s an upside to having constant court dates, it’s that you can appease the legal system simply by promising to come back when you’re supposed to.

That’s the good news for Lind.

The bad news is that his first baby mama, Chelsea Houska, is reportedly taking steps to change her daughter’s name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer.

Now, it’s possible the move has nothing to do with Lind’s latest legal issues.

But we doubt it.

And hey, we suppose it’s also possible that Lind will take the move in stride and handle the blow to his ego in a mature, level-headed fashion.

But that also seems like a major long-shot.

And unfortunately, that’s probably just the beginning of Adam’s troubles with Chelsea.

The parents of 8-year-old Aubree are due back in court for a custody hearing on January 8.

At that time, it’s expected that Chelsea will request further restrictions on Lind’s visitation rights.

She’s already arranged it so that his visits with Aubree are supervised and he’s no longer permitted to drive with his daughter in the car.

It’s almost like smoking meth and assaulting women will make people question your parenting abilities.

Go figure.

If you need to be reminded of just what a horrendous dad Adam really is, follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic.

He’s almost certainly worse than you remember.

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