Safaree Samuels Offered Porn Roles, Marriage Proposals After Nudes Leak

Safaree Samuels has a career, to be sure. But his most talked about accomplishments have been dating Nicki Minaj and getting a beatdown from Meek Mills. Until now, that is.

On February 25th, Safaree Samuels’ nudes leaked and the internet lost its mind. People were impressed, to say the least.

In fact, people were so impressed that he’s reportedly been offered a porn role. Will he accept?

HollywoodLife reports that their source describes Safaree’s reaction to his leaked nudes and the response that they’ve garnered.

Their source says:

“Safaree is shocked that his phone has been blowing up since the penis pics leaked.”

We imagine that the leaks themselves came as a shock.

The fact that they got attention … should not.

“He has been getting marriage proposals, job offers, and he even has a ton of new online haters and trolls trying to diss him since the pics leaked.”

That last part is hilarious, and should serve as a reminder that everyone gets hate online.

The job offer bit is funny, as seeing somebody’s nudes should really only make you want to hire them for certain, very specific things. (We’ll get to that in a moment)

The marriage proposals thing is the best part. Weird, to be sure, but funny.

Safaree Samuels 01

(This photo is just one of many hilarious fan reactions to seeing Safaree Samuels in all his nude glory; you can see this and others below)

Safaree Samuels apparently doesn’t think that the fame will last.

“He thinks everyone will forget about the pics soon.”

Well, it’s true that stories come and go.

(He should really be working to capitalize on this while he has his chance — even if it’s just with music or some sort of social media endorsement deal)

“But if they open a few doors for him, then he is cool with that too.”

He’ll need to act quickly before those doors close.

As we mentioned, he’s gotten job offers.

Specifically, he’s reportedly been offered a role in pornography. Since, you know, he seems to be equipped for the job — and his celebrity status and viral nudes would be free publicity.

“He has never considered doing porn until now.”

That’s interesting — even if he hadn’t fantasized about it, we’re surprised that no one who has seen him naked has at least jokingly suggested it to him.

Most celebrities turn down porn offers — even most Z-list reality stars — but this report claims that Safaree might at least consider it.

“While his heart is in hip-hop, Safaree considers himself a businessman first and if the money is right, he is open to any opportunities that come his way.”

According to another of HollywoodLife‘s sources, Nicki Minaj reportedly wouldn’t be surprised if Safaree leaked the photos himself.

It’s true that the nudes seem to have given him a bit of a boost and perhaps even brought in some new fans.

Which is in a stark contrast to what happens to so many female celebrities when their nudes are leaked.

It’s never okay to leak a star’s nudes, obviously — or anyone else’s. It’s a horrible violation of them and often used as blackmail, revenge, or an intimidation tactic. Sometimes it’s even a hate crime.

Many women — stars as famous as Jennifer Lawrence — have had nudes leak. Tragically, the public response often takes the form of slut-shaming.

Some monsters have had the audacity to suggest that the fault is theirs for having taken the photos in the first place, rather than on the despicable cowards who hacked and distributed the images.

It’s nice to see that Safaree isn’t experiencing nearly so much of this, but sad that sexism still makes people malign women for daring to have a body.

But … will Safaree do porn?

Perhaps Safaree’s decision will come down to whether it will help or hurt his brand.

Few people become sex workers lightly. There’s nothing inherently wrong with sex work, whether one’s a stripper or starring in porn or engaged in prostitution. But there’s an unfair stigma attached to each.

Safaree might find that he’ll get backlash for engaging in porn and ruin his career.

On the other hand … he might just gain more fans than he’s ever had before.

Just look at how much Twitter loves him after seeing his nudes:

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