Jill Duggar Pays Birthday Tribute to Derick Dillard … Who Promptly Gets Roasted By Fans

It’s been a rough few months for Derick Dillard. The troubles started when Derick got fired by TLC after launching an unprovoked social media attack on fellow network star Jazz Jennings. In the months since, things have only gotten worse for poor Der. It’s almost like costing his family their only source of income in(…)

Donald Trump Fires Off Dumb Tweets About Global Warming & Vanity Fair, Gets Savagely Roasted

Look, we understand that headline’s not gonna please anyone. Either you’re a dyed-in-the-wool #MAGA ass and you came here just to deride us as a bunch of libtard cuck-flakes in the comments, or you’re part of the majority of Americans who wishes the president would stop tweeting entirely, in which case, you probably think we(…)

Kate Gosselin Shares Cute Halloween Photo, Gets Roasted on Twitter

Kate Gosselin should really just take a break from social media at this point. A nice, long, looooong break from social media, we recommend. The reality star is getting dragged left and right on the Internet, earning backlash from Twitter users no matter what she does or says. For instance: Gosselin recently shared a throwback(…)

David Leavitt: Journalist Jokes About Manchester Bombing, Gets Roasted Alive on Twitter

David Leavitt is a "journalist" with a surprisingly large Twitter following. We put the word in quotes because the guy seems to make most of his money live-streaming while he plays video games, and we refuse to live in a world where that's considered journalism. Anyway, we mention Mr. Leavitt not to make fun of(…)

Samantha Bee’s ‘Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner’ Roasted Donald Trump & More In The Best Way! Watch The Highlights HERE!

Samantha Bee opening by videosuploaded5566 Yes! Now this is a dinner even Donald Trump wishes he were at tonight! Samantha Bee opened the very first ‘Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner’ with a bang, going after basically everything Trump has said about the press. Along with some of the actual fake news we’re dealing with(…)

The 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Carried On Without Donald Trump As Hasan Minhaj Roasted Him Anyway! Watch!

WHCD by videosuploaded5566 We’re sooooo glad Donald Trump didn’t spoil the White House Correspondents’ Dinner! Hasan Minhaj hosted the, well, weird night, and he delivered some jokes — and that included a good handful of ones about Trump even though he didn’t want to be involved. He touched on Russia, Trump’s NUMEROUS problems with the(…)