People Are ROASTING Jared Kushner On Twitter After His Trip To Iraq — ‘He Looks Like A Rich Kid On An Expensive Paintball Weekend’

Hello there, Kush! Jared Kushner — Ivanka Trump‘s husband and Donald Trump‘s senior adviser who has no prior political experience — visited Iraq this week, and the Internet has a lot of opinions about it! Photos surfaced on Thursday of the 36-year-old wearing a frat-boy suit under army armor featuring a partially-covered-up name tag. It’s(…)

President Oprah? President Zuckerberg? The rich and famous seem to be asking: Why not me?

Once upon a time in America, being a rich celebrity was considered its own reward. No one suspected that anything was lacking in the lives of tech billionaires, Hollywood moguls or famous talk-show hosts. Then came Donald Trump, and suddenly the wealthiest .01 percent was confronted with a new standard of personal achievement to be(…)

Natalie Portman As Jackie Kennedy Is A Part Of A Rich History Of Biopic Transformations!

It’s a good day to be Natalie Portman. The actress just landed her third Oscar nomination for Best Lead Actress in the historic biopic Jackie! After taking a few years off from acting, the 35-year-old shot right back into our hearts by portraying former First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the wake of John F. Kennedy‘s(…)